LD4all Quest 138: Choose your Adventure

Did you meet your SG before and how? In general, what relationship do you have with them, if any yet?
Also I’m curious about your motivation for choosing this quest. At the same time I understand that your reasons may be too private to share :slight_smile:

Good luck with the quest in any case! If you achieve it in the next night, it will also be eligible for the badge still!

I have met a woman with a blonde bob in several lucid dreams where she told me why I’m on earth and some other what I would call spiritual things. I have been fascinated with this concept for a long time and ask for guidance in my waking life and feel I receive it. I find it interesting that most of my DCs withdraw from me when I become lucid and try to engage. I will try again tonight. Will you have another challenge or contest next month. I love having a goal or a sense of accountability. It really helps me get motivated.

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No. Since @Azaleaj has already earned a feather for the Jan-Feb quest. :thumbs:
But there will be a new quest up tomorrow night.