LD4all Quest #10: Get Yourself a Dream Pet!

im going to make a shape shifter pet but ill know its my pet by the feel of its aura

i did it 2 days ago(well, the first half)
check my DJ for the dream
Q asked me to draw her but i haven’t done that yet
i’ll try tomorrow or something…

if that doesn’t work i’m just going to have to look for a picture that resembles her lol:P

i added the drawing part in the Quest post now :smile:

Congratulations, Sirius)(black!!

Feabb sounds like a fine Dream Pet. We’re going to have a full Dream Pound by the end of this.

I still haven’t done the second half, but I’m only getting into a regular routine tonight… tonight, perhaps I’ll dream.

I was talking to roxi about this quest and trying to think what my pet would look like. I couldn’t imagine the perfect pet for me…atleast not til roxi reminded me I already had one. :razz: Lazer, my dragon. He’s made a few appearences in my dreams. :colgate:

Now if only he was a dragon in real life instead of just a fish…

Quest: Complete!

I found Bym again! Click here to read the dream.

The dream wasn’t pleasant though, poor Bym wasn’t doing so well. It was a strange dream.

Q asked for pictures, so here’s Bym:

He-y! I actually (almost… gotta get to the next dream…) completed the quest! My dream pets consist of a Togepi (pokemon… I can’t believe my SC still remembers that…) and a psycho rabbit… I’m gonna post details later!!

I don’t remember the rabbit’s name, but I think the Togepi’s name was like “Codrago” or “Diaraio”…

Psycho rabbits and starving dogs… this quest is cursed!!!

I’d have thought the Going Through the Mirror Quest would have brought out scary results… instead, it’s the innocent sounding Get Yourself a Dream Pet. :happy:

My dream pet is an eagle, because i love flying!! :fly:

Cool! Love to see the dream. Can you post it here or to your DD with a link here?

:happy: I’ve wanted a dream pet for ages, only problem is I havn’t had an LD for even more ages. Luckily tomorrow is last day of school so I can hopefully devote a bit more energy to LDing school has just been hectic lately.

Anyway I’ve rambled off topic :tongue: when I eventually get one I’ll call for him, he’ll be a white tiger but I havn’t decided on a name yet. Eventually I’d also like to befriend a phoenix (what a surprise :tongue:) and a dolphin. :grin:

Me too. I’m gonna try getting back to LD-ing and finding my pet. I’m not gonna create it or name it. I’ll try to find it and ask it’s name :cool_laugh:

I really like this “moon quest” topic ! The “get yourself a dream pet!” is a beautiful idea :content:

Have you a recurring animal in your dreams that you could already consider a dream pet?

—> I have no reccuring animal that I can already consider a dream pet.

What will you do to find your pet? For example: go to a pet store and buy it, materialize it, call out for it, open a door and find your pet behind it, ask your SG to bring your pet to you.

-----> Maybe asking the first I will find in my dream. Or maybe to create one special dream pet, I do not know yet.

How will you name it? Ask it for a name, or name it yourself?

----> I prefer ask it’s name, because oneiric names are very beautiful.

What do you imagine your pet to be for you? For example, if you have an unigon for a pet, you could ride it, if you chose a dolphin you could swim with it, or would you rather have a pet that accompanies you, or one that you can hug and cuddle?

—> Maybe it can become my spirit guide, … Something like a shamanic totem, leading me through Wonderland.

:happy: I want to have a dream pet :content: Do you choose them, or do they choose you? :eh: :eek:

Hey … What if I become the pet …?

OMG! I just realized I managed to do the first part of the quest. I broke in a wild pegasus and I could ride it. It could talk with it and I even know its name.

I hope I can find it again in another LD.

I found my dream pet! I was walking by a barn, and expected to find it within. So, being a pet in a barn, of course it turned out to be…

a giant grasshopper. Named Pete.

Fantastic quest. I’ve had weird/intense/etc dream experiences before but the other night was my first LD! I’ve been trying to incubate my pet since I joined LD4all though…no luck yet. I’ve been too excited about it I think ): I’m surprised it wasn’t the first thing I tried in my LD… I tried going to the beach first :wink: I was dreaming about being in my room and thought that was boring scenery.

Have you a recurring animal in your dreams that you could already consider a dream pet?
I’ve dreamt a lot about interdimensional foxes a few times. A little too wise to consider a pet, although…my pet WOULD be like that.

What will you do to find your pet?
Call it.

How will you name it? Ask it for a name, or name it yourself?
I’ve got a strong feeling that it will be a dog (probably a lhasa) named Bones. Who materializes in dreams as a skeleton. hehe… BONES. XD gets me every time.

The month is running out though and no sign of any pet… I’ll just keep trying!

Congratulations, Vi! I’d love to see a link to the dream where you found/met Pete.

Zelda, my Dream Dog should have been named Bones. Hehehe, disturbing dream. (Click here to read it.)

Awww, poor Bym :sad: I hope my dream dog doesn’t get maggoty!

i have a pet in my LDs… or rather I AM a pet of that big fat raven that always haunts me in those LDs… Ulalume! New Beginnings!