Quest 35: Relax!

LD4all Quest 35 - September - Relax!
Author: pasQuale

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suggested by: Rodrigo

After all the hard work granting DC’s wishes it’s now time to relax. This months Quest is to relax! Find the most relaxing place to be and see how relaxed you can be. As an example: once I swam with a giant octopus and it was so amazingly relaxing, I woke up still feeling incredibly relaxed. So if you feel tensed and overworked, this is the Quest for you.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid ( :tongue: )
  • relax in any way you want
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient


  • Find a relaxing place, like a temple or a hammock
  • Ask the dream outloud: help me to relax, and see what happens
  • Well… just relax :grin:

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • set your mind for this Quest
  • ponder on how you would like to relax, is there a place you want to go to? Or will you do your favourite relaxation exercise from real life in a dream, to see if that will be more relaxing? Think of what you want to do.

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Good luck !


Have fun!

I think I’m going to enjoy this one… :content:

totaly going to do this one however if i do it will be my first GOOD lucid dream :happy:

i already know how im going to relax but not going to tell ya you gota find out youself how to relax :razz:

also suggestion maybe for the next quest you could save a village/town/city/WORLD?!?!? :happy:


Certainly very open ended.

And PasQuale, I didnt manage to improve my quest results, but im still quite proud of having done it atall, as it was my first sucesful WILD =D So if it counts, i feel i completed it.

:ok: OK BlueAndWhite, I’ll give you your wings :smile: congratulations! :woo:

Hmm, relaxing you say. This is way too easy :grin: but if I make a DR of a relaxed dream I will post it, my successes are built by relaxing :tongue:
And thats it :razz:

I think its more like RELAXING inSIDE of the dream, not having a relaxed dream…

I’ll try this one… I need to relax anyway.


Hooray! I finally remembered to do it!! :content: Hang on I’'ll go get the link to my DJ! :tongue:

Here it is!


Last one on the page… :tongue:

congrats! more comments in your DJ :tongue:

Ok, check this out then: … &postorder =asc&highlight= , a dream called: Searching For Peace, after reading that, go to next page for the dream called: Going In Britain.
In THESE I AM relaxing From The Inside :razz:

Even though I hadn’t planned on it, I completed this quest in my LD yesterday. :tongue: … ht=#490376

The relaxation part is near the end of the LD.

Pasq!!, (and other community members),

I recently started to silently participate in the monthly goals. The august month, to make a wish, was the first that I attempted. This was an interesting experience because I have self doubt, and the goal seemed like a challenge to it.

First off, I felt embarrassed to run around my dreams and ask a DC what it may wish, with the belief that I could fulfill its dreams. However, I still tried to focus my mind on achieving the goal. By the end of the month I did not.

Yet, I read many other dream experiences of those that did experience trials and tribulations to work towards the goal of fulfilling the wish of another. ( a most honorable, and benevolent duty. ) I feel as if a part of me has failed.

So, I have tried to relax. One would think that this is an easy task, and I still believe that it is so, yet my mind has failed. It seems as though, every time I concentrate on fulfilling the monthly quest, I end up in a dream that is the exact opposite.

My initial instinct is to ask, “what have I done wrong.”, but I know that none can give me that answer. I suppose, all I am trying to do is ask for help. It would be a revelation for me to consciously relax within my dreams.

:peek: congrats xxx521xxx

don’t despair, and do not give up :smile: And maybe you should aim for an exhausting lucid dream to get you a relaxing one?
Also, if you attempted but failed, it would be interesting to read your dreams :smile: So hope you will want to post them (either here or in your DJ)(Apologies if it’s already there, not a lot of time lately to read)

I think I’ll give this one a try…I could use some relaxation! :content:
I’ll post my dream if I’m successfull!
EDIT: bah, didn’t have a ld last night. Only a very nice dream about “Dark Knight” though, i loooove that movie!!Anyways, I’ll keep trying!

Shouldn’t be to hard. It’s just the getting lucid part that might take awhile. :tongue:

Yah, this is easy, I always keep it cool, but since its so many old trams home to me, its gets harder to relax, but 2 dreams are relaxed. Great Quest :thumbs:

Awesome. The only problem is I might be so relaxed I’ll either wake up or lose lucidity in some way :meh:

Let me see… I think I’ll go to a waterpark tonight :content: or and amusement park. That counts for relaxing. Maybe I’ll have a caramel apple or two!

Yesterday, I jumped off a roof, transformed into my half dragon form (complete with wings and a tail), and flew away into the sunset…It was really relaxing :tongue:

(Thanks moogle for pointing out the quest, I hadn’t been paying attention.)