LD4all Quest 50: The Spirit of Giving IV

LD4all Quest 50: December : The Spirit of Giving
Author: pasQuale

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

The Spirit of Giving IV
It’s that time of year again! This Quest has become an LD4all tradition.
We are nearing Christmas, and one of the Christmas feelings is the spirit of giving. And of receiving too. Therefore, this Quest, you will give another dreamer a present. You can attempt to have a real shared dream, or give it to someone you love IRL or maybe to a dream character you like. The point is to experience giving.

The fun part of this one is ofcourse to team up with another dreamer and try to exchange gifts. But you may also give a present to anyone you like in your dream. The fun part of teaming up with someone is that you also get to receive their gift, to try and find what they left you in another dream. To receive the gift isn’t necessary to complete the Quest, it’s a bonus option.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • become lucid :wink:
  • Give a gift to your buddy or to someone you want to give a gift to.
  • bonus: receive a gift back from your buddy
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

bonus option: (and most fun one :grin:
Select a buddy who you will do this Quest with. You can do this either by PM or a post in the forum, in any case make a post in this topic announcing who your buddy is.

Then, your goal is to give your gift to your buddy, AND to receive your buddy’s gift. You can try do do that in one dream, but you can also use more dreams for it. (You would give the gift in one LD, and then in another LD you will search for the gift that your buddy left you)

It is possible you meet your buddy in a ND and receive a gift, that counts too. But the dream you actually bring the gift should be a LD. (This is a lucid dreaming Quest after all :tongue: )

Your gift should be packaged, so the receiver has to unpack it.
You can chose to give a surprise gift (you don’t know what is in it yourself) or select something you want to give. Be sure to wrap it up.

Giftshopping in your dream world:* Reach out in your pocket/bag and know your gift is inside.

  • Enter a shop and get something you like, have it gift wrapped…
  • Summon or materialize the gift you want to give. Call: “please let the perfect gift for [name] appear”
  • Expect the gift to be there when you turn around. Turn around.

Finding the receiver
note:You should bring the gift personally, so no sending it or giving it to someone else to bring it.* Enter an elevator and press the button with the name of your buddy to get there

  • Stand in front of a door. Know that behind the door you will find your buddy. Open the door and go inside.
  • Summon your buddy. Call out his/her name.
  • Ask someone in your dream to take you to the one you want to give your present to.
  • You could also set up a meeting place, in that case use any of the above methods (or your own method) to travel to the meeting place.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Decide what you will do to find your gift, decide who you will give it to (if you haven’t teamed up with a buddy) Do you already know what you will give or will it be a surprise gift? How will you find the gift receiver?

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Be sure to announce who you have teamed up with in the topic!

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

I really want to try this quest ! :happy: But I need a partner :shy: I’ll try my best to have a LD!

Sounds fun! I’ll partner with anybody who needs one.

This sounds fun. I’m going to try it. Yay for my first lucid quest! :twirl:

I am also going to try it! My partner will be Tosxychor :content:

and good luck girls :grin: and everyone else

I’ll do my best to find a suitable gift for mattias ^^

Good luck ladies! And everyone, have fun :content:

i’ll try it too, anyone want to team up with me?

Sounds great! Anyone want to buddy?

hmm… wht can we do about that… maybe two teams with 2 persons each? not a bad idea, eh?

Arabinator and I are teaming up.

I found a buddy IRL :smile:

Holy cow I was supposed to post my attempts here! :tongue:
I remembered in a LD to do the quest, although I promptly forgot seconds after :shy:

December the 4th
Swimming is fine too - 6:30 - 7:15 AM left-side
Dream about dreams, as my best kind are. :content: I’m at my parents’, it’s early morning, and people are hastedly going by their business in the house. My bro is on the phone with me, making a scholl project about my LD’s, and is asking right now if I lost lucidity because of love torwards the family again. I say, not last time (I don’t really know what I was talking about :lol:), and he gets to erase some lines and write it again for this. My ma says last, my shirt is fine, even if I slept with it :dingy:, and leaves. In the middle time, I was fantasizing (about candyland :confused:), colouring with my pencil over a supermarket ad, rewriting some letters to make it read something dream-related; funnily enough, it already reads “dream” towards the end, and on the back there’s written something like “just visualize where you wanna be next time you go to bed, and you’ll be there in an instant!”. I’m really happy about that, but it feels slightly weird. Nose RC. Fails. Eyes close.
Ohwell, it’s time to experiment.
I still feel the room around me, imagine the table, the chair, and think “When I open my eyes, I’ll still be in the kitchen”. Eyes open. I’m still there! Success! :hurray: I’m terribly joyful, and remember the quest. “Mattias!” I call out, no dice. I make for the exit, it all feels so real, but there’s no real chance I’m to lose lucidity, I’m trained for this. I go downstairs
(I guess some explaining is due, flying makes me lose touch sensations, and I risk losing the dream when I’m distracted) , exit, and it’s quite dark. Why not adjust the brightness, then? I Imagine turning a knob that controls it, and I get the direction wrong, then right, but it gets brighter only by a tiny amount, and is dependent on the hand’s position, so it resets if I try turning it some more. Whatever, the dream can go on. My vision is a little blurry too, but I’m sure it will pass. Slowly, I walk towards the house gate, see two anime-sque girl students go by, in their uniforms. I go the other way, try running vary fast, but I end up floating. (It’s always like this, I really think it would be easier, every time :tongue:.) So I airswim instead. O., who lives near there, calls me form behind to ask if I’ve seen “Calimero” exiting from the house in front; I don’t really know who he’s talking about, and say no; we then start a conversation, even though I’m swimming in the air, but neither one makes a fuss out of it. We discuss about a recent sexy disco they opened there (I don’t know anything, he’s doing all the talking), I see some lighted ads about it in some distance. I’m studying his reactions to me flying side by side to him, but it seems it’s normal as breathing to him. The conversation goes on for a while, abrupt end, it’s all dark. I then (decide to?) wake up. [/spoiler]

Is still remember last year when Zukoca (Lazyastronomer) refused my gift xD

I had to walk across lego pieces… :cry:

He’s totally ungrateful :tongue:

Ah, I didn’t do it with anyone in real life ): But I did it all the same. It was like, I found a little boy and did the thing No Face in ‘Spirited Away’ did- You know, stuck my hands out and candy welled out of them. I didn’t eat him though.

Remembered the quest yesterday, no success though. :razz:
I think I really have a chance to complete my first LD4all Quest. ^^

I’m in! :happy: Me and Namine are partners.

Definitely going to try this. Hopefully tonight :smile:

Change of plans, my partner baled out :cry: Anyone want to partner up??

Ha! Managed just in time :wink:

[spoiler]After defeating a big boss in a large arena, I’m given a little book, “Creation of Kingdoms”, as prize. On the frontpage, in a hilly grass field, with a castle in the background, there is a very bulky king, dressed in armor suit, in a posing stance with his sword. He is dressed pompously (I even saw some purple in there), so his shoulders come out as really big (he’s partly concealed by the red title anyway). I think this would make a great gift for mattias even if I already thought of one before that :tongue:. A companion of mine, a boy dressed like Jean from the “Nadia” anime, but in beige, goes by the exit door, and I follow him. We have to cross several doors on the same wall (so we end up repeatedly back in the giant arena room), and I am amazed as they close by themselves after our passage. I decide to have a little fun, and lay on the ground in front of an open one, and make my feet cross the entrance. As a result, the door closes, I use the push to gain speed and propel me to the other end of the room! After that, I have more fun closing the remaining ones by will. I get back to my companion, he’s looking at a map hanged by the room, which has a 1900 feeling to it, with very old yet cared after furniture. I try to speak to my SC again (he did help me before interpreting a dream I had in the previous phase) and I fall in a similar trance state, yet I get no answer, and I realize the SC is all around me. I look at the book again, and think of the quest, think of waking up, but that’s not happening on my watch for sure, not before I finish this. I rush for the stairs going down, see a door at the end of the single ramp, think “mattiasmattiasmattias…”, and hope it’s not locked, Jean opens it as it has a simple locking system, and I enter the room. More modern and large room, many black folding chairs are arranged in lines, like at a videogame tourney, and many people I know are watching something behind me, maybe a match. In the middle corridor stands a person I don’t recognize immediately, it seems like he’s just arrived, still wearing his beige jacket and black bonnet. “Mattias?”
I am very exited, so it is a quick exchange. we go out of the corridor, he removes his bonnet, has short, messy light brown hair and is very tall, plus has a friendly face. I hand him the book, he smiles wildly. Dream fades,
I wake up.[/spoiler]

I’ll post a more complete report in my DJ soon :wink: plus I hope mattias will manage to do the same tonight or tomorrow. Good luck mattias! And of course everyone else :tongue: There’s still time!

OMG! That was so awesome! (as I’ve already expressed in MSN :tongue: ) Congrats!

Oh man, I have one more day!! Why? WHY!? it’s like the whole test thing, I leave it to study on the last night! :cry: (ok, I don’t really do that with tests, only LD’ing quests aparently… :sad: )