LD4all Quest 114: June: Build your Dreamworld!

LD4all Quest 114: June: Build your Dreamworld!
Author: Tggtt.

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Build your Dreamworld!

Dreamworld is a recurring topic in LD4all. Some may say that they have had dreamworlds since the earliest dreams. They may be recurrent or simply appear once, enough to be unforgettable.
They simply appear to us, unplanned, perhaps built by your own SC or inspired by something you have seen somewhere.

However, let’s try something new this time. What if you were to build it yourself completely following your plan?
This would be yours. Welcome to your own place.
Where exactly are you inside it? What are you going to find there? Something beautiful? Something surreal?
Something unique that only you would be able to do it?
These questions are totaly up to you this month!

Have you been planning a special place that does not exist in real life?
This time it can be your own.
What could it include? Nice views? Forests? Rivers? Seas? :universe:

What about intersting buildings? Have you ever built a sand castle? Have you ever thought about being an architect?

Actually, that’s way beyond of building your own castle. It’s time to take advantage of your sandbox-dream.
Not only the scenario itself. It could include a special DC as well. What about people, animals, new creatures? There could also be vehicles, such as cars, ships, airplanes and (obviously) trains!

Hurry up! Your Dreamcity needs you!
There can be anything out there… Be creative!
Also… you can get your own wings this time.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Step 1: Become lucid in your dream;
  • Step 2: Mentalize or build your dreamworld yourself and/or with the help of DCs;
  • Step 3: Visit the result;
  • Step 4: Wake up and describe your dreamword! (Post dream here)
  • Optional: talk to the DCs who live there.
  • Optional: build with your own (dream) hands.
  • Optional: lead the construction teams of DCs.
  • Bonus: draw the result. :write: You could also post on Fruits of Lucidity or Garden of Creation!
  • Note: You need to actively plan and/or work on the construction, AS WELL AS see the result
  • Note: there are no restrictions on the scale. From landscaping, buildings up to a whole universe.
  • Remember: Post your dream attempts in this topic!

Please be clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Wings will only be granted if you feel you have successfully completed the Quest.

Wings will be granted at the end of the Quest to everyone who posts a successful dream here, so please be patient!

Now, focus on your new quest. What would it include? :uh:
You must get your blueprints ready. Motivate your DCs to create your own utopia.
There are lots of things to be made there!

Tips for Completing this Quest* Think about the scenario while incubating your dream;

  • Try to draw your planned dreamworld before bed;
  • Search for inspiring pictures!
  • (Important) Check that your project can be concluded in time!
  • And stay calm! Expect that you can succeed there!
  • Mandatory: Remember to enjoy your world!

Dreamers, I am sure you can do it! We really look forward to your replies! [b]Please post comments and your attempts! Be clear if you feel you have succeeded![/b] :user:
SPOILER - Click to view

The main purpose of quests is to encourage you to have fun, therefore…
Remember to have fun!

You are welcome! The world is all yours.

Note: Image references are provided as links. Just click the pictures!

[edit] Image fixes.

:welcome: Welcome to Quest 114! This Quest will be available for achievement during the months of June and July!

Good luck and happy dreaming!


Hey, Eilatan and all!

Been a long time… :wave:
… are we supposed to say “I’m in” :happy:
Or will this flood the thread…
Sounds like an advanced quest, and I hope I’ll complete. I have few lucids atm, like 1 per month, but want to train up! :hyper:
Looking forward to share lucid dreams

/me hugs Ralf and gives LD cookie

It’s always nice to hear people are interested in the Quest.

Good luck in completing it!

Well, here goes nothing :tongue:
Haven’t been trying to dream for a couple days, so hopefully this will motivate me to try.

Made some drawings of my dreamworld, now I just need a LD :tongue:

I had a moment of lucidty, and tonight a non-lucid of re -constructing something. Getting closer :happy: Also I drew a blueprint, with much space for the dreaming to fill in. :wizard:

I’m in…
Be warned.

As we swing into July I just wanted to remind everyone that this Quest will continue for another month. :content:

So have fun and remember you have until the 31st of July to Build your Dreamworld!

Had a lucid, but spent it with my dream guide preparing. :smile:

Totally forgot about this quest when I became lucid tonight…

Forgot about this task for a while, but finally!

The dream:

I become lucid in a huge green open field and I remember the task and start immediately.
I decide to construct a magnificent cathedral and
soon I have created a holographic blueprint. From the ground upwards I complete the building with the assistance of some DCs who appear like ants from my altitude. I now have fun experimenting with different lead lights and I eventually settle on some ruby coloured glass.

I fly away after exploring my creation to find a relatively grass covered hole. I fill it immediately with serene water and install a rustic bridge.

I feel I have completed the task as I understand it.

Congrats Oneiron. That sounds like a wonderful LD.

Quest wings will be handed out in August when the quest has ended.

Congratulations Oneiron!

I am proud people are trying this quest!

Remember! There is still one week to go!

Thanks! :smile:

Today is the last day of this quest!

Thank you for all your attempts.

See you next month!

New Quest is up LD4all Quest 115: August: Your own Performance!

Congrats once again to Oneiron. Qu will add the quest wings to your profile soon.

Congrats, Oneiron!

Good work :thumbs:

I wasn’t able to induce such an LD in time.
Though trying got me deeper into relaxation exercises and visualizing /akin to MILD.
And I’ll continue this quest, I inspired an other dream group by sharing it. :bulb:
It is a bit like cheating :wink:

ralucid, when you succeed, please post the details in here. We would still love to know of successes even if quest wings cannot be claimed now.