LD4all Quest 23 - Electric Moon - Resize yourself

LD4all Quest 23: Electric Moon: Resize yourself
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

Resize yourself
suggested by: iDaniel, Painocus
I did this as a lucid challenge task one, but it’s a Quest now too :grin:
In this Quest you either shrink as small as you can become or grow as large as you can become, or do both.

See if you can become as small as an insect and look at the world through their eyes. Or maybe you can become even smaller, what does the world look like when you are the size of an atom?

Grow, grow as large as you can be, larger than the earth, larger than the universe.

And then shrink again, see if you can play with your dimensions.

good luck!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings* Once you are lucid, shrink or grow tall

  • Experience yourself taller or smaller
  • Optional: do both.
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

  • Ponder on growing taller or smaller, what size do you want to be?
  • Ponder on what you are going to do once you have resized yourself

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Have fun, and good luck!


:peek: note: electric moon is from 20 september until 17 october :content:

Aw man! First the transformation Quest and now this! Man, the two things I do the most in LD’s. (Although I still haven’t completed that last Quest. Darn ADD…)

this quest is made of win and shrink rays

question: does it count to transform into an animal that is very small? Kill two birds with one stone, eh.

When making up this Quest i hadn’t thought of transforming into a small animal.

I’m going to be strict and say no :tongue: The interesting part of this is you becoming bigger or smaller, and not transform into a smaller body, that’s another way of doing it.

If you intent becoming bigger or smaller and you end up in another body, that’s ok, but try not to intentionally transform into something with a big or small body. More fun to be yourself looking in the eye of those bugs instead of being a bug yourself.

Oh yeah! Did it last night. Here’s the snippit from my dream. I write the rest of my dream in the DJ after. It says PG for a reason. :wink:

Shrinking Quest among other things… - September 22, 2007
Lucid Dream
Rated: PG

I became lucid after a ND because of some unrealistic situations. At first I just flew around, then I changed into my male form. I had nothing on my list of things to do really. Sex came to mind of course but then I thought of the Quests on LD4all. The thought of changing into an inanimate object came to mind, but that posed the risk of causing the dream to maybe get unstable and plus, it was last month’s Quest. I decided to shrink instead. The last dream I shrank, I didn’t get as small as I’d like. I wanted to go farther this time. :happy:
So I walked near a chair (because the particular setting I was in had chairs around) and willed myself to get smaller and smaller. I was down to around half an inch. I think this is where I stopped at last time. I went farther and kept going. The metallic legs of the chair seemed to be twice my length in width and the 4 times and then 8 times and then 16 etc… Soon enough I couldn’t even see where the other side of the leg stretched to. It was too long. Strangely enough, I started seeing weird colors around me and weird creatures. I stopped. I think I was small enough. What I was possibly seeing was bacteria and they were huge compared to me. Everywhere I looked, they were around. I started walking away from the chair. Man, it didn’t even look like a chair. It was like a wall. I teleported out of the area and in the process, became my original height in the new location.

/me wants wings

Well done Wyvern! :happy: I’m hoping to have a lucid dream myself soon and complete my first quest :smile:

congratulations wyvern :hurray: well done!
wow, intriguing those colors and weird creatures :eek: I want to try that too :happy:

you’ll get your wings at the end of the Quest :content:

I tried this one but failed.

Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 September 2007

Attempt to shrink
Lucid Dream (autosuggestion)

I’m walking around in my house in the Netherlands when I suddenly think there is something wrong. I look at my hand to do a Reality Check. (I didn’t lose doing that; my habit RC – losing the game is kind of gone :grin:) My hand looks a bit weird in a sense. My fingers are still there as usual, but besides that there is a half-invisible hand with fingers below my hand and somehow they are connected. It is good enough for me to [LD]realize I’m dreaming.

I think of the Quest at LD4all (Resize yourself) and I want to shrink. I just walk and try to imagine myself becoming smaller. It doesn’t really work; maybe I only shrunk a millimetre. I try to think of something that may help me to shrink myself. Maybe it helps if I walk through a door and believe it will help me to shrink. I walk outside using the door, but I still feel the same.

I think that if I drink something, this may help me to shrink. I think of either milk or water, because I know it’s there. It would be a special kind of water/milk. [/LD][com]Unfortunately I can’t remember what happened after this.

It’s been a while that I was lucid and it was good to feel that again. I seem to have problems if I want to change something about myself. I guess that’s also why I wanted to use a tool i.e. drinking something. I don’t remember this dream that well, because I only woke up a long time after it. [/com]

I want to be really small! The size of an atom! or smaller! Or so big that I can play with the planets! I really feel like doing this Quest :smile:

I wrote this on Sealife a while back. This might be useful for some of you.

Hope that was helpful.

I’m thinking of maybe doing the Quest a second time and turning big this time.

I started to reorganize my DJ, so the full details of my dream attempt will be posted in (some uncertain) future, but this is what i tried few nights ago…

When i recalled this quest, i started to suggest myself that i’m shrinking, or transforming. I squat down because it helps me in my try. I have some kind of wall before me, so it helps me to measure am i shrinking, or not, and it seems to me that my attempt has some success. Still when i finally rise up, i’m back to normal size again.
So i didn’t managed to become as small as cat, or even as small as dog, but subjectively speaking, i think i managed somehow to shrink myself.

Still, it’s only a small try. It would be perfect if i could smoothly become small, and then grow myself into giant size. Perhaps another time then :content:

I read it after i posted my attempt. Seems that my experience perfectly followed it: crouching down helped me to get smaller, but i didn’t get up slowly, but pretty fast, and it spoiled everything :tongue:

Size 30/09/07
I’m in a town. I’m pretty big. I slowly realise that it is a dream. I don’t need to RC. I am already doind the Quest. I try to get smaller. It works a little. I can go through doors now. I want to get smaller again but I just crawl on the ground. I want to contact a person from the dutch forum. But I don’t remember his name correct. I call Pablo. Wich is the wrong name but I had heard it in a film earlier.

I finaly did it!

10th october

Was in a ghost town looking for some cheese. As i moved along i noticed a fish swimming throught the ground…

[color=red]I became Lucid and did the nose RC. I suddenly rememberd the Lucid quest , and shrunk to about the size of a spider. I looked around the town as i was small i went under doors and in to old homes.

I then rememberd that i had to go very big. So i grew to the size of a very tall building but then i woke up.[/color]

I think I’ll give this a go.

Wish me luck!

/me wants wings

I’ll try this one tongiht if I can get an LD.

Ive been letting my LDing slip recently. :wink:

Can anyone take part in this?? because i get Lucid all the time – > just a question

Yep, anyone can take part in the Quests. If you get lucid all the time, all the better.

Hey PasQual, I no I didnt sighn up but last night I did a LD induction technique(my very first :content: ) and succesfuly had a LD :cheer: This is what happened:

I was in my bed doing the HILD technique. When I got to the RC part of it I of course found out I was dreaming. I get out of bed. Suddenly I am on a school bus. I fly :fly: around inside it for a while before flying THROUGH the back :eek: . Then I try to teleport to the Crossroads but I end up in my TV room instead :sad: Then I remember the quest and try to make my self realy big,but it doesnt work :sigh: Then I try to make my self small… I get so small that I started walking around for what seemed like a few feet but was probably only like 2 inches :hurray: Then I made my self normal size,said some thing that you guys wouldnt care aboutto my mom and dad who were in the room, then me and my dad began to walk into the kitchen and I woke up.

So thats it! Hope you will count it 'cause this is my first quest that ive tried(and succeded :content: ) and I want my wings :yes: So please respond ASAP :content:

Hey loveluciddreams10 :smile:
:welcome: to LD4all by the way!

You don’t need to sign up to do the Quest, just do it :grin: Like you have done, congratulations! Well done, yes, you will get wings for that. (I give the wings when the new Quest is announced)

Also congratulations Liam_sw! :yay: well done!