The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 46

hi everyone im new here

Hello Jess… I brought you here.

Yey! the ovious is stated

i don’t even know if this is the Right place to put, but hi i’m new. i would really like to start lucid dreaming, but my fear of astrocatalypsy usually gets in front of that. from what i’ve been reading, astrocatalypsy is the “old hag” and is also sleep paralysis. i remember my dreams every night, but am yet to focus on lucidity. HOWS EVERYBODY DOING? [=

Welcome, Tiny! Don’t worry about the “old hag” she isn’t actually all that common…

It’s cool that you remember all your dreams, and I can’t speak for everyone else, but I am fine.

Welcome to this crazy place we call LD4all.

:welcome: hello FreqFlyer84, x-Jess-x and tiny. :happy: welcome to the forum

:grin: asking to be shown things and questioning the DCs in your dream … even asking what different objects represent in your dream to the object :eh: can give interesting results.
There is a spirit guide topic in the beyond dreaming forum; there was also a “meet your spirit guide” quest in lucid adventures which you may like to read Link
you will find a list of all the previous quests with links

There are also topics in there that inform us of the waves projects that used to be done on the SeaLife forum eg @Sealife: Themes and their Symbolisms
Personally I believe that shared dreams are possible but the dreamers need a strong connection between them :content:

:wave: hello Jess … did hebrew kidnap you and drag you here kicking and screaming? :wink:
I hope you enjoy being a LD4all member :happy:

if you don’t use WILD, the chance of experiencing SP/old hag is the same as a normal dreamer :boogie: … so don’t let it put you off the awesome LD experience. And once you know what a LD feels like you will realise that a few moments of SP is a small price to pay for frequent LDs

hey guys, im new :peek:

i’ve first heard of lucid dreams a year ago an tried it out, but it didn’t work. so a week ago a had an half-lucid-dream and so that brought me backt to that theme :smile:
i searched for informations and found “LucidWarp” and this forum. i’m glad that i found it :astral:

Hello x-Jess-x, tiny. and Starfox99 welcome to the forum :ld4all:

I found my interest really increased when I actually had a LD after hearing about them, although I was lucky enough to have had one before knowing what they were too :content:

Good luck to all of you, I hope you enjoy yourselves here :smile:

Hi people! I’m new too!

I first heard about lds about a year ago. Sadly, i don’t normally remember my dreams, so i started a dream journal a few days ago. It has helped a bit but they are still a bit fuzzy.

Hoping to get a LD soon, IWBAD

Hello i wud be a dreamer :wave:

That Dream Journal will definitely help you to improve your recall :smile:
One of the techniques I like doing is lying in the place I wake up in, without moving or opening my eyes. Then I try running the dream backwards from the last point I remember.

Also after you have recalled a few dreams, if you notice something that comes up in your dream often, it can be helpful to try remembering if that was in your dream, I have remembered a few dreams doing that :happy:
I’m sure other members have many other good ideas to help recall :smile:
There is a topic about it here:
the BIG remembering dreams topic part V
Good Luck :cool:

Nice name, ‘i wud be a dreamer’. :content:

This really helps! I do suggest to do that before writing in your DJ, it’ll improve your recall even better! :smile:

I’m not sure this is the right place for the topic but im new here. I’ve been at Lucid Dreaming for about 2 weeks now. I’ve been at the other LD forum, DreamViews, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it. I came here because they are so cruel over there! Well Thanks


Welcome to LD4all, Repo. You’ll love the community here. Enjoy your stay.

I went on Dreamviews once, and some of those guys are stuck up. Not the nicest forum.

Good luck with your Lucid Dreaming. Don’t forget to read the useful LD4all guide at the homepage.

Welcome Repo LD4ALL is a great place with many friendly people and I hope you enjoy it!


Enjoy your stay here. And yes I’ve heard of Dreamviews before.

:welcome: hello Starfox99, i wud be a dreamer and Repo :grouphug:

well you got success eventually :boogie: it can only get better :yay:

i wud be a dreamer, as dragon73 said … keeping a dream journal will really improve your recall. You should consider keeping one in our DJ forum because then you may be more likely to keep it up. Since members reading it and being there to support you, will motivate you.

Repo, I’m glad you found us :boogie:
it is a completely different atmosphere on LD4all. I think it is great that LDers have a choice of two contrasting forums to join :yay:

:wave: Hello Repo :smile:

Welcome to the forum :content: I’ve always found ld4all to be a very friendly community, I don’t think you’ll have that problem here :grin:

I’ve heard of them, I’ve heard some say they are ok and others say they suck but I don’t have an opinion of them my own (I am biased and prefer LD4all anyways :wink:

I hope you find the people here far friendlier :happy: Read the forum and don’t forget to join the LD4all chatroom!

Hello all lucid dreamers :smile: I`m kinda new here. Just was watching movie Good Night and felt really impressed about lucid dreams. So I would like to know more about it and try to do it too because it all seems interesting to me.

Hello ruksis :welcome:

Lucid Dreaming is definitely interesting, there is no limit to what you can do in your dreams :smile: I hope you enjoy your dreams both lucid and otherwise :cool: