Making characters appear at your will.

If i wanted for example Ratchet (from the PS2 game “Ratchet & Clank”) to appear after i become lucid, how can i do that? And how can i alter their appearance, and if neccesary, behaviour afterwards?

To get someone to appear in front of you, you need to believe that they’re going to appear. This can be very tricky, so a good idea is to turn around, and then turn back expecting to see them there. You have to be confident that they will though.

You can also try walking through a door expecting them to be on the other side.

It’s the same principle on changing their appearance, you can turn your back as I described before, or if you believe it will work you can wave you’re hand and expect them to change.

The key thing with LD’s is belief, with that you can do anything.

Hope this helps.

Intresting… i have’nt tried this yet… i think i’ll make it the next goal for my next LD :grin:

…one question though will it have the same personality as the person you imagine? or will it depend on what you believe the person acts like IRL? … as my freinds in LD’s sometimes don’t act as they would IRL… just expressing a thought :content:

Hmm, thats a tricky question, I’m not sure I know the answer.

I think that if you wanted to you could control how they behaved, by believing that they’d do certain things, but if you leave them alone I don’t know.

Usually, DCs don’t act very much like their real-life counterparts, if they have any. There are a few theories as to why this is; one of the most common is that DCs are more representative of characters and archetypes that exist in your unconscious that end up having familiar people “superimposed” onto them due to the tendency of dreams to process and recycle sensory input from the daytime. As a result, many people report DCs who appear as family members or close friends but act nothing like them at all.

However, this isn’t to say that it’s impossible to control the personality of a DC, although very few have had much luck with it. This could be because it’s not often attempted (outside of the realm of sex), and when it is it’s usually by verbal coercion rather then pure mental control. Still, who’s to say you couldn’t pioneer a new technique? :content:

Wow shift, i didn’t know that, thats pretty intresting. I have still yet to test this creation of a DC, haven’t had a LD yet …sigh… hopefully soon though! :content:

I haven’t had an LD yet, but when I do, I’d wish that I could talk to people as they would talk IRL. That way I could talk to them and get their honest opinions on things, or get advice from someone I haven’t seen in a while.

Something worth a try is a button.
i’ve been liking the “push this button for this result”
its pretty much a button that pops up on a pedistal and when i push it whatever i believe that button to do will happen.
Why not try pushing a button that makes these characters teleport in like on star trek or magicly, or fall from the sky like in looney toons (my personal favourite)
these “buttons” can do so much more, teleport you places, change the scenery, make it rain, make everything seem like a spagghetti western and transcend time… anything you want this button to do.
it is just a visual aid for having your will done! i like it very much.

I tried that too and it’s so easy, i use things like invisible buttons, x-ray glasses and speeder bikes from Star Wars very often. I think it works best using something you already know from movies or video games because then you know exactly what’s gonna happen.

Also one trick that usually works for me is calling the DC you want to summon with a phone. Grab a phone, input some random numbers and expect that they will be the DC’s phone number. When they answer, just tell them to come meet you.

Sometimes a DC will act like you expect them to or in a way that is appropriate to the dream.(hope that made sense) I have summoned actresses or actors who acted like they were my best friends.

Another way to summon a person is to use any DC’s in the area and morph them into the person you want them to be. When you master this it is very cool.

I find that thinking about the person that you want to appear talking in the next room. Every time I’ve tried I begin to hear their voice in the next room, and then when I go in they are there. Works like a charm for me, you should give it a shot. But overall you just need the confidence that your intentions will bring about what it is you want in the dream.

One method of getting a character to appear could be trying to call them on a phone and tell them to meet you.

i’ve tried to things, the first one i’ve tried the most and it doesn’t always work, the 2nd one was sort of a mix between ideas posted here. Usually i imagine that i can see the DC far off in the distance, and as i run up to them, about 50% of the time i will end up finding them. the 2nd one, which i tried today, was that (sometimes my dream areas are overpopulated with DCs for no reason,) i just called out to them i said where are you? as though i knew she was here somewhere, i didn’t think about it logically, i just assumed she was there. then she walked up right next to me and said 'here i am!" :tongue: try it.

Well at the end of my very first LD I spawned my friend. The first thing I did was visualize his “outline” (think of the chalk marks cops make of corpses at murder scenes, but my line is very thin and black). Next I thought of the last thing I saw him wearing, had that picture in my head, and just… filled in his outline. :happy:

I just had my first LD last night and managed to make someone appear at will. I watch this show called X-Play and in my dream the male host of the show Adam Sessler was standing there. I decided I much rather see the female host Morgan Webb and turned around and then looked back but he was still there. It then occured to me to try spinning while keeping in mind that I wanted to see her and he changed into her right before my eyes.

Don’t delete this topic! I think it’s a very good thing to keep around. I actually dug around looking for this very conversation, I need solutions to my current problem!

I’m working on the Moon Quest: Find Your Dream Pet and I need to find a dog I dreamed about in a previous LD.

Expectation is the key, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve also been trying to get to a particular location, and I find myself searching without finding. I think I have the expectation to Search for them instead of to Find them. So, same problem with Summoning DC’s.

I’ve heard of pressing buttons, but so far, I haven’t had much success with this. I can create small objects consistently, Expecting them to be in my pocket and then pulling them out. So far, bigger things (like DC’s) have been more difficult.

Hmmm, can I pull a dog out of my pocket? :grin:

I had come up with the technique to try before reading this (turning around and Expecting them to be behind me), so this thread has given me extra confidence that I’m going at this the right way. I’m not sure if I can call a dog on a telephone, the other idea given. :smile:

Here’s something a little different that you can try… Simply remember your most vivid memory of that particular person (or puppy dog as the case may be) while you are lucid dreaming. You can also use this to switch dream scenes, by simply remembering a location. It helps to do this a few times throughout the day to get the hang of it.

The idea is that memories are like little day dreams, and the process of remembering something while dreaming will completely wipe out the current dream - and switch it with the memory. Make sure you don’t lose lucidity, though (as happened to me the first time I did it).

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The word ‘expect’ is very important to me in this situation.

I usually Expect to see whom ever I want to see on the other side of a door, or around a bend. It works a great deal of the time, and improves with practice. You just have to make yourself believe that he/she will be there, and they usually will be.