LD4all Quest 31: Join the anniversary Party!

I would so want to do this quest :wink: But my LD’s are really rare.
Siiw described the ld4all party room just the way I pictured it, and that really gives me motivation to get in there myself ^^
If I do not succeed getting lucid this time, I hope we will have more quests involving visiting the ‘ld4all building’ :razz:

i keep forgetting about this one when i am dreaming, remember it before sleep but not while alseep. Ah well afew more days left yes? Will get there no doubt


This is the link to my DJ. I sort of did the quest.
Either way I’ll try and do the next one a bit better!
The dream is about halfway down the page…

Excellent! I got back just in time to be invited to a party?


Just checking that I’ve got my pin and I’m ready to roll. :partying_face:

See you there.

congratulations Siiw
for earning your wings with this one :happy:

@tundra, since you say:I will do next Quest better, do you feel you have earned your wings or do you want to do it in another Quest?

Sorry Angelmouse, you are just in time for the new Quest, this one is over now :smile: You are still welcome to the party ofcourse but you won’t get any wings for it :tongue:

Well, reading the dream do you think I did enough?

Otherwise I’ll try the next quest. Either way I’ll try it!! :happy:

tundra: Q did say

so in my opinion you did do it :yay:

[offtopic] link you forgot to edit in your dreams and asked for a nudge if you forgot :tongue: [/offtopic]

Hi Tundra, you have completed the Quest in my opinion, but it is for you to decide if you are satisfied with it (for your wings) or that you want another go for your wings :smile: It’s a reward for yourself :smile: