Quest #7 Spectral Moon: join the party!

Spectral Moon: Join the party! :boogie:

Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

13 Moon Calendar

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The 13 Moon Calendar presents a new way of creating our time and how we share it with others, based around the simple, natural rhythm of 13 Moons of 28 Days. Additional information about the movement is available at the home of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. More moonly pictures can be found in our 13 Moon Calendar: Journey of the Peace Train.

Join the party! :boogie:

This moon, we celebrate LD4all’s 10 year anniversary. In may 1996 LD4all went online.

To celebrate, I have thrown a huge party in the dreamworld :dream:
you only need to get there :smile: You are all invited. Wear your :ld4all: badge to get in ^^

This Quest you can focus on several things, or all at once:* Enter your view of the LD4all community in your dreams. Does it look like a forum or like a real life community?

  • Meet LD4all members in a dream
  • Join the LD4all party :boogie: There are gifts for everyone, find yours and open it :smile:

and last but not least: have fun! :happy:

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Decide on how you are going to get there. Helpful ideas:[list][*]Go through a door with the LD4all logo to enter the party scene
  • Find a computer, switch it on and expect the forum to appear
  • Summon a dreamguide to take you there.
    [/:m][]Already make a date with someone from the forum IRL to meet up in your dreams, maybe you can go to the party together.[/:m][]You can also focus on the LD4all logo while drifting to sleep.[/*:m][/list:u]

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic, whether you feel you succeeded or not.

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

Let’s Party!

Ooh, this sounds like fun! I’ll have to learn to LD first though. :tongue:

I’d party wildly… if I could go lucid to do it… :sad:

Ooh, what a great idea!

Olesia jumps with excitement at the idea of going to the LD4all anniversary party

I wanna go, I wanna go! :cool_laugh: I have to go lucid and find the party!

Wow, always such great quests. (I have been reading the previous ones, it’s the first thing I read on the site) Now if I can get lucid again, and long enough, I will be sure to come :smile: I’ll be the man with the fiery wings :wink:

I love those quests, but I never succeed in time =P :bambi:
I don’t get the opportunity every moth and with the quests from myself that I’ve already have it is even harder to do everything I want. I thought I would be able to fly in a dream last month, but I didn’t…

I really love the quests you pick pasQuale :content: Going to LD4all as an actual form is one of the things I wanted to do but kept procrastinating. Maybe I do not forget it this and succeed to go there. (I believe I say that with every quest :roll: )

Before I read this quest, actually before it even was here, I had this dream. It was a ND but it does kind of reflect this quest, it wasn’t a party. But I was in a The LD4all Hotel. :content: I won’t post it here since it’s not a LD. But you can find it in my DJ here

It might be good you can only post LDs here, because otherwise this topic could be filled with dreams from LD4all-members :grin:

OOH OOH! I WILL! by the way, who are the gifts off?

How do you plan to have people in this party if most haven’t met each other IRL, or for that matter, without meeting a person, you can’t get his or her “MAC Address” as it were. But you’re suggesting a shared dream between time zones…

That and many can’t even control LDs yet, including myself.

Hebrewb: the gifts are personal, and you will find what it is when you open it :smile:

chrizimer: well, that’s the adventure here, try and find the party and see who else is there, and what everything looks like etc :smile:

If you find it difficult to meet a person, try and focus on LD4all, and see what form LD4all takes in your dream.

You can go several ways with this Quest, wether you chose to go to the party, try to meet with a LD4all member, or just try and see what the forum/community looks like for you in the dreamworld.

/me runs off to sandra’s DJ to read about the LD4all hotel.

This could be tricky, I’m brand-spanking new, I don’t know any names yet. But hey, that’s the fun of it! Besides, who’s going to turn down free gifts?

Great Topic Q.

You come up with some really fun ones!

I guess we find this out in the dream, right? :happy:


I definitely won’t remember the emblem, so I’m just gonna have to have them look up my name in the database, aren’t I?

Funny thing. I remember something about “No WILD parties” in the forum… Ah, well, I must have been dreaming again.

:wink: :grin:

This sounds like a really fun quest :grin:
Count me in :yes:

I think this is the funniest Quest I have read here.
Count me in , I dont know if im gonna succeed but thats a very itneresting experience.

:yes: the gifts are personal for everybody and you will find out what yours is when you open it :content:

I took a long nap this afternoon and…
:hurray: I had a LD! :hurray: and I went to check out the party :woot: :cool_laugh:

wednesday may 3 2006
Red Galactic Serpent

LD4all partyscene
[ND]I’m in some kind of tower. crumbling grey stone steps upward a round door or window. it is bare inside. The bed is a matrass or cloth on the floor, it is my bed and i have always been very content and felt very rich to sleep in that bed. I also have a little table to write on. The room is round.

At the same time this is the location of my childhood room. To get in, there is another set of little steps to take. The door is ajar. My father is outside in the bathroom.

I go up the steps to look out of the window. I see a small white ledge, where I used to step on out to explore when i was little (DM). I look up to the sky. The moon is a smiley! :smile:

This makes me lucid, i do the nose RC to be sure. Yup. Woohoo![/ND]

I prepare to fly out of the window. My lucidity fades. I should get one of those lucidity rings that makes your lucids more vivid and lets you stay in the dream. I feel in my pockets, and in my right pocket I find 2 very small metallic rings. One is deep blue, the other magenta. (in the dream the colors where deeper and shinier, this is the closest i got)

What finger to wear those on? I decide to put them on the finger where they fit. The blue one goes on my middle finger, the magenta one on my ringfinger, where i already wear one of those magenta rings, but taller.

I fly out of the window and land in front of a door.

I wake up in the towerroom again. NO! I want to get back into the dream!


[LD]I’m in front of the door again, it is an elevator door. Oh better wear my :ld4all: badge. It is like one of those pins, about 1cm across. Again I feel in my pockets. Ah there it is, i find it in my left pocket.

I attach it to the left side of the jacket i’m wearing, and notice that there already is the LD4all logo embroidered on the left side at chest height. I still put the little badge next to it.

This elevator will bring me to the party. I’m all exited :hyper: I push the button to wait for the elevator. I wonder If I will find someone from the forum already in the elevator, but when it opens it is empty.

… the dream starts to fade again…

NOOO!!! I frantically rub my hands to stay in. I manage to get in the elevator, the dream fades to black. I rub my hands again, feel with my hands the floor, that brings me back fully in the scene.

I look at the buttons in the elevator. Everything is from stainless steel. The buttons are embedded in the wall. The second floor marks:“LD4all”. I push it.

The door opens. I’m in a hallway. It has the feeling of a conference center. Again I want something that will keep me inside the dream, so i feel in my pockets again and find a blue ‘cap’ that i put on my right little finger. It is a bit like the cap of a pen.

At my right are two big doors. I open them and…

I’m in a huge room. There are square tables everywhere, with white tablecloth on them. Every table is surrounded by chairs. The chairs look very elegant, woodish, curved.

In the middle of each table sits a large bowl filled with what looks like … cookies. :grin: . Homemade cookies. There are small blueish oblong things in there too.

The room is empty exept for 3 bustling hostesses. They are motherly figures. I know they have been busy preparing everything.

I say hello to them and ask if anyone has arrived yet.
“No, you are the only one”
I ask if they have baked enough cookies for everyone, because: “worst case scenario all 8000 members will show up”
“Make that 4000”, a resolute voice sounds from my left.
The other hostess is looking in some kind of guestlist. WIth red, white or blue lights it is indicated wether someone will arrive or not.
“All these have shown interest”, she says.

I look around in the room. The walls are light red. Bleh, that isn’t LD4all’s atmosphere at all! With my LD magic I make the walls a darkblue starry background like the forum has. I also include the little aurora at the bottom. “sky!”, “blue!” “stars!” I command, pointing my finger to the wall.

Hey, that red comes back again? what’s happening?
The strict hostess (the same one that showed the guestlist) works her own magic and changes it back in to the red again. “Don’t do that!” I say, “I want the LD4all atmosphere in here!”

Again I start making the walls blue again. I also want a little twinkle effect of the stars. “twinkle!” i command. But it looks too tacky. “more subtle!”

I hear the (changing my wall back to red) hostess say:“I don’t give 5 cents for that” - meaning she doesn’t think it is all that special.
The other hostess however thinks it is very nice :content:

While doing this I gradually wake up for real.[/LD]

[com]This was such a cool LD! :cool_laugh: In the beginning there were 3 hostesses, but later i only saw 2. One sceptical one, and the other was friendly. I got the impression they were making the last preparations and waiting for guests :content:

Everything was homemade and there was more to come. They were waiting for the guests to show up :smile:

So, now you know how to get there, just take the elevator :content:


[size=150][color=#99005C]Co[/color][color=#91085A]ng[/color][color=#CC007A]ra[/color][color=#C20A78]tu[/color][color=#FF0099]la[/color][color=#F20D96]ti[/color][color=#FF33AD]on[/color][color=#F53DAB]s[/color] [color=#EB47A9]Q![/color] [/size]

Great dream :happy:

That’s a great idea. I have never heard of that before :content:

:rofl: Even in our dreams we won’t get away withouth them

Aawh :hugs: you probably had to prepare the party, being the admin :smile:

I love how you tried to change the walls and bring in the LD4all admosphere. If we arrive at the party will the walls be blue or red :hmmm:

I think I’ll take the stargate:

Naw, I’ll just do whatever comes first. I never have used doors or elevators in dreams much. Rather, I just end up on the other side of them. Wait for me! I’m trying to come. Would the next person who visits the room ask if they can assist others in arriving and becoming lucid? That’d help. Maybe it’s a dumb idea.

If I go to this “room”, will it be the same looking as the one you saw? What are the odds that someone else will be there too?

i believe i read on the forum once that someone had a LD ring he used to become lucid in the dream. I don’t know how I all of a sudden got that idea.

yeah, i had to laugh inside when i noticed those on the table as well :lol:

That is the feeling I got too, I have been incubating this dream for days, i wanted to have it before the quest started, but i didn’t succeed. So in a way i’m glad i was the first to get there as well :smile: It felt like that too, everything ready, waiting for the guests to show :smile:

there is only one way to find out :content:

That’s a great idea! :happy:

Well, that’s what i find the exiting part of this Quest, i wonder that as well :smile: So I hope more people succeed in getting there, after all, 4000 members have shown interest :content: