Cosmic Moon 13: Unlocking all Quests

Cosmic Moon: Unlocking all Quests
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

13 Moon Calendar

click the images to see this moon’s calendar and artwork in full size

The 13 Moon Calendar presents a new way of creating our time and how we share it with others, based around the simple, natural rhythm of 13 Moons of 28 Days. Additional information about the movement is available at the home of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. More moonly pictures can be found in our 13 Moon Calendar: Journey of the Peace Train.

Unlocking all Quests

Because it’s the last moon of the year, and it’s summer holiday (well, on this hemisphere it is, i don’t know about australia and such) - this moon all previous Quests will be unlocked so everybody can have a go again.

Pick your favourite Quest or do them all, redo a Quest or try again.

You can post in this topic which Quests you will be doing, and post the results of your Quest in the appropriate topic :content:

Good luck everybody! :dream:

If I could go lucid, I’d do one or more of the quests… But I guess everyone knows that now… :sad:


  • I’ll try to get lucid more times
  • I’ll try to jet-fly like I did on a recent dream :happy: (Fly reeeeeeeally fast, mainly over the water)
  • I’ll go to outer space
  • I’ll try to learn something :happy:
  • More, if I get to do these…

EDIT: In case I HAVE to do one of the old quests…
Well, two of them are already in my ideas (skills and flying), I can try the mirror one too, for starters.

Well Q, In Australia it’s the middle of winter, but either way I’ll go for it. I think I still want to do the last quest - Training my football ability. But, Looking back I think I might meet my spirit guide. Gotta get lucid again though, it’s been over a month. My Recall’s been good lately and the winter holidays are coming up so things are looking up.

:wave: rodrigo, it’s the idea you pick one of the existing Quests, not make up your own ones :wink:

hey nictheman, yeah, i know it’s winter over there but maybe you have some kind of long winterholiday now? no? you never know.

Good luck both of you :dream:

Oooh, anyway, here are my choices then:

  • skills
  • flying
  • mirror

I love the quests! I was having some great luck with my LD’s last month and earlier this month, cleaning up on all the great quests.

Here’s my list (click here)

So, the only ones I haven’t done are:
#7 Finding Lost Memories
#9 Dreaming our way to the Year 2012

I had been working on Flying into Space during this current drought of LD’s. (Not a task yet) Maybe a jump in task is the answer? Hmmmm…


For a minute there I was thinking about doing the ld4all party quest., – it seemed really exciting when it was the quest of that moon,

but now that I think about it more, its not as exciting unless a good amount of people are also gonna do it :neutral:

I’m gonna try the LD4all party again. See what my present is…

I think i’ll try the transform into an animal quest.

Does E.coli count as an animal?


i wonder what it will be? I think i will try WILDing tonight.

If I do have a lucid dream, I’m going to retry the spirit guide quest. I’m still a bit peeved that it didn’t work last time, even if I did get some interesting side effects from the attempt. Plus, I think it sounds like the most interesting, because it’s dealing with people.

Yeah, there is a winter holday. there is about 2 weeks left of it. I might try the party quest again, last time i tried when I went in nobody was in. :cry:

Last night, I completed Moon Quest 7: Unlocking Memories (Click Here to Read)

That leaves me one week to do Moon Quest 9: Dreaming Our Way to 2012, I’ve nearly done them all!

I’m glad you unlocked them, but I’m also looking forward to seeing a new quest!

I did it! I finished my last Moon Quest (Click Here to Dream to 2012)

I feel like a graduate, or something! You should make a forum topic for those that have completed them all. Hehehe, an exclusive club! I’m kind of curious if many others have worked their way through them all. It took a while, but they were great quests.

i have been thinking about Quest badges, but you can have only 3 images in your sig…

:peek: congrats again on completing all of them :content:

I will soon lucid dream and do them all! pounds fist vigorously on imaginary table

Well, I’m trying to induce OBE from LD.

Almost did it last night, but got afraid from strange vibrations in back of my head. ( for some reason Beach boys come in mind :smile: )

since all Quests are unlocked from now, this one is now locked.

how paradoxal :tongue: