LD4all Quest #13: Overtone Moon: Explore a Past Life

[size=150]LD4all Quest #13: Overtone Moon: Explore a Past Life[/size]
[color=crimson][size=100]Author: pasQuale[/size][/color]

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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[size=150]Explore a Past Life[/size]
[color=crimson]Suggested by Sandra [/color]

Wether you believe in reincarnation or not, I thought it would be interesting to see if you can uncover past life memories in your lucid dream.
So, in this Quest you are going to travel to a past life of yours.

[size=134]How to travel to a past life:[/size]* summon a guide to take you there.

  • Go to a door. Know that behind that door is your past life. Enter.
  • Go to a painting, this one depicts a scene of a past life. Enter the painting.
  • watch your past life on a big movie screen

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique [color=royalblue](WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc)[/color]:

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Decide what kind of past life you would like to visit. For example: a life where I could paint very well, a life where I knew [a friend from IRL], the life right before this one. It could be that you have something in your character that you don’t understand where it comes from, you could try to find a past life that explains it.

After a successful attempt, please ponder this: (you may answer it in this topic, but you may also keep the answers for youself)
[b]* What feeling did you have after the dream?

  • Did the dream help you understand something about yourself you didnt understand before?

To get in the spirit of things, here is one of my dreams regarding this theme:

And, here are links to discussions on LD4all about reincarnation:
The BIG reincarnation topic
Reincarnation, a possibility?
good luck on your Quest everyone! :dream:

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

:peek: note: overtone moon is from november 15 to december 12

Wow! It seems I got the last one done just in the nick of time!

I’ve already got a feeling about this possibility but never tried.

This could be very interesting to know yourself better, like an alter mind, personality representations, etc etc, still, I don’t recommend pushing it too hard :smile:

Hm, i think i wont be able to reach lifes before my actual one, altrough reincarnation is pretty possible. This is just too far to reach it, maybe contacting with SG would unlock it, if he/she would agree.

It can cause also false past like dreams. I dont think that Bablon existed 56.000 years BC, however dream seems to have LOTS of detals. And Presence of SG.

It’s been quite a while since my last lucid dream! Just to think, I used to have them so often, but I stopped trying for a while. :sigh:

I’ll see what I can do. :cool:

I love this quest! I am Hindu and believe in reincarnation!! My grandfather is very religious and spiritual, and he told me once I have had 13 past lives (Somehow he knew this). I can’t wait to try to go back and see some of them…provided I become lucid :razz:

:cool_laugh: First attempt and I managed it :colgate: :bounce:
I posted the dream over at my DJ and don´t know how to correctly link so… hope that works…


Why does my waking life have to get in the way of my dreaming life?

I like this quest, I think I’ll get some interesting results. But, I can’t seem to have time to do my techniques!!!

It already being it my (rather long) list of dream goals I will attempt this part of them next.

I took a nap earlier today and while I didn’t have a typical dream style dream at one point I suddenly felt an immense pressure in my body, mostly on the left side of my skull, and the feeling of someone beating me over the head with a fist… and someone who I recall as being my father yelling “work harder!” at me while I knew I was working as hard as i could. I had the sense it was from the life directly prior to this one… Feels like a huge energy block was taken out of my body now. Was odd to say the least… No visuals and I was completely aware of the room around me where I fell asleep. It was a lot like a memory more than a dream I guess. :confused: My dreams have been odd to say the least anyway.

I tried completing the quest last night. I don’t know if the person was really a “past life” or not, but it… was interesting.

Alright! After three previous attempts I’ve finally succeeded! Though it was anything but what I expected…

Alright, I half completed this quest. :tongue: Surprisingly, I was having a really nice long LD and then I remembered the past life quest. So I commanded to be taken back in time…All of a sudden, everything was being pulled backwards and I saw one of those giant massive clock spinning backwards- kinda like in the movies. :happy:
Something else happened after that, but I cant remember it…I think I lost lucidity after that point. :sad:

I’m gonna try this quest. Not much help from my DG, though. :sad:

Hmm, do you really believe that you were that bunny in the past?

I had some weird experiences, which makes me very doubtful about this past and future that I saw. No, actually, I’m very certain, it’s not true.

I have kind of completed this quest (yay a first), but I am not sure I qualify, see my DJ for more.

I got as far as: Summon a Guide to take me there.

Yet they shrank and disappeared on me! :sad:
Check my DJ for details:

LD 9: WILD in an FA without noticing I am already in an LD
(Morning of 24/11/06 between 5:00 and 7:00)

I’d like to join this quest, as it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, though I once had such an experience in a ND it would be cool to see if I can do in an LD

Yeah, definately something I’ll try…

If I achieve lucidity tonight, I am hoping to complete this quest in conjunction with the quest to meet my spirit guide.

I might do the elevator technique, y’know? I’ll try. :cheesy:

Wish me luuuuck.

-waddles off to eat some cheese- :cheesy:

I had a very interesting dream that became lucid that was revealing a past life of mine, that was very interesting and mildly comical! But i have become a big believer in past lives; this is why certain people we meet we immediately click with, and why certain people we immediately and intuitively dislike - because we’ve had many lifetimes with these people and have residual feelings for or against them. and just the fact that i view Earth as the school of the universe. its a school for young souls to become elevated to the higher consciousness of the universe and pass on to higher responsibilities within the Universe. So it would seem impossible for souls to learn all their lessons within one lifetime…when we see so many fail all around us too understand the lessons they are delivered. but anyways i could go on for days about that. here’s my dream

So i was with my mother, father, and brother’s best friend. and the 4 of us we’re shown a vision of a past life the 4 of us shared. It was like a movie where someone was a having a premonition or such - the images would come and go really quick, summarizing the events that had taken place! the scenes that flashed were of us as ancient artic bobcat hunters, which was our means of survival and livelihood! how crazy right!? haha my parents got a good kick out of it IRL. So after the vision dissipated, my mother father and myself (brother’s friend disappeared) remained and found ourselves in an icy oasis in the artic. It was understood at that point in the dream that me and my mother were meant to discover why we were placed back here and there was a hint given to me intuitively. which went “the answer lies behind the two balls”. sounded like a weird sexual connotation…but i took it seriously and after a moment discovered its meaning. The balls being pupils, or eyes, “the answer lies within our minds!” i exclaimed outwardly into the dreamy night. I then parachuted down to a lower platform of ice, where the most magical thing happened. When I landed I turned around to look back up to my mother and all of a sudden a voice enveloped the entire dream, a very profound voice, one might relate to the voice of God. but i see it more as the voice of my ‘higher self’. it said to me “You are currently dreaming of a past life, this is a place you and your family liked to come to hunt. Step up to the ledge and see the truth!” Instantly I became lucid, the voice having told me so! And boldly, I stepped up to the icy edge and was overwhelmed with the feeling/sensation that I had actually stood in that exact location once before, many many years/centuries/millenia before!!! it was like a wave of energy that rushed over me, it was intense! like almost made me tear.

I awoke with the most amazing feeling, it was like a self-epiphany! like losing somethin valuable and randomly finding it down the road after you had long forgot about it! I have always revered the wild cats, and been a cat lover my whole life, maybe this is why. hunters, atleast native hunters, always revered their prey and praised and gave thanks, it seems to me my following lifetimes have instilled this admiration and love for the animal, within me :smile: i love it!

love & light dispersed