LD4all Quest 23 - Electric Moon - Resize yourself

Thanks pasQuale, so i will get my wings when the next quest is announced?

yup, you’ll get your shiny wings tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, when I post the new Quest :smile:
(still one night left to do this one for all who wants to earn their wings with this Quest :content: )

Do you lose your wings when you fail to do the Quest?
(Or can you achieve more then the wings :razz:)

/me can’t wait for the next Quest :smile:


once you have your wings, they stay with you forever :content:

(unless you want them removed for some reason)

:boogie: Yay i get wings! I hope my lucid streak lasts for a while longer although it is fading.


:twirl: Will I get them on the 18th or something cause the 17the is the last day of the moon.

This Quest is now over.

congratulations Wyvern, Liam_sw and loveluciddreams10 for earning your wings with this one! :hurray:

Gahh, I managed to do this one a few nights ago but forgot to post it.

Any way, It was quite a long dream which Ill probably describe in full in my DJ. But at one point I was in a car driving along a path, there were long lines of bushes at each side of the road but the road looked like a motor way.

I realized I was dreaming, and tried to think of something to do, then I remembered the quest. So I shrunk, easy as that. A DC had appeared in the seat beside me. By this point he was about 10 times the size of me.He picked me up and threw me out the car.

Next thing I know I’m lying on the road, with a toddler standing over me. She tries to eat me, I return to normal size and walk away.

I loose lucidity after this.

well, you dreamt it during the Quest so you Qualify for your wings :content:

congratulations! :yay: