LD4all Quest #3: Rhythmic Moon: Meet your Spirit Guide

cool dream hebrew2… i like the question you asked too, and the way he played a trick on you.

it’d be cool if you posted the dream here as well - it’ll be easier for people to find :wink:

in my experience, spirit guides have a pretty readily changing appearance. when my spirit guide first showed himself to me, he took on the form of a “dwarf”. i expected him to show himself that way, the next time, but he had a different appearance. i’ve had alot of encounters with him in the dreaming, and tend to recognise him not by appearance, as much as his character, and the unique energy he radiates.


He said the penguin is his true form.

Hey Hebrew2.

I hope my response didn’t sound like I was jumping to too strong a conclusion :content: That’s very interesting that he said the penguin was his true form :smile:


Yaaay finally did it on my 5th attempt!

…finally :happy: …always seems busy my SG :eh:

The penguin told me something last night. He said he lied about the true love, and that there is no such thing. He also showed me around the world, pointing out all the suffering, but he changed into my grandad to do it.

That was another amazing dream - hebrew2!

Here’s mine


Rhythmic Moon, Limi 27
Kin 10: White Planetary Dog
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

Dream: Leaps and Bounds
[ND]I’m in a small building - like a barbecue you might see in a park. There are many people here - I seem to know them somehow. I’m on some special task, where I have to go outside. I think I’m supposed to pick something up, though it feels a little more meaningful, as though I’m doing something “protective” and meaningful here.

As I walk out onto the grass by the building, I suddenly feel someone reach out at me. This is a big shock. I feel a silvery/slivery hand grab me. Yet it’s invisible. Nobody else can see it. Should I call for help? There doesn’t seem much point. These hands seem to belong to some kind of spiritual being, and this being exerts an almost magnetic pull on me. The atmosphere around them is charged. And then woosh - I hear some words - and am suddenly pulled fully into their presence. It feels like they’re running the show from here on in.[/ND]

[LD]The words they uttered as they took me confused me - they sounded a little “evil”. I’m a little unsure whether this was the bare truth of the matter, or if it was just a spiritual being, using outwardly unusual tacticts to get my attention. The whole ordeal has certainly got mine - I’m now fully lucid - consciously dreaming! After some thought, I decide to give my trust to this being. My trust grows, as I begin to recognise that this character has a particular location in mind.

I latch on, and voluntarily begin to follow, allowing my “guide” to do the journeying. We travel through the pool of water, and into the astral interspace. When we let go, I suddenly find myself back at my family home. Amongst the trees, wildlife, and the little stream that are there. I’m down on the front garden. All around me I see that there are kangaroos, hopping about - going about their business.

I realise that I’m a kangaroo too - though not fully formed. It is possible for me to do that cute little bouncing thing, springing up into the air, with the bend of my knees. It’s quite fun! I follow on. I see three people approaching. Two guys holding this naked girl, and carrying her forward. She seems quite comfortable - almost wriggling and giggling about in their grasp. My attention is sparked by her looks, and I almost wanna have sex with her. But I realise, that whoever it was who brought me here, did so for a reason, and the appearance of these three characters is not only symbolic, but is also designed as some kind of test for me to tame my lust/ sexual desire.

As I move on across the grass, I find myself accidentally jumping off an edge, and somehow have to leap over the little stream that appears. That takes a little more energy. And then, if I wanna get to the road, I have to get over the fence too. Finally I do so. It’s quite a good feeling. By the time I’m on the road, my energy has dropped a little - I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to keep hopping into the air.

I hear this wonderful music in the background. I know the song well - it almost streams in and surrounds me from every direction. I can hear it in my mind - and in the world. There is a wonderful resonance here. I become aware that the same guide who brought me here, is the one transmitting the sound into the dreamspace. I decide that I should look for the guide who brought me here.

I see a little pond of water, and when I get near it, I once again feel that same magnetic pull. Oh and what else do I see! It’s a little seagull. I am instantly reminded of a dream many moons ago - in which me and my spirit guide took on our respective forms of the pigeon and the seagull - and began a journey to the galactic center. I know that this is seagull is actually my spirit guide. After all that doubt about his identity - it’s quite a nice realisation. I feel like I’ve come full-circle.[/LD]

[com]Comments: I woke from this dream - still kind of bouncing from the dream’s energy. The kangaroo is an interesting animal, and very appropriate for the next two weeks - as I am going away - first to my family home this morning, then the Exodus festival, Moondani Natural Mind Sanctuary, and finally the Biospheric Congress in Northern NSW. It’s going to be an interesting trip.

It was cool also to see my spirit guide again - taking the form of the seagull![/com]

Here’s the original dream in which my guide showed up as the seagull:


Crystal Moon, Dali 8
Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon
White Spectral Wizard Year

Conscious Dream: Pigeon’s Flight
[LD]I become concious that I’m dreaming at a train station. After some time, i decide to go off in search of my spirit guide. Well actually, I just run along a grassy area, expectantly calling for my spirit guide to appear. And so he does! He looks a bit different this time, and I’m not quite so surprised to see him as the last time. I run up to him, and shake his hand, to say hello. He seems a bit more relaxed actually.

The whole time he’s been in the dream with me, he’s been fading his physical appearnace out, and then having to reappear. I kind of get the impression that it’s a little difficult ot have to maintain it. Anyway, at this point, I decide to ask him if he can help me with the dreamign adventure to the galactic center. He agrees, and next thing I know there are a whole group of seagulls up ahead of me.

i realise that I should shift into bird form. I decide to create my totem animal; the pigeon using the technique waterstarrainbow suggested, where you simply bring it into manifestaiton using intention. I stick out my ahnd, and below it a group of pigeons now materialise, immediately rising up into the sky. I watch them in flight; especially intrigued by the way in which they move, and the heights to which they rise. As they come back closer to ground level, I begin to shift into my pigeon form.

Unfortunately, I’m not such a good flyer as the other pigeons are. I’m caught between half human, half pigeon awareness, though of course it’s difficult to really know the difference, because I can’t really see myself. I begin to realise by watching the pigeons that the secret is to not waste time flapping one’s wings at every opportunity. You just can’t take advantage of the wind this way, yet unfortunately this is exactly what I was doing. The secret to flying, is to wait one’s time, to glide gently into the air, and flap only when necessary.

This is not the only lesson I learn. the pigeon is a clever little animal. It doesn’t just fly in any old direction. You have to follow the way of the wind, and move with it. It’s still possible to shape the direction of your own personal flight, yet you need to attune your path to the direction of the wind. I experiment with this new found power of flight for a small while, just getting the hang of it, before the pigeons return to ground level. having asked them to teach me something, they begin to morph into these rather large rabbits. I am reminded of my last conscious dream about the pigeon, and how this is a similar kind of thing to what happened. Soon after, however, I wake.[/LD]

[com]Comments: This was a really cool dream for me. I learnt two really cool things about flying; to right for the right moment to flap one’s wings, and to move gently across the wind, and to follow it’s direction to shape that of your personal journey.

A picture of a kangaroo:


great dream nick! Ioved the kangaroo, and the way your guide took your hands and guided you through the pool of water :smile: I always love it when they show up unexpectedly and do stuff like that :colgate:

congrats :smile:
And have a safe trip and a lot of fun on your journeys ^^

Rhythmic Moon is now over :smile:
I’ll leave this topic open for those who would like to post their reviews/conclusions :smile:

I made a post in my DJ about my SG

In the dream I made post in my DJ that I had had a dream of my SG and I also think that dream was a LD.

i have only heard about a spirit guide a couple of times, and have never tried to find mine. since returning to the site yesterday night and reading this quest i thought this sounds very interesting. i am going to become lucid tonight and try to meet my spirit guide.

i did become lucid. it was a very hazy sort of lucid, not a strong feeling at all. i tried shaking my head and concentrating hard to clear it up and it worked a little bit. i envisioned a door, like a changing room “Saloon” type door that you see in clothes stores (And old western movies). i thought “my spirit guide will be behind this door”. i did not think it too convincingly or very strongly in the way i said it in my head. when i opened the door appeared homer simpsons in full cartoon form. i thought to myself this cant be my spirit guide ill try again. i closed the door and opened it. more cartoon characters from southpark this time. i closed the door and opened it again. this time it was maggie simpsons who started laughing at me. then i woke up.

i am going to try again tonight, or the next time i become lucid. before i went to bed i was only thinking about im going to imagine a door and say my spirit guide will be behind it. i did not think of what i was going to say. i was disapointed when these people appeared but i did not say anything to them. most of them were cartoon characters except 1 person who looked like one of my old primary school teachers. i still passed them all off as fake for some reason or other in my mind and kept opening and closing the door, a different character appearing each time.

my reasoning was, that if i opened and closed the door and the same character appeared twice, it would have more of a chance of being a real spirit guide instead of a random character.

interesting quest that i will DEFINATLY try again the next time i become lucid.


Thank you all for participating again ^^
This Quest has now been locked. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it anymore ofcourse, you can always do it on your own and write your experiences in your DJ :content:


I’m not sure what I think of Spirit Guides, but my SC provided me with one anyway. It was pretty neat, although I haven’t met him a second time. (Click here to read it)

I spent an entire dream searching for him a second time (click here to read) After not finding him, I felt that I had wasted the dream. I have other tasks, but I may try to find him (or another SG) again some time, the original was quite cool.

I asked for my SG and got a guy with yellow hair and bright blue eyes wearing a Pokemon baseball cap. :eh: He was nice but very stoic and a little hesitant to interact with me. I didn’t really get any kind of special “Yay, this is my SG!” kind of resonance, so I sort of wonder if maybe it wasn’t really him and he was just going along with what I said. When I asked his name, he just mumbled something I couldn’t understand. It was a little strange. :neutral:

whoa… I didn’t even know this was a quest/thread until moogle pointed it out to me and suggested i post in it! I met my SG last night, and guess whathis name was? Pascal. it does seem a lot like pasQuale :lol:

I have actually seen my SG before in other dreams but didnt really get a chance to talk to him until now.

more about this dream here : [community.ld4all.com/t/kameleonkats-dream-journal/24476/3)

If I manage to achieve lucidity tonight, I will be completing this quest.


my spirit guide is nancy from peep show. img108.imageshack.us/img108/4581/nanpsfm8.jpg
I met her on a train station in an ld after deciding to find my spirit guide. Only i didnt know she was mine at the time, i said “where’s my spirit guide?” to her at the trainstation and then she said that he’s away on holiday. She then proceeded to answer my questions instead, it was only later on the next day irl that i realised she’s my spirit guide, not that guy who was on holiday lol

p.s I don’t believe in a real spirit guide. but i do believe that you can ask your subconcious questions in a lucid dream by talking to your spirit guide. you get some amazing answers

p.p.s I don’t think it’ll always be in the form of nancy though… :smile:

I’m trying this one… sorta. I’m supposed to go to the “Yoge Mountains” and find my “Guardian Spirit”. Makes me wonder if that’s the same as a Spirit Guide…

I’m going to try this. I have seen this weird cloaked figure in my LDs (he looks abit like a jedi :confused: ). But it is strange if i look in the strangest places in my dream i catch a glimpse of him but then i wake up… :cry:

Oh how many Of my LD’s have been devoted to finding my spirit guide? 4? 5?
Ohh, sometimes I think I’ll never find him/her.

right now I have reason to beleive that 2 DC’s could be my SG.

  1. Earwig.
    She is a girl around age 4, 5, or 6, with longish brown hair. I first met her on Pike’s hill, where My house used to be. We shared a very deep, emotional conversation about my old house.
  2. Blake
    Blake is a guy with blond hair-blue eyes. He is around 14 or 15 years old. I met him after riding the Spirit-guide bus, He jumped out of the bushes, and I asked him if he was my SG, but he didn’t get a chance to answer, because the dream ended.

Although I already have my wings, I want to find them, and confirm if they are my SG’s or not…