Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved - Part II

lets see…

.flying(ive been having trouble with that one though :sad: )

.telapathy(moving objects with mind.had a funny experience with this one see
bottom of post.)

.controle of time(i think this was in a FLD though)

.oh yeah,and teleporting(see number 2 at bottom)

1)I once became lucid and used telepathy to hit someone over the head with a plastic crate :lol:
2)i once tried to teleport to the crossroads when i was lucid but i appeared in my tv room instead :sad: i ended up completing a quest a little bit after that though :cool:

Oh yeah, I need to post in this topic again. I recently learned how to change the view from 1st person to 3rd person by will and vice versa.
/me adds that to list

I have a bunch of abilities I’ve developed for dreaming, and have had a few that ‘someone’ has come up to me and taught me in the dreams, where I would then be able to use them again at some other point in time.
First was waking myself up, which was where I jumped from the dream back into consciousness. I used to use it when I had nightmares a lot as a child (therefore I believe it developed at about five), but don’t need it any more.
Flying. After flapping my arms enough times in dreams, I found out it was easier to use mental power, but it is still draining. Also, jumping extremely high. (The fun thing with the ‘flying’ is the hovering part, where, at any point in time in any of my dreams, I can hover up to the ceiling. Helps to get over those pesky people in my way.)
These next few came in an order I am not sure of:
Transforming into a demonic self. While I admit that it has a tendency to terrify me while I dream, it also causes me to feel endowed with an unnatural power that I rather enjoy. It hardly ever happens as part of a story, which I enjoy partaking in, but is usually with me in front of a mirror, letting out an extreme amount of anger.
‘Powers’. Like, a ball of orange flames appearing in my hand. Took me until recently (read: last five years) to get it to actually work. Other times there have been black balls of Lord-knows-what or blue of the same kind. I have a tendency to use them more for show than anything else.
Can go invisible at times, although I’m still working on it.
Breathing in water. I don’t consider it much a ‘power’ but it is there, and it is different than reality.
And one of my favorites: telekinesis.
I can see things. Everything. Really close, if it’s not really close, and in amazing detail…

I had gotten something recently, but, alas, I did not write it down and the last week of getting erratic sleep caused me to forget it. Unfortunate, that.

  1. Phasing-
    2.Telekinesis-LD (biggest object was a palm tree)
    6.Flight-LD (w/ unsuccesful landing)
    7.Levitation-LD (while trying to fly)
    8.Morphing-LD (a monster into a woman)
  2. Height Manipulation
    10. Unbreathing-LD
    11.Wind control
    12. Mind control?-LD

I’ve only had one LD but as far as dream “powers” i made a gun appear in my hand and made the simpsons come on the TV. lol

oh yeah,just rememberd one…

once I had the ability to make myself realy small.I did this for a quest(resize yourself quest,if anyone remembers)and I made it :happy: :cool: :content: :happy:,but what stinks is that they said id get my wings but when I post I dont see wings :sad: :cry: anyone know why?

I PMed Q because you were supposed to get them ^^ :sandra:

oh,hehe,now I see the wings.a few days ago they wernt there now they are :eh: :neutral: :confused: oh and I remembered ANOTHER one…

flying through walls.did this once.i suppose if i can fly through walls i can walk through to…

I can

  1. Fly
  2. Have sex (all the time, doesnt make me wake up. thoguh it isnt as fun as the real life sex, or I would think. im a virgie)
  3. Make fire/lightning balls
  4. Make people give me blowjobs :wink:

Ripping veins from people’s bodies is fun.

I guess that’s just a form of telekinesis. :content:

once i grew an extra foot but i woke up .5 sec after i acheaved it
all i could tell was that the foot was webbed :crazy:

This one i find interesting, do you actually start pulling incredible moves? or do you just become more flexible, stronger, confident and do the moves that you can imagine? (for example you imagine being able to do a move i dont know the name of where you side kick an enemies head then swipe back the foot the other way knocking them to the ground.

…Oh right powers… hmmm, just telekinesis, pyrokinesis, time manipulation (for some reason in a ND i had a sword that when i swung it would slow down time) and universal construction (my fancy name for summoning)

My list

  1. Creating Fire
  2. Creating Water
  3. Creating DC
  4. Flying
  5. Going trough walls. (Well, roof actually)
  6. Super strength

Those are some I remember really well.

Woohoo, lets add a new one to the list, the use of Stargate ring platforms.

Still, a loooot of kinks to work out of the system as i didnt summon what i wanted, but on the bright side summoning things with rings (yes the accompanying cool sound also played as they whooshed down) is so much cooler than just summoning them from nothing, because as we know those things and anything else made from Naquada are awesome.

all i’ve done is

  1. controlled my pet ebil black panther
  2. changed the scenery to suit my needs
  3. planned attacks and taken over countries
  4. going invisible
    and thats all :cool:

My powers are
1 Flying
2 Teleporting
3 Changing things (for expample clothes)
4 Morphing
5 Moving with time
6 Create new thing

When I need to have things within a scenario I can generally produce them. I can fly. I can dance in a ballroom styley. (Don’t ask :eek: ) I can beat the living crap out of anyone I need to. I can resize things and I know how to ride a Motorbike. I can also change round the rooms in a house if I don’t like the layout.

The last one gets the most frequent usage. :happy:

Another power i learned only just last night was to be able to move extremely quickly. There was a group of people called Blinks that fought by attacking at incredible speeds. They unintentionally taught me how to move quickly :content:

I know that in lucid dreams you can do pretty much anything, and one of my favorite things to do in lucid dreams is to have powers. Some I’ve used are to confuse people, transform me or others, and of course flying :smile: . I want to know some of the powers that you guys do in your lucid dreams, and if you have any suggestions that would be fun. Thanks.
The Luciddator

Being god…

But seriously throwing fireballs, jumping through walls, being in wars, teleporting…You can do whatever you want, its so fun lol :content:

i like weilding a blade that only works for me. having magic such as blizzard, thunder, fire, using them all to win a war greater than life. so much greater that it meens pure peace is waiting after it.

anyway, cool topic