Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved - Part II

Here is part I :boogie:

hmmm my LD powers.
1.Flying by thinking about it…or growing wings if i want.
3.Easily create/change entire enviroments…generally tend to make things from my book or books I’ve read.
4.Make objects (Kind of on and off for some reason…works about 70% of the time)
5.Super powers, though I prefer keeping many of my dreams as real as possible (or just stick to stuff like being able to use magic and yadda)
6. Making DC’s dissappear or be relocated …generally when they are annoying or just when I feel like makeing my own scenic views to enjoy by myself.

Wish I could have more LD’s though…

Hehe last night I accidently swallowed my tongue in my dream. And instead of trying to spit it out I kept going and proceeded to consume myself. Not sure if its a dream power but its definitely fun.

I can finally conjure up DCs with full-fledged personalities… It’s almost like they’re REAL people :happy:

I forgot to mention something…

sometimes I have abilities like that of kung fu masters… i dont know how it happens but I am able to fight like a kung fu master as if i’ve been training my entire life. I remember fighting like Neo in The Matrix… I’ve also had dreams where I am Neo and I slow down time, stop bullets, and fight like I know every move there is. It’s amazing what the subconscious can do.

I can…:

  1. Stop and Start time (or at least motion)
  2. Fly (finally!)
  3. Morph myself
  4. Make other DC’s fly
  5. “Walk” from one location to another in a split second
  6. Wake myself up (though I guess this really doesn’t count too much)

I’m reading some of this other stuff that others can do and it’s just amazing though. :smile:

hey in LDs if you imagine yourself doing something (e.g. flying), could you do it, like effortlessly?

Well mine is not extraordinary:

  1. Flying (floating or very fast)
  2. Going through tv-, mirrors-, doors-, standing still and teleport to another location
  3. Telekinesis, smashing big holes in walls with my hand
  4. Running up walls like spiderman / jumping down from tall buildings
  5. Making people appear / controlling people
  6. Having sex :wink: (1 time without waking up)
  7. Spinning around very fast

probably more, can’t recall anymore now :wink:

I forgot to write this but it’s something I learnt recently.

Running super super fast until I teleport! :happy:

I haven’t got the chance to use it again but it was really cool.

hey that’s a cool one!

we should make a list of all the powers we can use/try in lucid dreams.

I made a Objection! for that one :razz:

Ah! That was funny!

But I mean, a list to help people get creative with their powers. I would have never thought of running super fast!

I haven’t tested any of this stuff to it’s fullest, but I did it pretty good…

2.Levitating stuff
3.changing objects
4.add objects

omg, my speakers were up loud and that objection scared the sh*t out of me :tongue: “OBJECTION!”

I finally got wall crawling down, i did it successfully last night :smile:

so uh, thats something

I’m not very creative in my lucid dreams and i normally do always the same stuff :sad: but some powers i used are quite cool

-go through walls, mirrors, whatever
-one of the funniest things i did: i took a brick out of a wall to scare a friend of me
-create rooms in my head before i enter the room and then they look the way i have imagined them

Let’s see what I can from memory:

-fly (don’t succeed always)
-transform into animals or the wind (once)
-when I want to have something I reach out with my right hand and an invisible force “sucks” it to my hand. (been doing that since i was little, and always disappointed i can’t do it IRL :tongue: (not quite sure if this is a LD power, i think I do this mostly in FLD’s / ND’s )

  • control DC’s
  • run very fast
  • ‘linejump’ (sort of ultrafast way of teleporting)
  • step through windows/mirrors/walls
  • make things grow (flowers/plants)

I have to say that over the years my attitude in LD’s has changed from trying to control, and ‘owning’ the dream into more of a respectful attitude towards everything around me, and if i’d like something I rather ask for it instead of wanting or demanding it.

that is so crazy, thats something i’ve been doing for the past coupla years too :smile: if i see my schoolbag or something i call it to me. One extra thing i do though, is even if i don’t see the object, or im aware that the object is far away, i put my hand out and call the object to me. one time i was at school, and i managed to call my wallet all the way from home, it got there in about 2 seconds :content:

Almost on-topic:

After 10 hours of Skeleton bashing on God of War 2, it was time for us to go to sleep. It was also about 5 AM :eek: . So we go to sleep. A little later my friend’s mom wakes us up for god knows why, and turns on the light. She forgets to turn it off. In a state of delusion due to lack of sleep, imagines having Athena’s blades (swords with magic chains so you can throw them and latch onto things), throwing them and latching onto the light switch, and actually yanking it down :razz:

I can fly. But that’s all I really got to do in my LD so far.

I wish I had time to do more things. I really would like to get prolonging down. Feels like I am still preparing for a time to really get into doing stuff in LDs. Get better at flying. Actually getting to places when I walk through mirrors.
Having a drought.

good luck krakatoa!

I really want to go out with someone in a lucid dream. Could help get over shyness. Besides it’d be good. and also, interview someone I know in a dream and interview the same person in real life, see if they give the same answers.

But for my first couple I’m gonna fly around alot. Become a master flyer!! That would be cool.