LD4all Quest 138: Choose your Adventure

LD4ALL Quest 138: January-February Choose your Adventure

Author: Siiw

On LD4all :ld4all: we have featured Wing Quests to enable members to explore LDs in a fun way. If the lucid dreamer is successful, one LD4All feather badge can be earned. Collecting ten feathers will grant you a special Wing badge!

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Before this one, LD4all has hosted 137 Quests. Some take you to distant places or times, some change your perspective or form, and some Quests ask you to create an object- or even an entire world. There are so many different adventures to take on. Maybe one of them is something you have always wanted to do in a lucid dream.

To complete this Quest and earn your feathers:

  • Pick a Quest from the list of topics above. Posting a reply here with your choice will make it easier to award feathers if you complete it.
  • Post a reply or a link to your DJ here when you feel you have completed the Quest.
  • If the Quest has sub-goals, you don’t need to complete all of them. Completing the main goal is enough to earn a feather.
  • You can complete several Quests if you want to, but you can only earn the badge once.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - feathers will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest.
:angel_fly: The feathers are a reward for yourself. :angel_fly:

Feather badges will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Remind yourself about what you would like to do before going to sleep. “Soon I’ll be in a dream. I will know it is a dream, and I want to do x” can be quite effective.
  • Read or watch something related to the topic of the quest.
  • Read the dreams of others who have done your chosen quest before you
  • You don’t need to follow the description to the letter. Play around with the idea, and most important: have fun!

Sweet dreams and good luck!

I’m going to do last months quest since I just joined!Wish me luck :wink:


Good luck,im going to do the last years quest. :Lucid school Exam


Wow i managed to finish it!


Sorry, checked the original quest

  • Step 1: Become Lucid :lucid:
  • Step 2: Go to YOUR lucid school
  • Step 3: Take the test (this can be practical showing your abilities or a theory paper.)

You didn’t take the test. You need a prequel LD of actually taking the test. :wink:

aah oops,well I can try again,after all,there is still some time.

nevermind,i wont make it ahah,perhaps next month february?

It is valid through February too 8)

aah,ok,ill give it a try then again,thanks!


This is from a few nights ago and is for quest 48 meet an alien. I have been watching too much star trek? :grin:


Congrats, will add your feather now.

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I choose the first quest posted back in 2005.

  1. Go through a mirror.
  2. Explore
  3. Find a gift and bring it back.
  4. Do something with the gift in waking life.

The quest ends 28 February, so you have just less than a week left;

Good Luck :thumbs:

I’d like to try the Tickle your Taste Buds quest…I want to see what sorts of bizarre foods my dream gives me!

I did it, very happy. The dream lasted about 3-4 minutes and was somewhat blurry. I became spontaneously lucid after WBTB, MILD and 6 mg of galantamine. I roamed an old dusty house that felt haunted. I went into a bathroom and remembered my goal. I saw a small, round, rubber framed mirror and struggled to pull my way through it. It was hard to get through the glass but I eventually did. Once through I found myself on a train looking out a window at the countryside passing by. Lost the dream here. I forgot to look for a gift.

The next challenge I would like to try is meeting my spirit guide, asking their name and asking for a gift.


Congrats @Azaleaj your quest feather has been granted. :thumbs:

I came so close to my goal last night- i was in the restaurant even, they just never took our orders! :sob:
but also i had a lucid dream and that makes me happy :bounce:


I’m working on quest 136 Dream Architect because I had a nice idea for it back then but couldn’t complete it. Last night I had a LD where I attempted multiple times but the result was not satisfying enough. But maybe I’ll manage still within the last few days.

Also @TheNexus, your pizza problem is contagious :rofl: My castle is supposed to be made up of pizza but it refuses to be conjured.

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The challenge I set for myself a few days ago was to meet my guide, ask their name and ask for a gift. I became lucid last night and remembered my goal. I went to a building exit and waited for DCs to exit. As each one exited I was looking for my guide. When they saw me they would divert their eyes looking away from me avoiding engaging as DCs often do when I become lucid. I was aware that none of these beings were my guide. I’m not sure what happened after this.

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