Quest 53: march - have fun in an amusement park

[size=150]LD4all Quest 53: march : Have fun in an amusement park![/size]
[color=crimson][size=100]Author: pasQuale[/size][/color]

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[size=150]have fun in an amusement park[/size]
[color=crimson]suggested by: Presence of Light[/color]

I’ll just Quote Presence of Light’s suggestion here, since he sums it up nicely:

So, the object is mainly to have fun and enjoy the ride!

Have fun, and good luck!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid ( :tongue: )
  • visit your dream amusement park. It can be a park you know from real life, or a park you conjure up yourself.
  • Have fun! enjoy the rides - who knows what rides are possible in a LD that aren’t even possible in daily reality!
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

[color=red]Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself. [/color]

[size=150][color=red]I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient[/color][/size]

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

Tips/suggestions to find your amusement park

  • Expect it to be behind you. Turn around.
  • Expect it to be around the next corner. Turn the next corner.
  • Take an elevator there, and press the button marked with the name or your amusement park
  • Teleport there

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique
[color=royalblue](WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc)[/color]:

  • set your mind for this Quest
  • ponder on how your amusement park would look - and if you want to go to a personal dream-created one or one you know in waking physical reality.

Uääää, I think Ill do this Quest :tongue:

Amusement park dreams are fun, doing it in LD is gonna be interesting :cool:

Yeah… Gonna try this.

Sounds fun
Gonna try this one - hoping to have a LD after my “dry times”

Fun idea :content: I’ll have to try this.

I’m going to try this quest. :woo: I already have an idea of where to go in my dream in order to find an amusement park.

I’ll go to my aMEWsment park.

With the 20 mile roller coaster, 20 mile high vertical drop, insane spinning disk, and the log ride. :grin:

And the cannon.

Awesome, this seems like a great quest to start out on.

:bounce: Oh boy, can’t wait to try this.

I’m so gonna try it!!!

Creepy, had the roller coaster feeling in my LD this morning. :razz:

Looks awesome anyway. ^-^

whenever you have LD I don’t lol( of topic I know)

hadn’t seen this quest until GHOSTIE11 pointed it out in reply to my dream, but I dreamt about an amusementpark today :tongue:.

This is a easy one I think.
I really want to get a LD, it was so amazing last time.

i’m going to try this

Nice. I’ve done this before but I was planning on revisiting the place anyway. Should be fun. :cool:

i’ll try this, but it is a fact that when i ride a roller coaster in my dream every single time without exception the car flies off the tracks or i fly out the restraints. kind of funny when you think about it, but not so much in my dreams! haha

I believe I’ve done the quest! :woo:
It’s right in my Dream Journal.

Had a LD and forgot lol

I’ll try some time.

Maybe tonight!