LD4all lucid Quest 56: Double Combo - Take Your Pick!

I will attempt # 28 for sure,:lucid: :write:
and have to decide on which other one.
Maybe #30 too.:read:


Well I completed the first Quest! It´s Q 6 “Unfold your Wings and fly”. I chose it because I just tried once and did not really succeed, just hovered over the ground. :grin:

I got lucid in a veery strange way: In my dream, I decide to teach my sister how to lucid dream. So I explain it to her and then tell her to wait for me when she has started her dream :eh:
Ok and because in my dreams, WILD and shared dreaming seems to be easy :tongue: I just go to sleep and in seconds, the dream starts. At first my vision is like watching a Video on a small sceen, but when I concentrate I get it vivid and detailed. I do a Hand RC for the heck of it and think what to do. I remember the Quest, but don´t remember to get to my dreamworld :cry: instead I remember flying and stopping time. Because I don´t think I stopping the time will work, I decide to finally start REAL flying! My sister is there too (hehe shared dreamcharacter dreaming :content: ) so I say: “lets fly to the surface of the sun and walk around on it!” She agrees and so I take off by flapping my arms :tryfly: It´s not working that good but at least I am in the air! I change to moving like a fish and it works a lot better :twirl:
I look at my sister, she is doing that normal swimming method. After imitating my new tech, she also gains speed and flys more easily.
Now I head in direction of the sun. I think to myself that it may need a lot of time with my actual speed, so I start flying like superman and speed up ALOT :cheer:
The sunlight gets more and more intensive and I can´t look at it direct anymore. So I search for my sunglasses in my backpack… but I can´t find them… :no:
I also look at my left arm for fun and where normally the elbow would be, I have a hole :eek:

This is where my recall ends. Well I did´t got to the sun but I am very happy about my new earned flying ability :fly:

Now I just need to get to my dreamworld for the second Quest! :boogie:

Congrats! Isn’t flying fun?!!!

Connected to a Source of Power last night (a thunderstorm) while transforming into energy for the Transformation Revisited Quest. :woot:
Will write it out when I start my new DJ.

Wow! Cool Wyvern! That’s indeed a major source of power, good thing you didn’t end up fried! I’ve discovered that LDing with a headache is not feasible yet. Hmmm I wonder if you can use the headache as a DS? Somehow it goes into the dream with you, but doesn’t trigger lucidity, doesn’t make sense.

This will be my first attempt at an ld4all quest… as i am a gardener of sorts, i will grow a seed (quest 15: let it grow), and then proceed to eat whatever grows (quest 12: tickle your taste buds). wish me luck :woo:

So… I completed the quest this morning, just as i planned (more or less…). Since i don’t have a DJ, i will write out the dream in this post.

So I find myself outside at my girlfriend’s house. I don’t remember exactly why (although there was a reason), but i do a reality check. After checking my watch 4 or 5 times, i accept the fact that i’m dreaming. The dream is pretty poor at first. so much so that it takes some serious effort to bring the dream back to its full visibility. After maybe 30 seconds of rubbing my hands together and yelling into the sky to increase my lucidity, i’m ready to go. i know exactly what i’m going to do… grow some seeds and eat what grows. So i reach into my pocket and feel for some of trophycase’s own “insta-grow” seeds. i figured that they would be in a seed packet, but instead i feel some pebble-like things in my pocket :hmmm: … good enough for me. i grab 3 or 4 and start popping them into the ground. i look to my left a little bit, and there is a bottle of water on the ground. as i reach for the bottle, i’m extremely scared that i’m going to wake up due to a strange sight phenomena, something i’ve never gotten before. as my vision focusses on the water bottle, my sight begins to spiral :nuu: . If you can imagine your head spinning around on a front-to-back, horizontal axis, then that is what this was like. everything kept turning upside down and then right side up again… it was strange. eventually i get over it and i grab the bottle. i pour it in the general direction of my seeds, and right away, one sprouts. at first it’s a twig, then it gets bigger and grows many branches, and then the branches get leaves :hurray: . This was not a normal tree, however. the tree as a whole was 3-dimensional, but the branches were not. they only had a length and a hight. it was sort of like a paper tree, if you will. anyways, i have to finish my second part of the quest, so i reach up and grab a fist full of leaves (although i was hoping that i would grow a fruit tree… this was something close to a maple tree). With a hand full of orange and semi-green leaves, i shove them all into my mouth. the taste was, for lack of a better term, fowl :yuck: . It was the same taste that you would expect from leaves (it only occured to me after the dream that i could have made maple syrup!).
After this, i jumped over my girlfriend’s tranpoline, but i got to much speed. her trampoline has a fence on the other side of it, so i closed my eyes and waited for the pain of smashing my face into the fence. I feel myself come to a stop (with no pain) and i open my eyes… I’m halfway through the fence :ack: . half of my body is in her neighbor’s yard, and half in hers. I also have a spider web in my mouth for some reason… aparently i jumped through one. I get up and will myself back into her house. her parents are there. I ask her dad if he can see me and he says no. This confused me. my lucidity must have been lowering at this point, because for some reason, i expected this to be my girlfriend’s real life parents, not dream parents. i figured that he would not be able to see or hear me. but apparently i was invisible to her dream dad because he heard me but could not see me… and then i wake up in bed.

I remember thinking to myself while my tree was growing that this was one of my most rewarding LDs. usually i just fly or engage in sexual activity. this quest really gave me something fun and different to play with. so i do feel as though i copmleted the quest, especially since it went just how i was planning (minues the fuit :tongue: ).

P.S. this was really difficult to type since the scroll bar in my text box is still jumping. :confused:

Good luck! This would have been a good one to have succeeded in while doing Wyvern’s 3rd task in the quest!

You can potentially do 3 Quests with the Tasks. There’s the Spread your Wings and Fly one, and the Tickle your Tastebuds Quest which I just found. :tongue:

Thanks to the LC I finished Quest 12 in which I ate grass, dirt, and grapes. No link for you until I finish both quests :tongue:.

I have 5 ones I’ve chosen: 44, 42, 28, 54, and 3. I hope to do all 5, but I only need 2, right?

I have been directing my thoughts to this quest every morning when doing WBTB but no lucid results yet. I’m wondering whether my ego is not really wanting me to “find my inner self”, maybe it feels threatened, hence the problem becoming lucid. I’m also having too hard a time to fall back asleep again when doing WBTB, and when I do it is fitful. I think I need to shorten the time that I’m awake. I’ll keep on trying! :smile:

so…I’ve been thinking and I like 12., 36. and 54.~
and I’ve always wanted to step through a mirror, so the very first quest is also an option

Alright, I’m gonna give it a shot and try to Improve A Skill and try Dream Food. I’m going to try to cook and then eat what I cook so I can do them in one LD.

Hello LD4all community,
Although I am not an active poster, I would very much like to be. I have come back from a very long break (so much so, that I had to reactivate my account!) It has been a while since I have last had a LD, due to stress of school. I am still very optimistic towards this, but I feel I need help to get back into shape. Therefore, I feel that number 28 (go to LD school) is a perfect fit for me. I also feel that I need some sort of guide…Not only in dreams, but in life as well. I feel like I am losing touch with my spiritual side. I am not a dogmatic Christian, but I still feel that I need something entirely subjective to help me spiritually. Therefore, I feel that quest number 3 (find your spirit guide) is a perfect fit. It would be truly comforting to find a guide in dreams and to aid me in rough spots of life.

Apologies for the wall of text :smile:

I did it! I earned my wings!
Did the first part of my combo a while ago, after which it turned out I ended up needing to add a third quest to the combo. Last night I did see my “inner” self, though not in a way I was expecting. And I did learn how to heal in an LD which transferred to real life!
Just a warning, I had an intensely long LD so the post is awfully long! :smile:
KauaiDreamer’sQuest 56 LD log

Congrats! :clap:

and good luck everyone still on their Quest(s), still some time left to earn your wings with this one :smile:

Okey-dokey, I’ll bite.

My combo shalt be: Bringing Something Back from Behind The Mirror and Finding my Personal Symbol

Sockhat in place. Mustache trimmed. I’m going in.

Congratulations! Way cool that your healing in a dream transferred to reality! Great job :happy:

i already have my wings but i fancy doing this anyway. Even though it’s nearly the end of July. Is that ok?
I think i’ll become my animal shape and walk through a mirror to Lucid school. if i remember rightly it was the Lucid school quest when i earnt my wings :content: