Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved

I’m most adept at flying, growing wings, walking through walls, sinking through floors, and just like Inquisitor Bob I’ve been able to do these summons of grand mythical creatures and making them attack stuff. (Yes, definitely too much Final Fantasy!) (If there is such a thing.)

Heh, I recall that after playing FF7 quite intensely I actually fought battles in my dreams (actually had a HP and MP bar floating next to me ^^).
It’s kind of frustrating though to have to select your attack in a menu instead of directly attacking with the body, my menu got stuck and I got killed by that stupid scorpion robot from the beginning XD.

X-ray vision
Walking through closed doors
Repairing broken glass
Running fast (Not superfast, but like 30-40MPH fast)

omg you guys are making me uber jealous… I can’t even stay in a LD yet… AHHHHHH

i’ve done it all, you name it i’ve done it

passing through solid objects
flying at light speed
running at light speed
changing dream scenary
shooting ki balls of energy
the list goes on…

my fav. time was when i had 100% control, it was like being filled with 100% confidence in your abilities and having full control over your subconscious. I remember a car coming towards me very fast so i put my hand out and stopped it using my pinky finger, then i made the guy driving burst into flames and then i put him out by creating a gust of wind. It was absolutely incredible experiencing full control like this :happy:


hehe well i could offer some advice

firstly, try to overcome and remove any thoughts of limitations and expectations - you need to believe you can do it and keep trying different approaches for each one until you acheive the desired effect. So I guess the first lesson is to never give up and dont move onto trying a new power until you have accomplished the first one your trying.

for example, if your trying to fly there are many ways you can try to fly, you can swim in the air, or visualise the ground moving away from you, you can imagine throwing an invisible rope up towards the clouds and using it to pull yourself up, you can imagine an invisible rocket pack, or a gust of wind to blow you up high in the sky, etc, etc.

some times the powers come from within, sometimes from the mind, and sometimes from your visualisation and imagination - using your eyesight to change appearance of things.

fear and death are usually evaded in lucid dreaming, you need to overcome these and not worry about them at all. Once you have accomplished this you wont be afraid of jumping from a high building or running up to a wall trying to pass through it.

There are many techniques you can use for each type of power, you just got to think of all the different ways you can use to test the power.

… thats like the advise you get from the uber guy in an action / kung fu movie… except it actually applys to real life (or rather, not-so-real life). Awesome, thanks :thumbs:

I have LD’s naturally.
Is this normal?

Yes :yes:
Some people are natural LDers.

My powers so far:
Flying on a thought alone
breathing underwater
making and controlling fireballs (one of my favorites :razz:)

My problem right now is shapeshifting: I can change my appearance, but my body still feels in a humanoid shape. One of the main reasons I started LDing was so I could experince different body shapes.

That’s what I want to achieve as well :content:

Powers I can do so far:
Flying by thought alone, as fast as I want
commanding DC’s
Passing through windows without breaking them
smashing my hand through a wall
conjuring up items and DC’s

Hmmm… Polymorphism, Flight, Stamina beyond that of a normal human, Teleportation and mind control. I believe thats it.

  1. Flying. Just because it has to be on here. :razz: I love that experience.
  2. I don’t know what you would call it, but I often entertain myself by turning rude DC’s into styrofoam figures. I do this by placing my hand on them, and just willing it to happen. They get stiff as a board, and then because they’re so light, you can chuck 'em around like no tomorrow! :happy:
  3. Going down through the earth. I like to dig down and explore deep in the earth, by summoning a drill, or just warping myself there by walking through a door or going through a mirror, and expecting to come out in my desired destination.
  4. I like transforming into under-water creatures. It’s really fun to feel yourself actually take on a different shape, and getting to swim around under-water is nice too. :colgate:

I might come back and add more later. ^^

I tried to do that once. Nothing happened…

Belive it or not, i cannot fly yet, but my magic(like fireballs and stuff) and telekinetics is beond belife good. I even made my own spell, which is also telekinetic, it just makeing someone get cut up into tiny peices. oh telekinetics are so powerful…once I’ve even grabed the moon, which was VERY hard to do, but when it came to me, I woke up because of the shock of it landing on me :eek:

in dreams, i used to flip out because i would forget something at home and spend a lot of dream time trying to find certain objects. Now i just call objects to come to my hand that is usually extended behind me. they always come lucid or not. this is usually to the amazement of peeps around me, and it makes me feel much better that i can save time. eg. im at school last night and i realise that i don’t have my wallet. i just put my hand behind me and willed the wallet to fly from all the way home to me. in 1 second i felt it in my hand. :cool:

Something I forgot to mention in my last post is teleportation. I personally like to close my eyes, imagine the scene, and when I open them again, I’m there. If that fails though, opening a door or going through a mirror while thinking that on the other side is where you want to be will usually work.

For now, not much, but here is the list anyway:

  • Flying, Floating etc
  • DC Casting
  • Building (objects)
  • Morphing/Transforming (objects, not self)
  • Phasing through walls.

Next part can be found here :content: