@Sealife: Themes and their Symbolisms

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[size=150][color=indigo]Rhythmic Moon: [/color][color=red]Themes and their Symbolisms.[/color][/size]

[color=darkgreen]Author/s: [/color][color=darkblue]Ron Adams (sunwolf)[/color]
[color=darkred]Last Edit: [/color][color=darkblue]Overtone 28 – Yellow Planetary Star[/color]

[color=indigo]Each moon, at the [size=167]Star Foundation[/size], Sea Life and Earth First Dreaming School forums, we run a fun mutual dreaming adventure or research project to learn more about our world, and the evolutionary path before ourselves, and our planet. During the Rhythmic Moon, we’ll be working with dream Themes and their Symbolisms.[/color]

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[size=134][color=darkblue]Themes and their Symbolisms.[/color][/size]

Back during the Cosmic Moon and into this Magnetic Moon various members of Earth First Dreaming School and Sea Life began dreaming a similar theme, dreams of Zhombies. Themes between various people can awaken a hidden language, a message from the symbolism.

[b]I was laying in bed the other night, approaching a hypnogogic state, and I flash on an insight, what if, instead of interpreting dreams with our own theories, concepts, feelings and impressions how it relates to us, instead, what if we reply to a dream another dreamer has posted with a dream of our own with some theme or symbolic connection?

So this project we shall do just that. Anyone post an interesting dream, and we in turn shall post a dream we’ve had or just had with a similar theme or symbol that connects the two. No comments or interpretations necessary, though you may make interesting insights along the way if you wish.

We can let this inspire us towards new dreams, or a deeper understanding of collective dreaming, or an new vision of the archaelogy of our human soul.

I think that this could be interesting, and I think this is what the zhombies were trying to show us. Reminding me of the dream where I am watching Australian television and they announce they caught some zhombies, and Nick was explaining this to us. I take this as a symbol of the Dreamtime, that the Dreamtime creates, not mimics waking life.

Another way to look at it is the Dreamtime creates, not the waking life being re-recorded in our dreams. This whole concept of linear time, mechanical time is apocalyptic, because we are always looking towards the end of time, instead of its creativity. I think in dreams we can tap this 5th and 6th dimensional reality.[/b]