Quest #7 Spectral Moon: join the party!

well, maybe you were the only one there because no-one else from LD4all has gotten there yet

maybe the next one to succeed will find only you there

and… count me in for trying

If possible, I’ll show up and leave a hint of my presence…If I manage to get there. What if I showed up while not lucid?

someone who’ll be there first will make you lucid

we should make the party our lucid crossroads:P

It could be an experimental lounge.

Someone polymorphs into a bird, but do other dreamers see him as a bird? Are dreams linked but not identical? In this lounge one can experiment.

I’d set up a store that sells items to help you stay lucid. (for free of course)

I want one of those rings! Maybe that’ll be my gift?

Hehehe, if we show up there without being lucid, it’ll be like showing up drunk. Babbling about silly stuff and doing strange things. Maybe even a bouncer at the door.

“Sorry fella, you’re not lucid enough to be here.” :happy:

Arrgghh! >< I had an LD this morning, and for once I remembered what I wanted to do (go to the LD4all party) but since I remembered it too late I woke up before I had time to get there >< Good LD nonetheless though, but I’d rather go to the party!

I think it will be helpful this dream you had Q.The ones that can go easily lucid won’t need it,but for the ones that can’t :cry:
can easily have the image of the room inside their minds and get there.
The ring is a pretty fine idea for an RC (for the ones that don’t wear rings).
I’ll try to be there but i don’t even remember my ND’s the last weeks. :shy:

P.S. :If you see me there shout me that i’m dreaming,it might be helpful :grin: .

I had a good failed attempt! (I also had a ND failed attempt, but I’ll share the LD one)

I was sitting at my computer desk in my lazy-boy chair when I realized I was lucid. At first, I did not have sight/sound, just darkness and I couldn’t move, I felt very tired/sleepy. Rob (my brother) answered the door and I asked for help, he pulled me to my feet. I was curious about the peephole, wondering if something interesting would be seen through it. It was normal, so I went down the hall. When I reached the end, I dove out the window into the chilly night and flew. It still wasn’t perfect, it was dark and I felt groggy, but I kept going, just pulling my lucidity together. I came to a parking lot full of cars and really looked. It was colorful and detailed. I drew my lucidity to myself and saw even more, I was 100% lucid. The sun was shining, the sky was a bright blue and the cars (which were all antiques) were very detailed and shining in the sun. I was so excited. I went inside the building, which was a library, and strolled along. The books and shelves were full of detail and I saw Linda and Pat (coworkers) sitting at a table. I knew I wanted to fulfill my dream task, so I wanted to get started on that. I was almost hesitant to speak, afraid of waking myself up, but then I thought more on it and knew that I was fully lucid and that it wouldn’t be a problem. I turned to them and said “I have to get to LD4all.” They both pointed at a book case, so I ran and dove into it. I called back a thank you to “Linda or whoever you are.” (knowing she was just a DC) I heard Pat’s voice still directing me, “up and to the left”, so I went there, sort of swimming through the books. Everything was going great, but my ear was starting to hurt, to really throb. I tried to block it, but couldn’t and finally work up. I had fallen asleep with my ear folded funny against my pillow! It was still sore when I wrote this out.

Cool LD all the same, even if it was cut short.

/me jumps on Lucid_Mike.

Are you my SG?! :happy:

(Welcome, btw. ^^)

Greeeeeeeeeat quest, Q! :cool_laugh: Nice attempts as well, congrats, guys. :grin:

Oh, and if the party gets too out of hand…

It can move to my place! :boogie:

I hope not, I had to ask directions from a DC and they had me swimming in a bookshelf! I don’t think I’m a good person to guide, I need directions myself. :grin:

ehh, wolb, why are you sitting on his head?

/me slaps wolb with a truit so he goes off his head :razz:*

back ontopic, lol

well i didn’t succeed in the quest yesterday, woke up at 7:25 AM and wanted to try WBTB+WILD again but it didn’t work
i’ll try again tonight and every following night of this, and probably other, moons

:partying_face:(:>(:> :partying_face:(:>(:>
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I shall try and WILD myself in tonight! I wonder if all i see is a few hostesses and a huge letter Q…

Wow, this seems like a great quest! I’m really going to try and visit the party!

:cool_laugh: I’m in

I MANAGED TO VISIT! But it didn’t last long… here it is…

The LD4all PARTY!

I find myself outside a door, and it says “LD4all” on it. I put on my badge and step through the door. When i get in there i see two women in dresses, and Q, just standing there like in her photo. She didn’t move, and just stood there in that pose. I noticed the walls were just like Q described, and there was a HUGE plate of BROWNIES! i then woke up.

AHA i was right:P

so the next one to enter will see you too probably:P

Maybe, i remember Q was wearing some sort of denim jacket with the badge on, and that she was just standing there in the pose on her photo.

I had this long and good LD this morning, and I tried to get into the party, this is what happened:

I was standing in my living room, it was night and a fullmoon. I was thinking about what I would do next, I had already flown around a lot. I remembered the party quest. ( I forgot about the badge though). I closed my eyes and started spinning. I imagined a huge white room with colourful balloons and people. But when I opened my eyes I was still in my living room. I tried to transform into a wolf. I looked at my hands, but nothing changed. No claws, no fur. My left arm looked a bit darker/greyer, but that could have been just a shadow.
I was standing on the balcony, and looked down at the street. I thought that if I really believed that the party was behind one of the doors on the street, it would be there. I picked out a door, a larger one. It seemed to be made of glass and steel, and there was a light blue light. I started flying to the door, but then I had a FA.

Maybe it didn’t work because I didn’t wear the :ld4all: badge.

My car appears to have broken down. Would someone like to come pick me up, feel free to use the “Oi you’re dreaming” boxing glove :tongue:

Have a look here. It’s my jab at the quest, and I don’t know if it counts, but it certainly was interesting.