LD4all Quest 19: Crystal Moon: Enter a videogame

LD4all Quest 19: Crystal Moon: Enter a videogame
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Enter a videogame
suggested by many members

This Quest is rather straightforward, in your lucid dream, enter a video game of your choice and experience how it is inside the game.

Have fun !

Tips to enter* Turn on game and dive into screen

  • Go through a door and expect the gameworld behind it
  • Just call “Take me inside [game]”
  • or any other way that works for you :content:

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

  • Already decide what game you want to enter and how you will do this

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:


If you decide to do this Quest please post here what game you want to enter and how you are planning to do it :smile:

:peek: note: Crystal moon is from 30 may until 26 june :content:


now THIS is my kinda quest!

ahh but which to pick… Zelda is an obvious choice, but Bloody Roar has werewolves…

bah! or maybe starcraft!

nah, that’s not a very good one for a dream. maybe later.

yeah, i’ll prolly go with zelda, God of War…

OOO or maybe Shadow of the Colossus!

Now THAT’S a good idea!! Love that game :smile:

Oblivion, perhaps? Doesn’t seem like that one would be too tough to do…

I was already talking in chat about how i want to be mu WoW character in a dream! :cool:

(And i got a dream, last night, about going to the auction house…but it wasn’t lucid!)

I choose Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a Capcom fighting game for the Sega Dreamcast, based on the manga of the same name.
I love that game so much.

I’ve dreamt Oblivion before - really makes it easy to do magic when you already believe you’re in an RPG.
I think I will go for Dreamfall (The Longest Journey) for this quest. :content:

Alright Q im in why not. I think i will try never winter nights. Thats easy enough i have done that a few times before it would be good to home my skills again

I am so going to try this!

I’ve already bin in Zelda twice (and in some normal dreams too) and in Zero/Fatal Frame/Project Zero in one or two NDs.
So I’m not going to try those…
EDIT: I have bin in Castlewania and Crono Trigger too.

I’m not sure what to try.

I am with you guys! Oblivion is such a great game with beautiful landscapes and is so emerging. Last night, I dreamed of a thief character jumping really high and moving from wall to wall on a castle, then sneaking to avoind guard… pretty sure it was caused by Oblivion :smile: Was ND though…

I already dreamed of been in a Civilization game and Battlefield before, but never Lucidly…

I will give it a try. I have dreamed of games before so I would be able to do this.

Harr! I did this just four nights ago!

This night Q treid to convince me to something usefull with my LD, like doing this Quest. I didn’t want that :tongue:

I choose Zelda, since I dreamt that I’ve been in that game before but never lucid, so that makes it a high chance. :grin:

Yeah?? How was it? I imagine it would be incredible…

I wanted to relive a combat with a colossus. I wistled to call agro and Wanda was still on it. It was impressive to see him real. I asked him what his problem was, as he seemed worried. He did not talk, unfortunately. I jumped on agro and we rode to the arena. I didn’t know how to fight it properly and decided to guide Wanda, moving my fingers as I’d do with a pad. After awhile, I took a look at my hands and could actually see an ultra thin and transparent one.

It got a little fuzzy after that; after the first critical blow, the colossus (which was much smaller than it should have been) fell down and separated into two men who started fighting with each other. They’d do it with very slow, majestic moves as if they were still a colossus. That was pretty bizarre. :eh:

I went into a game that isn’t out yet in an ND…

But i’ll see what I can do about LD gaming. I choose either Devil May Cry or maybe Red Faction. Okay, so I’ve done Final Fantasy X in my LDs before, but those ones contained content not suitable for a family forum!

ha ha, I can probably guess what content that was, HebrewB!

I wanna do Tomb Raider!! Alone, or with Lara Croft? Hmm… Both!! They would both be awesome… and I’ll try to make it suitable for a family forum… alone would be scarier. But it would be cool to ask Lara Croft what it was like living in a world of cubes.

I swear, it did not include Yuna, Lulu, or any of the guys… Or any other female from FFX… Okay so it included Rikku. I DONE IT MANY TIMES BEFORE AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN!

Oh, and I decided. Devil May Cry is my choice of game to enter. I wanna meet Dante, the son of Sparda. I wonder what it would be like to go devil trigger…

Devil May Cry is the coolest game ever. You cannot deny it.

But Tomb Raider would be cool, you have to admit that it would be cool… you’re all alone in a cave and there’s no way to go except forward… and you just need to keep going or else you’ll never get anywhere. And the sound effects will be awesome!! The ambient effects will freak me out.

But Tomb Raider would be so much more awesome when it’s as close to real as it is possible. And the original Tomb Raider, only the original is ambient and has the awesome atmosphere…

EDIT: Doh! There’s no delete post button?! Sorry Q!