LD4all Quest 24: Self-Existing Moon: Make music

LD4all Quest 24: Self-Existing Moon: Make music
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

Make music
This Quest revolves around music, music you make yourself in your LD. You can make music either by singing or playing an instrument. Play an existing instrument, or play an instrument that only exists in your dream. Enjoy the music!

Optional, and if you can, remember any lyrics you sing in your dream or the music you play and share those with us. If you can recreate some of the music you heard in your dream, please do so :happy:
good luck!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings* Once you are lucid, make music, either by singing, or playing an instrument, or maybe you find another way to make music in your dream.

  • Enjoy this!
  • Optional: remember the lyrics / music you played and post lyrics or the melody, or something else to share the music you made.
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

  • Ponder on what you will like to do. Singing, playing an instrument - one you play IRL? one you have never played? try to find a dream instrument and play that?
  • Ask yourself to have a clear memory of the dream, the music, the lyrics, when you wake up

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Have fun, and good luck!


:peek: note: Self-Existing Moon is from 18 october until 14 november :content:

ooh! i can’t wait to try this quest :cool_laugh:

If i have an LD I’m going to try this.

Sweet! I’ll try to remember this quest in the next LD I have. I’ve been wanting to play the piano in an LD again for a while now but I keep forgetting. :tongue:

I would definiately try this. I do already play an instrument (trumpet) and next time I have an LD I will do this. Although in my last LD I did sing …

Hmmm, i did this once in a dream before this quest but it was in a ND and it sounded realy good. will try this in my next LD on a guitar or maybe the piano.

I had LD last night and I remembered the Quest and sing a song with some DCs :woo: but I don´t know which song it was :cry:

I keep it short because of no success:

[color=darkblue]ND Part

I´m in a Train station with some of my friends. We have to hurry because we have to get our train. Then I lost my friends, reached the train not in time and olly saw it depart without me…[/color]
I woke up, didn´t move a muscle and visualize the train again. It was immediately very clear and then after about 20 seconds I was back in the dream lucid! :happy:
I skip to the part where I remembered the Quest…

I´m standing on a field and remember the Quest: Make Music. So the first what came to my mind let one of my favourite bands appear. I said:“When I turn around there will be a stage with “Fettes Brot” on it!” And guess what…nothing :tongue:
Then the train drives behind me so I jumped on it, open a window and get in the wagon (is this a word in english?) In the train were about 20 DCs and said loud and clear:“Lets sing (song title) together!” and we were singing the song!

Shortly after that I woke up or lost lucidity I don´t know. But the bad thing is that I don´t remember which song we sung :grrr:

I often have dreams where I sing with my DCs. They are really good singers! :cool:

So I don´t want wings for that because of no success. But I will try it again!

Make music?

/me dances

Hey, can we just summon music in the dream instead? Like, orchestral music playing from the sky or something? (They make amazing compositions!)

I made the quest. you can find it in my dream journal. [community.ld4all.com/t/the-dreams-of-eloij/26704/9)

congratulations eloij! :yay:

well done canasta too :happy: good luck in your next LD :smile:

wyvern, I’d like you to actively make music yourself instead of listening to music others make in your dream :smile: (Maybe you could summon the orchestral music but then sing along with it yourself? )

Okay, no problem. I’ll play something on the piano then. Then maybe I’ll recreate it and post it here. Well, I’ll try at least.

Gitar 24/10/2007
I’m on a trip with two friends. I promised to work behind the bar there. But I remember that I promised to do my regular work too! My friends think that i should just forget about the barjob. I’m working on the computer. There is a leak. i want to check the shower. I belive that I hear it run. It is just the rain. I almost fall of the stairs. It doesn’t feel real. I want to jump of the stairs but I do a Rc first. I look at my hand. I’m dreaming. I jump. I fall and it feels good. I flowd just above the ground. I fly into the living room. I try to jump real high. It doesn’t work that well but I try again. I go through the sealing. I can see my closet. I see ‘Lego’ and pluche animals. I try to remember that and to check my real closet. It is a new closet. I want to make music. My dad tells me about a gitar upstairs. But I don’t want to go upstairs. I play airgitar. It doesn’t work that good. The my dad starts to play gitar using me as the gitar! The music is getting better. I have the feeling that it is time to wake up.

The music was tenenene pow tenenene pow. :razz: Well I don’t play an instument :wink:

Quest completed:

I am not going to post this in official dream journal format.

I was dreaming, and I had a ukulele in my hands. What else would I do but play it?
I am pretty sure I played F, Fm, Am, A. (I am not musically gifted, don’t make fun of me :content:)

It sounded exactly as it would in waking state, although I am not sure I expected it to be different.

I will try this one… I remember dreaming of being in a band a while ago, but lets see what happens here.

PasQy are these wings a reward with every quest or just this one? I’ve never taken much notice of the quests till now. There’s only 1 day left of this moon is that correct? I shall have to try this tonight. Wait… does it count if I made music IRL? :razz:

Akorah, the Quest Wings are a fairly new thing. The first time they entered the stage was two moons ago, at the same time the new lay-out came. As Q said in the first post the Self-Existing moon is from 18 october until 14 november. So you still have more than two weeks to complete this moon’s quest.

and of course it doesn’t count if you make music IRL :tongue:

aw man i had an ND the other night after my LD and i was in a rock band. i could’ve totally earned my wings if i just did an RC!

Completed Quest - Singing.

SPOILER - Click to view

I was at a highschool, having a very strange dream… it was very dark and there were lots of foreigners everywhere… kind of a nightmare i guess you could say. I became lucid but my lucidity was at a very low level. I wondered into a music class and there were people singing and someone playing the piano. Suddenly it hit me like lightning and I remembered about the quest to make music. My lucidity went up a notch and I joined in with the class. The teacher told me to sing a certain phrase but that for my assignment I was to change the ending, keeping the notes and pitch all the same. The phrase was something like “dangerous loving you” and i changed it to “dangerously cool”. It sounded really nice to sing but that middle part was a very hard note to hit. I then started getting carried away thinking of other words to use and i came up with the word “deep froze” or something… and by saying that word it was giving me more inner power and lucidity… I started forming this glowing blue ball of power between my hands using this word, and then drawing energy into myself from it. The dream takes a different turn from here… read my DJ (link in sig) to see what happens next.

I’ll look forward to the next quest. Now i’m back off to sleep I only had about 5 hours so far… wanted to write that one down while i still remembered and thought it would be a good idea anyway as a WBTB method :wink:
g’nite peeps.

Alright, I’ve sung twice already in LD’s since this quest started, but I didn’t have this quest in mind and I was just randomly singing. LOL, I want to play an instrument for this quest anyway so I don’t think those should count. :tongue:

Congratulations Bones and Akorah :smile: And well done too Ansie! :happy:

Good luck DarkRaven, HebrewB and lorDrr :smile: