LD4all Quest #10: Get Yourself a Dream Pet!

I managed to remember in a LD tonight to call forth the dream pet I found in my previous LD.

I call its name but it didn’t come and immediatly, instead of that, a sudden blast of wind transported me into an old castle where some evil DC’s tried to frighten me. :sad:

I found my dream pet. :hurray:

A white tiger with black stripes. As I went closer the little tiger changed into a little polar bear. (Which one is it then?) :eh: He told me his name is Ummo.

I have yet to complete this quest :cry: I don’t really care what my Dream pet is, as long as I find him, and it doesn’t look like his insides are spewing out, It would be an honor to have it as my pet ^^ I really want it to be a penguin though :eh:

I had 3 random LD’s the other day, in the second one, I summoned the dream pet but before I could come up with a name, it ran off. Does this count as completing the first part?. In the third one, I summoned the pet again, it was a pure white flying unicorn. It had a rainbow coloured horn,so I named it Rainbow. Does the naming have to come in the first dream?, or have I completed this now?. :smile:

So you found Rainbow, the White Flying Unicorn in one dream… met him and then named him in another? Congratulations, that sounds like a huge success to me! If you want a further challenge, try summoning him again. I wonder if doing it on a different night would make it harder? How far apart were the two dreams?

My dream pet is a monkey who holds a knife in his tail he is always in LD’s when I am about to cause trouble. I think he would kind of be insulted if i called him a pet per se because I found out in one LD that he was actually one of my two SG 's (along with a female who I dont think would be considered a pet either)

The two dreams were right after each other. :smile:

There really wasn’t anything more to it than I said. It was quite short!

But man, a giant grasshopper is cooler than all y’all’s tigers and unicorns and such.

Yey… I finally got myself a dream pet (only two months out of date)- Well, it is pumpkin Kitty, that sings and dances all around, and she told me she worked with Smashing pumpkins (o yeah :smile: ) and some band Rock Mich ( I think it doesn’t exist in RL)

yessur!!! ok,im new to this shit,so someone plz help me with it. plz and thnx


Well, here’s my shot at this quest.

I managed to get myself a dream pet, too. A black horse called Macárdil. Well, actually he´s a horse from a story of mine but I´ve become quite good in summoning him in my LDs :grin:

i cant lucid dream yet, but im getting close!! i already had i was dreaming in one, but forgot and carried on. :sad: cool quest though!!! :grin: when i finnaly reach lucidity im gonna try this one out. :tongue: i’ll prob. mix a bunch of different animals together lol :tongue: like a cat head with a dog body with some angel wings!!! ^^ wish me luck!! :happy:

First quest i tried! And last night i succeeded :smile: I wasn’t to happy about it, cause i think i kinda lacks fantasy. It was a sphynx cat, without the darker spots some of them have. It was presented to me on a kind of royal pillow, and was kind of a biter. He bit a couple of my friends, and when i got it, i felt kinda dissapointed that it wasnt something more 'dreamy". At the moment i realized that, he bit me aswell and jumped off.