LD4all Quest 31: Join the anniversary Party!

LD4all Quest 31 - may - Join the Anniversary Party!
Author: pasQuale

Every month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Join the Anniversary Party!
Yes, it’s that time of year again, this month LD4all exists 12 years! That’s right, 12 years! So that means party time! On the 10 year anniversary we also did this Quest and it was very neat, so I decided to make this a traditional Quest to do every anniversary :grin:

So, in this Quest you will join the LD4all party. I have thrown a party in the dreamworld and you are all invited! Wear your :ld4all: badge to show you are a member and enter :smile: If you rather want to throw your own party in celebration and invite your LD4all friends, that is also cool. The important part is that you celebrate and have fun!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Find the LD4all party (or throw one yourself)

  • :boogie: PARTY!!! :cheer:

  • Optional: Meet and greet LD4all members

  • Optional: There are gifts for everyone, find yours and open it :smile:

  • Alternative: Enter your view of the LD4all community in your dreams. Does it look like a forum or like a real life community?

  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for completing this Quest
(These are things to inspire, you can do whatever works for you ofcourse :smile: )* Go through a door with the LD4all logo to enter the party scene

  • Find a computer, switch it on and expect the forum to appear. Dive in.
  • Summon a dreamguide to take you there.
  • Use an elevator and press the LD4all button.
  • Make a date with someone from the forum to meet up in your dreams, maybe you can go to the party together.
  • You can also focus on the LD4all logo while drifting to sleep.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • set your mind for this Quest
  • imagine the LD4all party. What will you wear? where is your badge?

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

Last party time

Oh my god i LOVE this quest!
Muahaha and i see you have put the whole “Enter your view of the LD4all community in your dreams. Does it look like a forum or like a real life community?” i had suggested as well :razz:
I’m definately going to give it a go, anyone care to meet up with me?

WOW! :happy: Sounds really cool! :cool: :cool: I hadnt discovered LD4all intime for last year’s anniversery,so im definately in! :thumbs: Ill get to it as soon as possible :smile: But as far as the :ld4all: pin goes, i havent goten conjuring mastered yet, but ill try! :wink:

This sounds brilliant! It would be SO much fun!

Right, I MUST do this one! I always forget!

Sounds so great ! I am looking forward it ! … Another great Quest. Let’s PARTY :mrgreen_hat: :partying_face:

I think you will find me :wink: …(and i will look for you …and others)
Good quest , I’m in :yes:

I think i did it :grin:

LD4all looked like #ld4all usually does in my dreams, a big computer lab-ish room. The room was bigger this time, and about to transform into a party room! And i gave a gift instead of getting one :tongue:

Im in :smile: might see what I can see tonight.

Well done ^^ I liked reading that :smile:

Sweet dreams all

really interresting dream there Siiw … i once dreamt that LD4alls is modded from a container :tongue: (that kind thats used on building sites) … erm … :huh:

Can I just say that this is a GREAT idea? I’m definitely going to get in on this! :colgate: Hopefully tonight, if I remember. It’s been a while since I had an LD, and this looks like it’s going to be so much funnn. :3

congratulations siiw! :hugs: I love how you wrote “you are dreaming” on the whiteboard :happy: and that you filled the bowl with fruit! Those bowls where filled with cookies, at least, i’m sure I put in cookies there, who ate them all? :tongue:

good luck everyone getting to the party!

:whistle: Don’t look at me because in Siiw’s dream only Milod & I were in the room

Congrats Siiw, it’s good that you found FiXato in the end :grin:

I think to get to the party, I will make a cool entrance by dropping a black disk in the ground, jumping into it, and falling from it into the party. That will impress everyone. :content:

attempted last night

My recall have been really awfully lately, but I must try this again this year!
Well I just have to give my best then. :grin:

Oh, and congrats Siiw! :content:

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Is this supposed to be “shared dreaming”? If so, is it really possible?

Let’s say for example pasQuale that there’s a member who plans on completing the task, but doesn’t say anything. He/she thus sleeps that night and joins you in the party. Would you know if he/she didn’t even say anything next time they logged in? Could you in turn PM this member next time YOU log on and talk to this member and relay what happened in the dream?

Sorry if my inquiry is confusing.

No, this quest isn’t about shared dreaming. All you have to do is have a LD and go to an LD4all party basically.

Oh I see, thanks.

So pretty much any member can say they accomplished this and get the badge thingy? :confused:

I’m not going into a shared dreaming discussion here, since we have some topics about that specially for that purpose in the Beyond Dreaming forum :smile: (but yes, I do believe it is possible).

It is not the goal to have a shared dream for this Quest - meaning you somehow have to prove you saw me or someone else in your dream. However it could be possible to have a real shared dream with this one, you never know. The goal is to go to the LD4all party in the dreamworld, which will have any shape or form that you imagine it to be, and have fun.

And you get your wings badge when you feel you have deserved it yourself, I only give the wings when someone says that they have completed it. It is a reward for yourself :smile: (and you can’t just say “I did it!”, we want to read your dream :smile: )

good luck if you are attempting this one NewReality! :happy: