The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 46

lol, kk. Thanks

Hi, I’m Spock… Mr. Spock :om: . I am Also a new member here, of course. Lucid dreaming sounds cool, so I’ll give it a try! :cool:

As soon as I saw your nick turn up as a new member, I thought, "a Star Trek fan :boogie: "

:wave: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

Hello all! I’m The Deadman.
…but for convinience’s sake, just call me Jeff. lol.
I’ve been lurking around here for a little bit, as I got interested in the topic of Lucid Dreaming around a month ago, and my friend suggested this site.

So. Yeah. Hi!
I hope everyone (including myself) enjoys my stay. :grin:

Hi Mr. Spock, TheDeadman and Sevenfold Welcome :wave:

lol Sevenfold, I am listened to Avenged Sevenfold whilst I’m writing this post :tongue: From your sig I guess you are a fan too :cool: I see you also joined Wolfgame too, I hope you enjoy it as much as me :grin:

Good luck and LDs to you all :smile:

hi im new.
im 14 and am from new zealand.
I have always been interested in dreams.
When i was little i used to have frequent dreams about flying and have also had dreams involving teleporting but have never become lucid in any of these.
i found this site purely by chance but was so interested in what was on it that i just couldnt leave! :content:
I hope that one day ill be able to have frequent lucid dreams.
It sounds like fun!

:wave: hello jeff and flamefur27 :content: welcome to LD4all

:eh: oo do we know this friend? has he/she registered here and posted?

I’m sure we will :yay:

:thumbs: good luck flamefur27, I’m sure you will experience your first LD soon … and in the meanwhile it sounds like your normal dreams are fun :boogie:

Hi everyone!

I rediscovered this site when going through some old bookmarks, and decided to join again. I gave lucid dreaming a shot a couple of years ago, but apart from one instance where I got lucid and promptly woke up, it never really worked for me. :bambi: But now I want to give it another go. And hey, even if I don’t succeed immediately, at least I’ll get better dream recall again :smile:

/me thinks we have a discworld fan here :happy:
Welcome back :wave: … if you remember your old user name, you should pm pasQuale so she can deactivate/delete it (no posts will be lost). I hope you advance further with lucid dreaming this time around :content:

Hello fellow dreamers,

Even though i am brand new to this forum, i am a somewhat experienced lucid dreamer. I am 22, but have had lucid dreams since elementary school, it is something that came somewhat natural to me. In my whole life i have probably had a few dozen of them. I didn’t even know it was called lucid dreaming until i was in college, and actually was surprised to hear it was such a rare gift since i did it without learning or even knowing about it.

I generally used the dreams just to have fun. Flying, immense strength, breathing under water, moving through walls, sex, etc etc. But recently i was introduced to this sight, and decided to take a more spiritual approach to lucid dreaming. And communicate more with my subconscious. Last night i met my spirit guide for the first time in a lucid dream, and decided to register with a lucid dreamers forum. To find people to share these experiences with, and perhaps help me better understand them. Also to potentially explore the idea of dream sharing (of which i am still somewhat skeptical).

Sorry for the long first post… and hope to get to know some if not all of you in due time.

and one question… is there a good thread out there for talking about spirit guide experiences?


Hello flamefur27, Atuin and FreqFlyer84 Welcome :wave:

I remember a dream I had where I was using a teleporter :smile: I remember thinking that was an amazing dream at the time, If only I’d know about lucid dreaming then :bored:

Yup, I’ve found dream recall can be fun too and every time it improves it increases your chance of recognising a dream-sign and helping you get lucid :happy:

I know that there is a big topic about Spirit Guides In the beyond Lucid Dreaming Forum :smile:

hi everyone im new here

Hello Jess… I brought you here.

Yey! the ovious is stated

i don’t even know if this is the Right place to put, but hi i’m new. i would really like to start lucid dreaming, but my fear of astrocatalypsy usually gets in front of that. from what i’ve been reading, astrocatalypsy is the “old hag” and is also sleep paralysis. i remember my dreams every night, but am yet to focus on lucidity. HOWS EVERYBODY DOING? [=

Welcome, Tiny! Don’t worry about the “old hag” she isn’t actually all that common…

It’s cool that you remember all your dreams, and I can’t speak for everyone else, but I am fine.

Welcome to this crazy place we call LD4all.

:welcome: hello FreqFlyer84, x-Jess-x and tiny. :happy: welcome to the forum

:grin: asking to be shown things and questioning the DCs in your dream … even asking what different objects represent in your dream to the object :eh: can give interesting results.
There is a spirit guide topic in the beyond dreaming forum; there was also a “meet your spirit guide” quest in lucid adventures which you may like to read Link
you will find a list of all the previous quests with links

There are also topics in there that inform us of the waves projects that used to be done on the SeaLife forum eg @Sealife: Themes and their Symbolisms
Personally I believe that shared dreams are possible but the dreamers need a strong connection between them :content:

:wave: hello Jess … did hebrew kidnap you and drag you here kicking and screaming? :wink:
I hope you enjoy being a LD4all member :happy:

if you don’t use WILD, the chance of experiencing SP/old hag is the same as a normal dreamer :boogie: … so don’t let it put you off the awesome LD experience. And once you know what a LD feels like you will realise that a few moments of SP is a small price to pay for frequent LDs

hey guys, im new :peek:

i’ve first heard of lucid dreams a year ago an tried it out, but it didn’t work. so a week ago a had an half-lucid-dream and so that brought me backt to that theme :smile:
i searched for informations and found “LucidWarp” and this forum. i’m glad that i found it :astral:

Hello x-Jess-x, tiny. and Starfox99 welcome to the forum :ld4all:

I found my interest really increased when I actually had a LD after hearing about them, although I was lucky enough to have had one before knowing what they were too :content:

Good luck to all of you, I hope you enjoy yourselves here :smile:

Hi people! I’m new too!

I first heard about lds about a year ago. Sadly, i don’t normally remember my dreams, so i started a dream journal a few days ago. It has helped a bit but they are still a bit fuzzy.

Hoping to get a LD soon, IWBAD