LD4all Quest #11: Electric Moon - Focus on yourself

LD4all Quest #11: Electric Moon: Focus on yourself
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Focus on yourself
Suggested by Stormthunder (what are you wearing), wissam (check your pockets), Sandra, and Lucid_mike (change body)

Time for yourself! In this Quest you are going to focus on yourself instead of your surroundings. What do you look like? do you even have a body? is it the same as your real life body?

Take time to examine your body and really be there. And try to see if you remember if it is supposed to be this way or not. Do you have false memories or do you still have awareness of your real life to know what’s right and what’s wrong?

You can do all the items listed below, or pick the one that appeals to you. The important thing in this Quest is being aware of yourself in the dreamscape.

As soon as you realize you are dreaming:[b]* Look at your body. Look at your hands. feet. Feel yourself in your dreambody.

  • notice what you are wearing. try to remember what you should be wearing (eg what you wear in bed). If you don’t like your outfit, try changing it into something else.
  • check your pockets. Don’t ‘want’ something to be there, just put your hand in and take out what’s there, see what you find.
  • change yourself. Grow a tail, wings, or extra arms. If you didn’t already have those :tongue:
    Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):
  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Feel yourself in your waking body and realize what you are wearing.

good luck on your Quest everyone! :dream:

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

:peek: note: electric moon is from september 20 to october 17.

Sounds good! I almost Ld’d last night, and I think I’m getting closer. This sounds like an easy quest, so 'll try it tonight if I LD

Sounds like an interesting quest! I haven’t really concentrated on my dream-body before. Great timing too, I think my dreaming should start to come back about now. I’ve really been worn out, going back to work, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of things again. (This is one of the first WBTB’s I’ve done in a couple of weeks!)

This is a nice broad quest too, I think that people should have good success with it. Once lucid, all you have to do is remember the quest, and you’ll have success.

My goal:

  1. Look at what I’m wearing, 2) look at and feel my body and 3) look in my pockets. It’s a nice fluid movement to do the three and the results should be interesting.

I was wearing 4 or 5 different shirts and black pants. I put my hands in my pockets and found 4 bandannas with bunny pictures. I then looked in the mirror and saw that I had lots of little braids and my both ears had seven piercings. Obviously I dress like an idiot in dreams. :sad: I didn’t try to change anything though.

I’ll do this quest again, to see whether my dream fashion sense will get better, or not. If not, I’ll try to change my clothes and looks. A tail will be nice as well. And I hope I’ll find something more interesting from my pockets. :plotting:

Funny… I had an ND where I had turned into a girl this night. And I didn’t even read about the quest :happy:

congratulations Yang! :happy:

yay, i completed this one this night, i became lucid quite by surprise and remembered the Quest.

read it in my DJ :content:

Hot dog, I completed this quest!

Click here to read!

I’m coming to the conclusion that we all dress badly in dreams. :grin:

I did it :smile: Read about it here

I completed the Quest last night. I’ll make sure to post it after. :content:

I completed this one last night
Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
I was at my grannies house and I wanted some adventure so I began summoning shadow ninjas Yes ninjas made completly of shadows After fighting for seveal minutes I remembered the quest and looked down at my outfit it had large flowing black sleeves that seemed almost alive. The dream began fading so I dove to the ground and began staring at my hand Dont ask me why I dove to the ground like that :smile: the dream cleared up to the point where I could see so clearly i could see my own fingerprints I was amazed by this and then remember the second part of the task at hand. I reached into my pocket and out I pulled a pack of a green playing cards. I reached in again and pulled out one more and then flooding out of my pockets came packs of cards that began stacking and formed a large building A card house :tongue: The dream quickly faded after that the dream only lasted about 6-8 minutes but it was fun fighting ninjas (thats one of my favorite things to do other than: fly and “hang out” with female DCs")

congrats hatetgremlin, Hexaditidom, wyvern and mike :happy:

it’s so funny to see what everyone finds in their pockets. I keep forgetting that part of the quest.

still waits for wyvern’s post

I did it again last night :happy:

this time I had 8 fingers on my right hand and 4 on my left, and they were varying in thickness and length. It was so funny :rofl:

I wore a sweater and pants I wear IRL too. Although IRL the sweater has a print on it, when i first looked it didn’t have that, then i thought, hey this is like that sweater i have, but it doesn’t have the print. Then i looked again and the print was there :tongue:

I did this quest, although not my actual goal for this quest. My goal was already to fly with wings and that’s also a part of this quest.

Anyway I was shortly lucid last night, but I managed to look at my clothes. Actually I think I was lucky that I already thought about clothes before I became lucid. That makes me remember this more easily.

[color=crimson]Full dream can be read here :content:[/color]

I beleive I somewhat completed it. :smile:
This would be my first quest I have completed.


I completed it too. It is the first quest I have finished. I also did last month’s quest. :thumbs:


Sorry to keep you waiting, Q.

Disney characters and me September 27, 2006
Lucid dream
Rating: G

Note: This dream was after one of those days where I just hated myself. I made a huge rant about my gender in my journal in RL before having this dream…
The dream started off lucid after accidently using WILD. I was in a sort of passive lucid state and pretty bored. Also thinking about the last dream I had just had which involved me being token away to a mental institution and ending with people putting needles in me… I was in some sort of castle. I think it was the Disney castle or something. My sister, my little brother, and myself were sitting around a large table.
Suddenly the Fairy Godmother from the movie Cinderella came out of nowhere and started singing that “Bibbity bobbity Boo” song. She then started making princesses and princes appear from various Disney movies. She finally stopped and I pointed out lamely that she forgot Aladdin and Jasmine.
“Oh yes! How can I ever forget!” she exclaimed as she waved her wand and with a poof of magic, Aladdin and Jasmine were there. This gave me an idea.
I got up from my seat and walked over to her casually and snatched her wand. I then started walking away with it and as if reading my mind she said, “You’re not going to change yourself in real life, are you?”
I turned around, “Probably not. My parents would be devastated.”
“Good. You’re perfectly fine as a pretty young girl.” She said with a smile.
I got a little pissed because this was not the way I wanted to be. I then tapped the wand on myself as I always saw the Fairy Godmother doing and in an instant I was in my male form. This was the fastest I had ever switched forms. The wand worked pretty damn well!
I walked down the hall out of the castle. I was on some sort of beach on a very bright sunny day. I got a jock in my memory and remembered that I was supposed to look at myself. I decided to do it now.
I was pretty tall from what I could tell. About 6’0 I’d say… I wasn’t wearing a shirt and was wearing grayish black shorts ready to go swimming. I looked at my hands and they were pretty much normal. I’ve never had a dream where my hands were screwed up anyway. I also had pale skin.
I walked over to the water and looked at my reflection. This time I could see my face. I remember seeing my male form in other dreams from 3rd person views so this was no surprise. I had a sort of soft face with intense silver eyes, blondish silver hair, and pointed ears. I also remembered that we were supposed to pull something out of our pockets. I looked down and realized I had no pockets. I made some appear with the wand and reached inside and pulled out… sand…? I tried again and got the same thing. I stopped and decided to go swimming.
I went exploring underwater until the dream ended.

Maybe I’ll try again and see what fantastic mysteries my pockets hold the next time.

You could say that last night I completed the quest in a lucid dream of mine, although I didn’t intend to. :tongue: Oh, you don’t want to miss this one! :cool_laugh:

Really. I’m still chuckling over it. :gni:

Quest Completed

'm dreaming. My lucidity is not very strong so I do some things to gain some lucidity. They half work. I fly around for a bit, but then I remember the lucid Quest. I stop and look at my body. I’m very tan, like I’ve been living on the beach for a long time. I’m wearing tanish-yellow shirt with a few horizontal stripes and matching shorts. The syle reminds me of something Mediterranean. My lucidity is stronger. I check in my pockets, but the instant before I do, I imagine a key there and sure enough I pull out not one, but several keys. I fly some more and notice an enormous flock of birds on the horizion. Enormous.

Well, I completed Quest, at least most of it.

It started with FA from previous dream that was something about Prison break, I think I was one of the fugitive, wearing red hat, blue shirt and jeans, but that was ND, so it’s less important.

I went to my kitchen, and walls were looking strange to me, so I hit them ( my most RC technique, strange huh, but never fails, it seems my brain acknowledges false physics pretty good… don’t worry I don’t hit trees walls in RL :smile: ), but this time, nothing happened… So I tryed pushing my fingers into it. Some beautiful relaxing blue-white light covered my fingers. They were normal, maybe little more pale than usuall, but more normal then in usuall dreams.
I went to the balcony (live in building) with flying and SG on my mind. I started yelling and looking for SG, and white pigeon come on my hand. It was little bit stronger than in RL :shy: (and with no body hair on it) . I asked pigeon to lead me to my SG and she flew away. I tryed to fly, but for some reason I couldn’t, so I started walking and climbing all over the roof, when I remembered LD quest, so I looked at myself.
I was wearing light blue shirt with some sort of purple character on it, it kind of looked like one shirt that I don’t like to wear in RL; and jeans… nothing unusual. I forgot to check the pockets, but there are still LDs to come…

PS. dream ends with pigeon leading me to Gimli (from LOTR), I don’t know if that means that Gimli is my SG?

Greetings Midnight Phoenix…

Interesting dream - made me think that this white pigeon may be a guiding power for you also.

From my experiences with my spirit guide, I’ve learnt that though his essence/personality generally remains the same, his form oftens adapts to model particular lessons.

Usually in response to my calls for my spirit guide - he takes human form. However, other times he has taken on the appearance and movement of the seagull, so as to teach me about the art of the dream flight.

If this dream of yours were my dream, I would ponder the symbolic significance of the Gimli character, and how he could be a guiding power in my life. What qualities does Gimli have?

One site lists them as:

Character: Gimli
Culture: Dwarf
Description: A courageous Dwarf with great strength and sense of justice


I did it… once again :smile: I was riding a tram over the rivers, plains and snow covered fields. In RL trams don’t travel that kind of distance, but I figured it was dream at the end of the line. I remembered I had quest to complete :smile: so this time I checked my pockets, only to find them empty :sad:.
I looked down on my body, and once again I was normally dressed- favourite jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. I’ve read that someone undressed himself, so I tryed i too, only to find out that I’m wearing the same outfit underneath.
I woke up before I got myself naked, so I don’t know if there was some kind of abnormality on it, but my dreams are full realistic about the humans in them, so I doubt it.

And now to get myself a dream pet :smile:.