LD4all Quest #3: Rhythmic Moon: Meet your Spirit Guide

I haven’t tried to reach my SG this month but I have managed to meet my SG before a couple of months ago.

I had one LD where I was walking over some hills and as they became mountains a man/indian came and grabbed my hand and told me lots of information, I couldn’t remember it all but at the time I remembered it in my sub-counscious, so in the future I might re-collect it. I couldn’t see his face but I remember he had sandals on.

Also I have had another experience but wasn’t sure whether it was a DC who knew a lot about me or one of my SG but I remember sitting in a bar/place/cafe in a LD and meeting this person I can’t remember whether the person was female/male but they also told me a lot of information.
I also think that they have a lot to tell me because I am not in much contact with them, so they blurt everything they wanted to tell me in one go.

Great dreams Stormthunder… I especially like the first ‘hooded’ false spirit guide.


i like it stormthunder!

tonight I had a LD (woot) and I went to find my SG too. No SG would appear, only other DC’s that explained they where not my SG. Kind of similar to your experience stormthunder.

I also had a weird male DC with curly hair and unshaved face commend me on the fact that I inhabited a human body :uh:

I’ll type it later in my DJ. loooooooooooooooooooong dream.

Everyone seems to be quite sucessful with this quest :content:

O finally had a LD this morning … yaaay 3 :boogie: …and in all 3 I remember to search for my SG :happy: … but alas my SG seems to be very illusive … I’ve typed up all 3 LD’s in my DJ :content:

…hopefully ill have better luck next time :smile:

Okay, that’s it! You guys are just having way too much fun without me.

I guess I have nothing to lose. I thought maybe I’d try and work on DR but I may as well give myself something to do to try and help with DR.

for the record; and for the ppl to lazy to click around in my DJ to find the dream :tongue:

relevant part of the dream is here:

Tuesday december 20 2005
Blue Self-Existing Monkey

Quest for Jesus & Quest for SG
[LD]…decide to try and meet Annette, do to the SG Quest on LD4all.

I walk through hallways and call Annette. She doesn’t appear. I stand still and think of a way to meet her.
I will go to a door and behind it I’ll meet one or more of my SG’s.

Immediately I see a sign up at the ceiling that says:" Guides, room 3" (or something along those lines)
I follow the signs and there already is a sign:“room 3”

The door is already open. I’m curious. I go in. It is like a hall or a meeting room in a school. It is almost empty. A male DC with black curly hair and an unshaved face grabs me by my arm and looks at me. “Amazing what they do with those body’s nowadays! That you are inside a human body now, I comment you! kudos!”

I ask if he is a guide of mine. No.

I ged rid of him, and walk on.

A female with a clipboard is here. She is a guide neither. I have the feeling i’m at some kind of reunion, only nobody showed up, only some random passers by.

I ask if guides of me are present. " No, there is a waiting time of 2 to 3 weeks. You are right now busy with own projects"

I say:"2 to 3 weeks?! and what if I go to a contracted one? Will it be faster then?

blank look

I walk out of the room again and then… wake up[/LD]

[com]This was an amazingly long, vivid and detailed dream. I remembered so much when I woke up, but I hadn’t the energy to write down every detail. So I forgot somethings now, especially from the beginning.

The contracted thing is because in holland there is a new health insurance system, and if you go to a company that has contracts with the hospitals/doctors etc, you can be helped faster and it is cheaper. I made a joke about that, but apparently it didn’t really come across :tongue: [/com]

read the complete dream here :content:

Human bodies… what will they think up next? :content:

Last night I met mine. :grin:

congratulations guys… I’m still trying.

Don’t lose hope Iluminada:content:

Well done Wolf :smile:

P.S, Mikeh Dear is a dream boat :tongue: (at least we are both straight :tongue:)

Good work everyone, 2 failed attempts (you can read them in my DJ, both the LDs) but I will still try :smile:

Well, you got the dream part of that right. ^^ No one but us knows the whole Mikeh Dear joke, which makes this a very funny read. :razz:

coughJamesisadvertising!cough Whoo… that cold’s going around. :tongue:

Ok, well I had this LD on the 27th but pasQuale said I should put it here too :smile:

Here is a quote from my DJ

Thanks :smile:

I have to congratulate all of you that have so far achieved this quest. I still haven’t had any type of luck…

A little bit of luck, fox is (one of) my totems, I consider totems to be spirit guides of a sort so this is at least something horray! but not the complete quest yet…

congrats darakat on the attempt :happy: It seems your SG/totem came out to see you, but you can’t follow it (yet) ? I hope you can follow it next time :content:

wow everyone seems to be doing so well … my SG is damn illusive :sad: … had a fourth attempt today but it seems that my SG still doesn’t want to meet me… ah well … at least I learnt my SG is male … :content:

Thanks. :smile: Yeah, been seeing Fox since I was a very young lad so I certainly want to be able to finally follow it.

I believe this dream, from the 26. december, belongs here:

-I am in the small town again, in the central square. It is around 22. Suddenly, I remember it is a dream! The fountain is open, it is usually only open in summer. The dream is still unclear, until I stick my hand into the cold water. It proves that the senses work. I watch the shops close from the outside. It is dusk, everything looks blue. I sit down on a bench and just watch the scene. I want to stay in the dream as long as possible! A male DC tells me that he has a problem with a nightmare. He seems to know it is a dream, too. He says he has dead bodies in his dream basement, and he is too afraid to go downstairs and remove them. It is bothering him a lot. I can understand it, I have problems entering my own dream basement! I suggest we should see a very wise woman I know in Ceeia. She might have some advice…

After going through the circle, the first thing I see is an underground corridor, then a familiar hallway with lights high up on the walls. A turn to the right, a dark red gate, and I am in the golden room again. Its floor is higher in both ends, and lower in the middle. The gate on the right side is open, and there is a new pool outside. There are artificial waves in it, and when I walk past the gate, the waves almost reach my feet. It is very peaceful. We meet her on a bench in the low part of the room. She tells us that “we are protected as long as we are dreaming, but we have to make the moves down the stairs ourselves”. She looks a little different, with silver stripes in her golden hair, and she notices me looking at it and asks what I think. “To be honest, I believe it will be all golden again the next time”, I answer. It is apparently the right answer, because she hugs me and I wake up.

I think i’ll try it tonight. WILD, or maybe accidental. I just hope i can do it.

OMG! I did it, i think. My SG is about 6 and a half foot tall, black and white, and has a long beak. My SG is a giant, talking penguin. Is that even possible?