LD4all Quest #10: Get Yourself a Dream Pet!

LD4all Quest #10: Lunar Moon: Get Yourself a Dream Pet
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Get yourself a dream pet
Suggested by Wolf

This one has two parts. In part one you find/buy/grow/create/materialize your very special own dream pet.
The second part is to have another dream (lucid or ND) with your pet. And maybe to see your pet in next dreams.

So, in short:[b]* find your dreampet

  • find out it’s name, either by giving it a name yourself, or asking it for its name
  • meet your pet in a next dream.
  • optional: draw/paint/sculpt your pet

I invite to ponder these Quest-ions ( :grin: ) before going on your Quest: (If you like, you can post the answers in this topic)* Have you a recurring animal in your dreams that you could already consider a dream pet?

  • What will you do to find your pet? For example: go to a pet store and buy it, materialize it, call out for it, open a door and find your pet behind it, ask your SG to bring your pet to you.
  • How will you name it? Ask it for a name, or name it yourself?
  • What do you imagine your pet to be for you? For example, if you have an unigon for a pet, you could ride it, if you chose a dolphin you could swim with it, or would you rather have a pet that accompanies you, or one that you can hug and cuddle?

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Decide how you will summon your pet. (you have answered that question above)

good luck on your Quest everyone! :dream:

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

:peek: note: magnetic moon is from augustus 23th until september 19th.

Wow. That’s a really cool idea.

Great new quest! I can’t wait to try it out!

I think that the two part idea is excellent, but also difficult. Having to have 2 LD’s to complete this quest may be tricky, especially the second part, finding the same pet again. I look forward to it though!

My Ponderings:

  • I’m going to call for my Dream Pet, and I’m going to try NOT to think about any specific animal before hand. (More of a surprise for me, since I could probably incubate a particular pet type.)
  • I’m going to ask for its name, again, more surprising and funny results. Although, if a name is apparent, I may name it, I’ll decide mid-dream.
  • I don’t think I have any particular reoccurring animals in my dreams, besides my real life pet cat.

I’ll save some of the other Ponderings for after I find my pet. :wink:

Hm. This is gonna be interesting, esp. with trying not to bias what the dream pet is (i.e. will it walk, swim, fly, etc.)

I think I’ll probably have to ask my SG (I don’t particularly like the idea, I’d like to find out my pet for myself) either what or where it is…

i’ll grow a pet :wink: plant a seed tonight and let you know cool idea :razz:

I knew last night would be a good night for dreaming! The night before, I only got 4 hours of sleep. Last night, I could sleep as much as I wanted and I went to bed early.

So, I got myself a Dream Pet! Click Here to read about Bym, the Dream Dog!

Next step, to find Bym again. I’m going to call for him and ask him to take me to Lucid Crossroads… try to complete two quests in one dream. (Lucid Crossroads is not an official LD4all Quest, just a personal task of mine.)

tops bro

This sounds great. :happy: I’ll give it a go.

This Quest Killed All of My Animals!!!

last night, there was not one animal in my dream world. not one. :neutral: thats not so cool


hmm…this quest sounds cool…i’ll give it a try…

Do we have to get the pet in a LD, or can we incubate a dream where we get the pet?

I think I’ll try to incubate a dream where I find a Grid Bug named Yendor.

I’d say you can definately create/materialize your own Dream Pet! Beautiful thing about dreams, Yendor may not turn out exactly as you incubate. :wink:

Can’t wait to hear your results!

As for myself, I haven’t had any good nights to dream since my first success. Late nights and busy, I’ll try tonight again, but it’s not optimal. I have to get up early and its already late.

And, where the heck did my SC come up with the name Bym? (even spelled it, in the dream. :smile: )

That sounds definitely interesting, I´ll try it tonight :smile:
Hm… one question. Is it okay to name the animal before you see it? As this is usually my way of ´creating´ things, animals or people or letting them appear in my LDs. to call for them by their names and then they will or won´t come.

it’s the idea to find your pet in a LD, the second part of the Quest you can either try and have a ND where you meet it again, or have a LD.

The Quests are always LD related, since we are a lucidity forum after all :content:

good luck :smile: And good going there mike, hmm, i should include a ‘draw your pet’ assignment too :grin: Can you draw Bym?

yes, if that is your way of doing things, sure, call it by it’s name to have it appear :smile: Good luck! You can either decide the name in waking life already, or think it up on the spot when summoning it in your LD :smile:

Maybe in my LD, not too good at drawing IRL. :grin:

(Actually, I haven’t drawn in an LD either, now that I think about it.)

He was a scrappy, rough looking thing. Not beaten up, just dirty and scruffy. I want to see him in the second LD, then maybe I’ll hunt around for a free pic of him.

Ooooh! What a great Quest! :happy: Whoever thought of it should get a medal. :yes:

I’ll be sure to look for my DP. ^^ (With my luck it’ll be a talking cat or the Loch Ness Monster. :tongue: )

Hey all, I attempted the second stage of the quest, to find my Dream Pet in a second LD. But, Bym the Dream Dog was nowhere to be found. I need to put up some Lost Pet announcements!!

Check out the dream by clicking here!

I really want to try this next time I LD. I will take a whistle out of my pocket, which will call my dream pet. My dream pet will be whatever animal represents myself. Can’t wait to find out what it is!

Wow, I’m in this quest! I just had a LD and I summoned at cat. I forgot to ask it’s name though. Would it be valid if it was in my next dream and I asked it then?

Vi, I like the whistle idea, I might steal that one. :wink:

Huggkruka, I think if you meet the cat again and get its name, that would be great! And, if the cat won’t speak, maybe check its ID tag? :happy: