Quest #7 Spectral Moon: join the party!

LOL, so we all became mushrooms :hmmm:

Someone pick me up too, I seem to of dreamt the wrong location, I ended up at a big race, with 64 people :shy:

Perhaps it’s a race to the party, excellent! I love these attempts, some of them are just as much fun as the real thing. :smile:

No, it was a race on PSPs, ‘Wipeout Pure’, I go a crap ship and lost after a few seconds.

Attempt Number Two! I’m getting much closer!

Dreamed I was in my home town, walking up to my parent’s house. I saw an antique ambulance in the driveway and the weather was strange. (Black clouds, windy but nothing moving.) I realized that I must be dreaming since things were so strange and that I had seen the antique cars in my last lucid dream. I then realized that that meant I was lucid! I was happy, so I walked in and looked around. I saw Dad downstairs, so I talked to him and told him I was lucid, he didn’t seem to care. I started to fade, so I rubbed my hands and looked at them, regaining my lucidity. I asked him how to get to LD4all and he said ‘back that way’, waving over his shoulder, without looking up. As I walked out of the house, I remembered the LD4all badge. I checked one pocket, nothing. I then concentrated harder and pulled it out of my other pocket. I flew across town, it was dark and snow was blowing across the streets and piling into drifts (no snow right now, it’s spring). (I briefly considered turning into a wolf to get there, since I read about it from another person’s dream in the forum, but it was a nice night to fly.) Since my last dream started in a library, I flew to the public library in town. When I arrived, I saw a woman at the door who told me to wait. She was attractive, so I had sex with her. My lucidity started to fade again and I woke up as a non-lucid dream began.

I laughed when I read this in my dream journal. I guess I sorta got distracted. :smile: Okay, no more asking for directions or flying, I’m going to open a door or teleport direct.

Well, last night I became lucid and tried the quest.

I don’t remember how, but for some reason, I thought that I was in a dream. I did a RC and became lucid. I looked around wondering what I should do with my time, when I thought maybe I should try the quest out.

I looked around to see if I might find a clue. I was outside in the middle of a park and I noticed an armada that said “LD4ALL”. I walked up to the table and saw a bunch of bright green brochures wrapped in packaging wrap. I didn’t take one with me, but I looked at it. It seemed to have information on where the party might be, so I repeated the phrase on the brochure so I might remember it. I didn’t. :sad:

A little later after repeated WBTB’s, I WILD’ed and looked up something (I think it was the party) on this computer. It told me that it was in Canada…

I don’t think it was in Canada. I don’t think whatever internet site I went to was reliable. Anyway, I think I’ll visit Canada tonight (Ontario area, I believe) and see if I can find info…

Woo hoo! That’s where I am! It sure hasn’t helped me find it yet…but I seem to think that I can get to it through a library, for some reason. :tongue:

I guess that’s a good physical image of the Internet?

SUCCESS! I keep a list of LD Tasks, but I was really conscious of this one. I wanted to make sure that I succeeded before the month was up. Well, I did it!

I dreamed I was asleep at a friend’s place. He had just downloaded a lucid dream induction (this was a great Dream-Sign, I downloaded the Sun-Eye LD Technique during my half-hour away in my WBTB). I was very sleepy, I could barely move. He went to play the download, but it stopped after the first few sentences, it was broken. I left, with the vague idea to get a new copy. I was still sleepy and falling asleep at the store I had gone to. The counter was extremely busy, they gave me a cup of meat instead. I wasn’t sure what I had ordered, but I knew this wasn’t it. I was then given the proper package. I left the counter, looking at it. It was the movie “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. Of course, it was another great Dream-Sign. Next thing I knew I was walking along the streets of my home town just down from my parent’s house and I was lucid! I had great lucidity, so I spun, in an attempt to get to the LD4All party. When I stopped spinning, I had a momentary fear that I would no longer be lucid, but I still was. It didn’t seem to be working, so I decided to fly. Ahead of me I saw the local arena, the doors were open and I saw the party going on through the doors. I went in, very excited and happy. It was like a dance with music playing, paper streamers and many people wearing prom/wedding type clothes. The people at the reception table going in were nice and gave me my name-tag. I talked to a few people, but I really wanted to make sure that I got my gift, I was hoping it would be something that I would remember and be able to talk about afterwards. I found a bunch of wrapped presents on the floor. Most were still there (perhaps 50 gifts of various shapes and sizes, very much like Christmas presents. Some were as big as a wrapped tv, others were as small as a deck of cards.) As I searched through for mine (a few had been opened, leaving the paper among the gifts) I talked to a few people. I saw the name-tags of the people and the names on the presents (at the time, I thought it was so neat, that I’d remember the names. I tried to remember so many of them, that I ended up forgetting all of them!) I searched for mine and found it, labeled Mike W! Moments later, the label changed to some random words and I laughed in my dream, an unneeded Dream-Sign, I was very lucid. My present was about the size of two golf balls. I joked, before opening it, saying that it was probably a rock. Sure enough, it was. It didn’t even look very special, just a chunk of speckled granite, which I called “My Dream Rock”. I didn’t mind, so I slipped it into my pocket and kept wandering. It felt so much like a real party where I didn’t really know anyone, but everyone was happy to be there and polite. I found the cookies that were mentioned in the forum, a few paper plates on tables with a couple of cookies, mostly broken pieces. I took a chocolate one and kept mingling. I also looked up at the ceiling, remembering the discussion as to the decorations. It was just a regular ceiling though. I briefly considered changing it, but didn’t bother. Things began to lose their lucidity at this point and soon I woke up.

Thanks for the party and the gift!

congrats everybody who succeeded! :happy:

HebrewB: that’s so cool everything looked like in my dream. too bad you woke up before you could taste the brownies :tongue:

Lanina: congrats on your attempt! next time don’t forget your :ld4all: badge :wink: Oh, too bad you had a FA just as you were entering the doors. I hope you manage to get through another dream!

fiver: :rofl: I found that very funny :grin: especially that you went to look for some kind of big Q mushroom too :lol:

MatrixManNe0: i like the bronchures you found :smile: I hope you succeed next time!

Lucid_Mike: Knew you would like your very own Dream Rock :grin: Loved your account. Congrats on succeeding! 3rd time is a charm :smile: I’m glad your subconscious is so nice to keep providing dreamsigns, lol :smile: Glad you liked the cookie, strange it was only broken pieces, i must talk to the organisation commitee about that :hmmm:

Spectral 11
ld4all Elevator

[color=violet]I was walking along a road with lots of cars passing, I realized it was a dream. I decided to find the ld4all party. I ran across the road before a bus, I knew the cars couldn’t hurt me, so I didn’t look at them, behind me, as they were all passing me.

I walked over to the first house, I opened the door expecting the elevator to be there. It was a small room, but not an elevator, I thought I was getting close. I went back out, the next door was a candy shop, ‘mason’s’ was written on the clouded window in big pink letters, with pictures of pink candy floss. I thought this looked more promising.

I went in, I was in a small room again, but there was a wardrobe/cupboard. I opened it, and there was fire in the bottom, made me think of ‘hell’. I jumped in, then back out, for fun, as my friends were there watching me by then. I opened another one next to it, it had a blue aura, made me think of ‘angel’. I climbed in, tucking in my legs up to my chest, to fit in. My friend told me to push the ld4all buttin, I looked to my right, there was a button on top of a joystick shaped thing, I pushed the button.[/color]

I was then woken by my mum shouting that I was going to be late for school :grrr:

Well, atleast I managed to get to the elevator :colgate: , maybe I can continue a dream from the elevator, next stop, ld4all party :razz:

/me truits Bullseye’s mom :truit:

what a timing to wake you up!

Well, it’s weekend now, so take your chance! :happy:

good luck on the next attempt!

I’ve finished school now anyway, I just hope I get to have another LD before the end of the moon.


[kin=135] Kin 135: BLUE OVERTONE EAGLE
I empower in order to create
Commanding mind
I seal the output of vision
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of abundance

Quest Completed ~ Q’s Husband

[LD]I WILDed into the ROTC room which happened to be the center stage for the LD4all party! :yay: It hadn’t started yet though, only a few people were there, setting decorations up. Q was standing up on the top level (the room has several levels broken up with steps up and down) and didn’t seem too happy. I went over to ask what was wrong and, to my shock and horror, she told me that she was having marital problems with her husband. :eek:

“How did THIS get into my mind?” I thought.

Jackie from the show Roseanne came over and said, “You know, you’ll get Dan back eventually, but until then you should go date like 7 other guys.”

[com]DAN?! Dan was Q’s husband? :woah: Oh. Oh ho. This was too great for words. :gni: Don’t get me wrong- It was horrible that things weren’t going smoothly- but Dan? :lol: Hoo hoo! :razz:


breathes in deeply

I’m okay now. Heh. x][/com]

Jackie continued, “Just get pregnant and then take him back, that’ll show him.”

rolls around giggling madly :rofl:

Q used colored beads to represent the dates, and accidentally used 8 instead of 7. Jackie insisted that you couldn’t have a baby with an even amount of dates, so they concluded that she would have to go with a 9th one. :roll:[/LD]

YES! :woot: Okay, so it was a sucky party, but I had a lucid and did the moonly goal! =D

Hmm. I kinda had success with it last night…

I forgot to mention that the wallpaper looked a lot like the stars and stuff on the top of the page.

I’ve had 6 ld’s in the past month or two (spurred by my quest to have them). Although none came by WILD, they were ald DILD. I make a point to show up to the party, but I usually wake up almost instantly. I do think that this party is a location we invent for ourselves, i.e. it isn’t a shared dream. (I can’t have an SD with somebody I never met!)

I recently had a dream very soon after reading about the party quest.
It turned out to be an extremely vivid dream, nearing the point of lucidity.
I was walking down a road with my friends, apparently friends to me because i didn’t actually recognize any of them. They were all about my age, and seemed very diverse and interestingly full of life. We went into this building, and we all clammored into a small meeting room and sat on folding chairs, in front of a TV on a TV stand. There was an amazingly beautiful girl sitting beside me. I had the urge to grab her hand, and i did. She smiled a bit, and we seemingly kinda rubbed our hands together and it felt extremely good, something i want to feel again.
After a bit of that, she kinda smiled and started to pull her hand away, and she said “it’s not supposed to be like this…”. This was a bit surprising, but for some reason it didn’t bother me at all. The group started to file out of the room, and I noticed that on the dry-erase board on the wall beside the exit, the LD4ALL logo was drawn crudely. I laughed to myself and fell back into sleep.

I don’t know what any of the members of ld4all really look like, and idk who on this forum would have been in my dreams. I do believe that this may have been a shared dream, but idk who it would be with, so if you had a dream like this, PLEASE TELL ME…thanks :smile:
sweet dreams to all,

I came sooo close to getting to the party last night. I was standing in bed facing the wall and thinking, “Okay, I’m gonna walk through this wall, and the ld4all party is on the other side.” But when I turned on the light to make it easier, the brightness made me close my eyes, and the third or fourth time I opened my eyes, they opened in real life. :cry:

But I suppose it’s just as well, because I was going to turn into Sephiroth and crash the party by summoning Meteor.

Sephie says, “Just wait till tonight, you little prats”

Tonight, as I woke up naturally after 6 hours of sleep, I decided to join the LD4all party and I practised some autosuggestion with WBTB. It worked perfectly! :happy: But I couldn’t reach my goal. :sad:

LD4all party missed attempt. Saturday May 20, 2006 at noon

Dream of beautiful clouds in my parents garden. I want to draw them. Later, I am in the garage. I play with a funny laser machine which makes magnetic flashes. Horror! It had made holes in my fingers and also in my legs! :panic: I wonder whether it will cicatrize then I think that it’s abnormal.[LD] I realize it’s a dream.

I go into the kitchen. My parents are there. Then I remember LD4all party and I go back into the garage to find a mean of teleporting. I see a crystal ball on a piece of furniture. I take it and I look inside. But I only see a dog. When I look around me, the dog is close to me in the garage. I ask him for teleporting me to LD4all. It answers me that it’s impossible, there is nobody any more, etc. I don’t believe it and I insist. It is not any more a dog but a sexy manga teen dressed up as a fairy with a pink skirt. :wiske: She still doesn’t want to teleport me. :grrr:

So, I go in the garden. I notice it’s very realistic and I’m impressed. I hear a buzz. It cames from a very large flying insect which worries me. :scared: [/LD] [ lucidity is lessening ]. [LD]I look at my hands to make the dream last longer. It boosts my lucidity so that I realize that I don’t have to fear of the sort of wasp. I try to spin on myself to create a swirl and transport me. I flutter a little but I don’t spin quickly enough and it doesn’t anything. :neutral:

I decide to seek a mirror. I see the glazed door of my old bedroom and his reflections. I want to use it as a mirror but when I pass the head through, on the other side there is only my bedroom with somebody inside. I apologize. :clown: [/LD] [What a stupid reaction in a dream!]

I go back to the house to seek a mirror. Close to the kitchen, I see a curious door. It is painted in yellow and green in an Anglo-Saxon style. I think it must lead to LD4all. After this door, there is a narrow corridor, like an English house interior but all is too small, it looks like a doll’s house. A hall. On the left, an empty room with a large yellow tiling. On the right, a completely pink child bedroom (walls, bed, tapestry). I clearly recognize Brigitte’s daughter room [Brigitte is a former colleague. Yet it’s a false memory, I even believe her daughter’s room was green] . A curious reminder is pinned to the wall : “Perfidi e amicem [ “Friends are perfidious” in some curious Latin languages gibberish :eek: ]. [LD] I tell myself: “what an idea to put this advice in a child room!” Yet I wonder why I landed into Brigitte’s home… Has she something to do with the LD4all party? :confused:

I hear noise on the first floor. I walk a spiral staircase up but it becomes narrower and narrower so I cannot pass. I eventually walk down. I hear Brigitte to walk another stairs down. I say to her: “Hi!” :grin: . She doesn’t look surprised. In a living room, a man that I didn’t noticed reads the newspapers on a settee. Both are very dressy as if they were going to a party. I ask them if they know where the LD4all party is. But I start to feel my body in my bed and I wake up. [/LD]

Thus I still didn’t meet any LD4all member in my dreams… :(((

Lucid_Mike, Unfortunately you didn’t reach the party. It was still a nice LD though ^^
About your second attempt; Sex is apparently more important than LD4all for you :razz:
Third time finally succes… Wooh, it’s great you tried it three times. Maybe that rock gift has a special meaning? :grin: You’re the lucky first one who got a gift.

Jason, You managed to get there :boogie: Brownies aren’t nearly as good as cookies you know ^^

Lanina, It’s good you say that, so we won’t forget to wear our :ld4all: badge.

Fiver, Off course that counts in here. Since you went to the LD4all party, even attempts to come there count in here.

MatrixManNe0, Green brochures, don’t you know its supposed to be blue :razz:
Second attempt; You saw the party, but you weren’t there :meh: And was the party in Canada? I don’t think it’s really in a country actually; it’s just somewhere ^^

Bullseye, Angel fits LD4all better than hell, the blue color as well. Aargh, school has to ruin your dreams…

Wolf, Funny dream you had. How did you come up with Q and Dan. What must your SC think! And the pregnant thing!
*Sandra hugs Q

ttvenom800, Sweet dream, well at least until she said it wasn’t supposed to be like this… Don’t you have any clue who it could have been?

yamaha, Next time better I hope.

Basilus West, Nice try. I know you will dream of LD members one day. I commented more about the dream in your DJ :content:

Seems as though my SC denies me LD-s. What’s going on in my mind? :crying:

mine’s finally allowed me to, i had a second (long) ld last night, sadly i forgot about the party and i created a girl instead:P