Quest 25: Travel through time & meet future/past self

LD4all Quest 25: Overtone Moon: Travel through time and meet your future or past self
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

Travel through time and meet your future or past self
Suggested by: Magnus, painoQus, Josh Redstone
This Quest you will travel through time to visit your future or past Self. You can meet with your past self to give it advice for the future :wink: or visit your future Self to ask for advice. Or talk about anything you want to talk to with your future/past Self.

good luck!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings* Once you are lucid, travel through time to a point in your past or your future

  • find yourself in this time
  • have a conversation with your future/past self
  • another way: just summon future/past Self without traveling through time.
  • optional: try to meet yourSelf in different times. More times in the past/future. Or maybe in a parallel universe? After all, time is an illusion :wink: So let’s see where this adventure will take us :smile:
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Time Travel Tips
To inspire you, here are some ideas, but use that what works for you (and maybe you can post some tips in the topic as well, how you would do it)* Find an elevator and push the button with the desired year/date you want to travel to. When you get out, you will be there.

  • Use a time travel machine/ any time travel device from any movie/SF story/etc that you like
  • Use a stargate
  • Summon your future/past self through a mirror

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

  • Ponder on how you will travel through time.
  • Ponder on your destination. Past/future/parallel universe
  • Ponder on how you will find yourSelf.
  • Ponder on what you want to tell/ask that Self
  • Ask yourself to have a clear memory of the dream once you wake up.

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Have fun, and good luck!


:peek: note: Overtone Moon is from november 15 to december 12 :content:

Nice one :content:

Oooo i really like this quest. I think ill give it a go once i get another LD :grin:
Whose idea was is? :tongue:

yea , really nice , but i ask myself if this will work and im not getting stuck with an annyoing type of person ruining my LD time …:confused:

This could work out now. I’ve finally regained my ability to do anything in a dream, so I should be good to go. And since there’s still a grace period on the other quest, I can tackle that tonight. :slight_smile:

Sounds like fun. I’ll go for it tonight. :happy:

Wow, this is really weird. :unsure: This morning when I woke up at my best friend’s house, (sleepover, oyes, her stupid brother ate all of the cake her mom made, darn him. :tongue: ) I had just completed the last quest that night in my LD, finally. :grin: After I told her about the whole quest thing, I said this; “If you had to pick, would you rather go back to any moment in time in your past, or to a moment in your future?” :eek: LOL It was just a random thing I thought of as soon as I woke up and I’ve been asking people it all day. :lol: No one has yet to give me an answer. :tongue: I changed it to any moment in the past or future later but I haven’t gotten any answers on that either. Weird… :nuu:
Anyway, I may go for this quest too, my dream recall has been really bad lately and this may help. :content:

This quest sounds like a really interesting one. i sure hope i get lucid tonight.
One thing i know i will not use to travel in time is the elevator, they are just too dangerous in my dreams. a door or a portal of some kind sounds like the right thing to use for me…

This is the best quest I have heard yet.
I am going to try this for sure.
I think the future is more interesting to me, I wonder what everybody else will do.

I’ve never tried time travelling… only time freezing, can’t wait to try it!

Another way would be to summon your past/future self by manifesting him/her into your dream from behind you.

ah this sounds like sooooooo much fun. i completed the last quest last night, too bad i was too late! if i knew about this one i would have done it instead. anyways, i feel confident. definantly past self for me, i have had many awesome childhood memories. it would be tight to talk to myself as a little one. i actually have been itching to relive some childhood memories (its on my LD to do list, next to flying and sex), so this should be a fun one. anyways, ill try me some CHILD tonight as i havn’t done that in a while and see what will happen.

must it be you in the sense that “in the future, i will look like this” or can it look like someone else (after all, seeing ME in the future would spoil it. I’m so incredibly amazing now, just think! lulz, but i digress)?

now, when i say someone else, i don’t mean “looks like this one guy i know, but it’s me from the future lulz!”, that wouldnt really work would it? but do you know what i mean?

count me in Q :wink:

Quest Completed: Talked to past self

I can’t remember how it happened, but i became lucid on my street IRL (where i live). i decide to fly a bit (not high this time, i didn’t wanna fall like the last time i went really high). then i remember the quest and decided to try it out. I fly down to one of those carthorses things and there i am, 6 years old! long bangs and everything. i told him about his fate and that he shall continue playing games and not give up in third grade like i did, keep playing video games. also, don’t go to lake forest park montessori for second grade. stay in echo lake till third grade. oh, and do you know about the sex posistion 69? we had a pleasent chat, but i lost lucidity after a couple minutes. still it was pretty fun.

well that was great Q lotsa fun. next time i wanna inherit his body and relive childhood memories (that would be cool). anyway, can i have my wings nao plz?

congratulations LorDrrr! :happy: Cool experience, well done!

You can has wings at the end of the Quest time. ktxbai :wink:

/me wonders how many times she has to tell people that :tongue:

I think I maybe completed the task too… if the task is to travel through time and talk to your past self, with no specific topic or amount of time needed to talk to them then sure I did it alright.

I set my alarm for 6 hours later and then I woke up. I managed to stay awake for about 10 minutes where I was sort of thinking how I could become Lucid. Soon I find myself in my dream outside my very own backyard. I was trying to grasp how real things were - but my Lucidity levels were jumping up and down.

I quickly told myself that I am dreaming - that it was “cool” - and now I must do something!!! I remembered someone asking if anyone ever left Planet earth and so I wanted to do that - then I remembered a recent thought: How the Universe and all its planets could be made up of all “Time” - so it would be a method to traveling forward or back in time.

I decided to try and get out of the planet first - that wasn’t so hard as I thought it would be. I started floating into the sky. I looked down as I quickly floated away… I sort of a panicked for a moment there :tongue:. Then my LD went blank… so I forced my way back in my imagining my starting location of the dream. I’m back in my backyard… I try again only this time with more focus not to “fade out”. I launch myself while looking UP this time, and see all the stars around me. I am going very fast, so fast I can’t see to land on a planet. I quickly find the planet which I felt was right and landed on it.

As I was going through the planet there was a voice-over effect where I was told the history of the planet (very brief history - but it described how it was very much like Earth). I felt like I was in the right place. I landed in a small pond area, with larggeee trees around the area. I then noticed how the trees on one side were different - they were living and were sort of Tree-Monsters. The heads of the trees was a single branch in a leaf shape. It looked like a tree-eel, as one by one they started diving into the pond I was in.

They sunk into the water - I was standing back expecting them to come back up - and there you have it, they did. “BOOM-SPLASH” and they were now an even larger (combined) tree-eel that roared at me for a moment then vanished in the water again. I then decided this was boring so I flew away to a different area.

Now I was inside this building. It looked like a small-average house but the lights were dimmed inside. I found myself going to one room where I saw a little boy. I thought “is that me??”. I started talking to him but he said nonsense-childish things. He was giggling and very happy. I looked at him again and thought “he doesn’t look like me” so I gazed at his face and adjusted his looks - That’s better! Now I have the mini-me standing right next to me. I said a few things, he said a few things (but I can’t remember these things doh).

Ok… that about does it for the lucid dream. There’s more but it goes on after and not for much longer. Anyway, when I first realized the Lucid Dream I had this morning, I told myself “maybe it wasn’t good enough for the quest” - but I feel like I punish myself too much. I definitely spoke with the younger version of myself, I definitely “traveled through time” - in my own way.

Hope I didn’t bore anyone with that long LD post :razz: - you can move this to my Dream Journal but I kind of abandoned that for a while so far.

Hey Neomarine. yeha I’m in agreement with you. Meeting a younger version of yourself, is definitely a kind of travelling through time.

I thought this was a really interesting dream - especially the bit about the creation of the planet. Assuming I read your dream right, I find it interesting that you found your childhood self there on that other planet? Any ideas as to why that might be?

Anyway.Well done!

Hey explora!

I’m happy to find someone interested in my lucid dream. It was a thought I had previous to having the dream that time travel might be sort of “embed” into the universe so basically in my dream that thought came up and, because of it I remembered this task and went for it.

I was attempting at the time to meet my younger self, so because I was expecting it I assume that is why the “younger me” was in the room on that planet. At first it did not look like me (based on memory/pictures) so much, so I changed him. I felt like - maybe I had spawned the wrong body for my younger self or something. Still, I made it look more like myself after a bit of extra effort.

I guess, if you assume my dream was in any way realistic - that the reason my younger self looked different, was because he (the other I) was raised on a different planet. Anyway thanks for taking the interest in my Lucid Dream explora - was I clear in my response? :razz:

Yay! Infinintiy will defenitley help this, hopefully the next quests will be as cool as this one! I have a feeling I’ll get my wings soon,

Pasquale, just a comment, when you put the wings on people it would be cool if you speicfied WHICH ld4all quest they completed. I can’t wait for my first pair of wind :woo:

definately going to try this
need to decide between the future or the past first