LD4all Quest #11: Electric Moon - Focus on yourself

Aha! Last night of minimum dream recall period reached! I can now start on the lucidity thing tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete this quest before it ends!

Yikes… I completed this quest so long ago, but never came here to post my results!

I had my first lucid dream in over a year today and accidentally completed this quest! I looked in the mirror not once, but twice, with very interesting results. Here are the excerpts of those parts:

On this level, some of the walls were lined in full-length mirrors framed thickly in ornate bronze. I caught sight of my reflection in one and stopped to look. To my surprise, it showed me wearing a tailored tuxedo, much like a man would wear, except that of course I’m female. My hair was done up oddly on the left side of my head - which looked out of place - but otherwise I looked very suave and neat. It made me look like a spy in a spy movie, like a female cross-dressing version of James Bond. I was quite impressed, except for the hair, although I definitely hadn’t been wearing a tuxedo before.

I had changed yet again! I was no longer wearing a tuxedo, but a far more startling change had happened – I was male! What’s more, I knew I hadn’t just changed into some random guy, but that it was still truly me, as I would have been if I had been born male. (Well, it didn’t really look much like me, to be honest, but that’s how my brain interpreted it at the time.) I was astonished.

The funny thing was, I was less surprised that I was male than at the fact I was so attractive. As a guy, I was incredibly good-looking! Easily male-model standard, at least. If I met a guy with those looks in real life, I’d be swooning all over him. I’d gotten taller, the angles on my face had changed, and I had a little bit of stubble on my chin. My skin had also gotten a few shades darker. I still had my brown hair, blue eyes and a few freckles, however, so I knew it was still me.

I think I spent a few minutes admiring my reflection like that. I really was ridiculously good-looking. It’s a pity it was just me and not a real guy. By now, I suspected that it was the mirrors that were actually changing me, not just reflecting my image. At least they had all been good changes so far, and not, say, made me into a warty crone.

lol thats great, blast from the past of an old quest, made me laug, thanx