LD4all Quest 22: lunar moon: Transforming Quest revisited

Neat. :happy: That settles it. I want to be a hurricane. Changes signature

YESSS! Transformations again!

I’ve been thinking of trying to transform to a place or aria.
But an item would be easier. :tongue:

Can I transform into something that is organic, but have died?
Like a wooden table, or a leather boot?

yup, because wooden tables or leather boots usally aren’t regarded as being alive.

good luck everyone, i’m looking forward to seeing your reports :smile:

The slaugtered cow for the boot is dead, so you cannot be the dead cow. The boot made from the cow is inanimate, so you may be the boot.
I think it is something like this. :content:

Dang, a tree doesn’t count… I did that last night… >>
Ah well. I’ll try again on Sunday. Probably fire.

I’ll try being an atom! Sounds exciting…

I tried this, but didn’t succeed. when i wanted to turn into wind, i woke up :grrr:

I’ll try again though.

(i suck at transformation anyway)

NEW! From now on you can gain a winged star when you have completed a Quest during the time it runs. You can only get one, so you get one for your first Quest you complete and it stays with you forever after :wink:

This is the first Quest on which you can gain the coveted Quest wings!

these: will be displayed above your avatar if you have completed the Quest.

When you have done so, be sure to post in this topic and PM me. Stars will be awarded at the end of each Quest.

Über-woot! I did it!!! :yay:

I transformed into a stone brick (I also accidentally transformed to a being made entierly by pollen, but that doesn’t count).

I’ll write it in my dream journal later (‘later’ could be everything between tomorrow and half a year or so).

write it soon, before this Quest ends, so you can have the Quest wings :hyper: :yay:

congrats! :happy:

Thank you! :aww:
If it is that important I can write it right here (everything for the winged star).
(I’ll promise to write in my LDJ soon anyways. :content: )

Stone-Brick 2 - sep - 2007
I was standing in a big marshy field with ruins of basements laying around, the sky were dark and cloudy.
I had a feeling I had forgotten something and thought “Oh yeah that LD thing”.
The first ting I could think of was to transform into a name-tag, and I tried.
It failed and I tripped into one of the basements.
There I became mist so I could fly up again.
On the top of the basement two school girls was standing, one of them said “You sir smell even more like flowers then me and I myself is a beautifully woman”, and walked away.
I wondered why she had said that and realized I was made of pollen not mist.
Because pollen was alive, I transformed into a rock brick (like the ones in the basement).
Then the surprise that it actually worked made me wake up.

Do I still have to send you a PM? :grin:

Recently I had a dream in which I was walking on the streets of a strange city. After this dream I didn’t wake up, so I couldn’t remember was it lucid dream or false lucid dream, but I remembered about this quest and I transformed into a fire. I was flying as a "fire man :tongue: ", and suddenly I saw the swimming pool. So I started landing and trying to transform into a “water man”. My legs transformed into a water and I landed in this swimming pool. Then I lose my consciousness. But as I said, I couldn’t remember was it LD or FLD, cause I didn’t wake up and had another dream. So I’ll try do this quest one more time in fully lucid LD.

I DID IT I BECAME A VIDEO GAME!!!I wasnt a character in the video game i was the backround and teraiin and stuff.that was by accisdent.I was there and it was blurry so i had an idea to make it clearer.but then i became a video game.i waws like what the heck no wait i am a video game.

In another dream i had a nd but i wanted to become water yea.I was in water and nearly died…But luckily a person pulled me in.I was being sucked out to sea.and i lost all my tokens and quaters that were in my pocket. :cry:

congratulations opolious! :happy:

I succeeded tonight :happy: I became rain. it’s in my DJ here :content:

I shall have to PM myself :grin:

I did this Quest ^^ I became a car

Wall/Car/Chronicles 10/09/07

We are spying on a man. He sees us and tries to follow us. We are hiding in the forest. He is coming near us and we are truing to hide. Then I am in his room. I hear someone coming. I think that it is a friend so I ask who is there? It is the man! He says: nobody because I’m alone here. I try to get away without makiing any sound. The man says: But who was asking that when I was alone? he is looking for me. I’m surpised that I’m not making any sound on the stairs. That is because I’m walking with my hands. It is too easy. I must be dreaming. I fly from the stairs. I want to go through the door without opening in but I remembered the task. I went through the wall. First my hand. It felt like chewing gum. Then the rest of my body. The first didn’t work but when I told myself that it would work if I believed, it worked. It was very bright outside. I saw a nice street with a lot of sunshine, grass and cars. I decided to do the Quest. I treid making myslef a car. First time I just crawled on the ground. The second time I was able to ride. I saw a car with LD4all members (I remember PasQual and Magnus but I haven’t really see them. I just knew they were there.) I wanted to meet the chronicle. I didn’t go the island but I just screamed Chronicles! someone pointed to a direction. I saw someone walking away. I drove to that place and I saw a group of people. I asked them if they were the chronicles. We had to compare shoes. Mine were much bigger and more grey then the rest of the shoes. They were giving away the first foto where you are on. Ours (my boyfriend was suddenly there, I was not so lucid anymore.) wasn’t there.

congrats ansie! wow you did a lot of tasks in one dream :happy:

how did it feel to be a car?

Thanks :smile:
It wasn’t a special feeling. It was just weird to feel how I was driving instead of walking.

Transformation? To a thing that doesn’t live? Ooh, I like this challenge :content:
Shall try this tonight, maybe I will become a cloud :tongue:

Nobody has sent me a PM therefore nobody gets their wings :tongue:

kidding :tongue:

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Congratulations with your wings :happy:

Carlo: since you weren’t sure you completed the Quest, let me know, if you feel you have completed it then you’ll get your wings :content:

The opportunity to get wings by doing this Quest is now over, to earn your wings you have to complete the next Quest :smile:

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well it’s too late to earn my wings, but I was referred to this topic by someone and it seems like I inadvertently completed this quest ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … r=asc&&sta rt=60

:confused:hrugs: thought you might find it interesting nonetheless…