Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved

moved from fruits to quest … since fruits is for things you have brought from LDs into Real Life :moogle:
Title changed. Was: Dream Powers you have achieved. But it was about LD’s indeed.

There are many threads about things you want to try in a lucid. But I am interested in ‘fruits of lucidity’ - what new things can you do in a lucid dream?

I have read in several books about dreaming that its important to acknowledge and reinforce success.

So far my LD powers are:
breathing underwater
DC slaves (make them obey orders)
DC vanish (make DCs disappear)
DC fashion (changed colour of their clothes)

edit Sept 20
Monster vanish and nightmare vanish :smile:
DC appear
DC multiply

edit Sept 25
fly through glass window (without breaking it or opening window)

edit Nov 11
manifest object (thought this would be easy, but it took me a long time to remember task and to complete it) :smile:

edit Feb 2007
go through mirror
manifest castle

wow, making dcs disappear and change their clothing thats really impressive :smile:

okay, im proud of this

fly properly ( for years it was this lazy slow, several inches off the ground type of flight :tongue: )

really getting better at making DCs appear

time control thats awesome :cool:

There’s quite a few things I’ve learnt since I came here.

  1. Fly properly without using the swimming technique or wings
  2. Being able to drop from a really high place and not wake up.
  3. Keep my dream going for a long time
  4. Change into anything I want.
  5. Make DC’s appear

The only power I need to work on now is teleporting without the use of a door.

Just lucid dreams? Okay, I’ll try and remember…

Phasing through walls
Re-arranging blueberries into artistic pyramids. :tongue:
Broomstick riding
Breathing underwater
Making random people appear out of nowhere

Lol, I think that’s it.

Edit: I forgot - reversing gravity. Although it was more like righting gravity, because I’d been crawling around upside-down previously.

As far as flying goes, I wouldn’t count that as a power that I’ve achieved, since I’ve always been able to do that. I suppose the only power that I can think of other than that is the ability to make small objects appear at will. If I suddenly remember any others, I’ll post them later.

flying (4 different ways)
walking on water
really fast running

That’s all the big stuff I’ve done.

oh, wait, also growing really giant! that was sweet.

Oh, this sounds fun :happy:

Lemme see :uh:

  1. Flying came pretty natural–pretty much innate–like a default power for me when I started out :content: So, like BB, I dunno if I could consider this a power I’ve achieved since I’ve always been able to do it :wink: When running fails, just fly–I just kinda leave the ground without even giving it a second thought–easy as cake :content:
  2. Teleportation is like my trademark power in dreams–Nightcrawler ‘bamf!’ style :lol: It’s still a fairly new power to me, but I use it almost all the time–at first I couldn’t control where I’d teleport to, so when I tried teleporting from something I’d only end up a few feet away or in an even worse position than before, or right where I started :confused: Now I can control where I go over short ‘line-of-sight’ distances and do some really trippy things with it like stay in limbo to have this pseudo-invisibility–but the effects are disconcerting to say the least :bored:
  3. Pyrokinesis is one of my newest abilities I’ve achieved–I’ve used it so little, but I can do really cool things like blast MASSIVE fireballs and conjure up super-hot firewalls to stop quick-things like bullets :grin: Still…I don’t use it that much…I dunno, it just doesn’t seem as fun–maybe 'cause it’s easier than the other powers :neutral:
  4. Super-speed is cool, and I used it I think once or twice :uh: I remember my recent dream where I used it to outrun machine-gun bullets while I was going backwards–it’s cool :cool: but there’s really no use for it–at least for me :eh:
  5. Hypnotism over DCs was something I tried when I first started out LDing, and I found that it really caused my LDs to fade rapidly or for me to just be jerked out of the dream completely–I haven’t completely mastered it yet, but my LDs only fade slowly now instead of rapidly when I use it–I’m :eh: still working it :neutral:
  6. Super-strength and invulnerability is another innate thing, so…probably shouldn’t even mention it–though, extreme situations would jerk me out of my LDs like falling from extreme heights…or getting my butt handed to me by Bruce Lee with Nunchukkas :eek: It’s now a 50-50 situation–either I can hold the dream…or Bruce Lee kicks me to waking life :tongue:
  7. Invisibility–yeah…I don’t really even use it, but it’s a pretty easy power that I learned in a school-dream. I can do some advanced things with it like only make myself visible to certain people :razz:
  8. Super-human reflexes and agility is pretty self-explanatory
  9. Alchemy is one of my favorites, but I don’t use it as much as I’d want to, but I did transmute an entire train into water :happy:
  10. Ya know…I’ve listed a lot already :neutral: I’ll come back and post later :content:

-Phasing through walls
-Walking anywhere (walls, ceilings, etc.)
-Making things/people appear

Umm… in this order:

  1. willing walls out of existence
  2. proper flying
  3. intentionally changing number of digits on hand
  4. finding objects in my pocket

Maybe if I have LDs more frequently I can do more cool stuff. (please, gods of LD?)

Well, for now just:

  • Flying
  • Acrobatics

Hehe :razz: After all, I’ve only had one lucid dream.

From my one and only lucid dream which was some time ago:

-Flying (superman style)
-Flying in a jet fighter-plane (i guess you could call it an LD power because i knew all the controls and the plane didn’t crash :tongue: )

Hmm my specialty is DC’s…

-Changing DC into who I want
-Making them appear
-Making DC dissapear

-I created wings on my back once ^^

Not much of an accomplishment, but hey, I’ve only had a few LD’s in my lifetime :cool:

I’ve only had 2 LDs :sad: but I’ve done some cool stuff!!
(flying is my favorite)

1.Flying (10 ways)
flaping hands, swimming in the air, turning into a bird,
growing wings like an angel (my favorite), on a plane, on a unicorn,
like superman, floating, on a broomstick, with a hot-air balloon.
(there might be more, i cant remember right now!!)
2.teleporting properly
4.turning into an animal
5.time control
6.talking to animals
7.breathing underwater

Oh, and i seem to have an amazing talent at false
awakenings!! (stupid things…)

In the few LDs I’ve had so far I can only remember using two “powers”:

  • flying (swimming style)
  • climbing up a straight wall by popping suction pads out of my hands

I’m hoping for more LDs though. Flying with wings is something I definitely want to do. I tried once but failed to grow them.

I usually don’t interfere with a dream unless I am unhappy with it but some abilitys that I use frequently are:

  1. Vaporizing DC’s --pretty self explanitory, Poof they turn to dust (very handy for those rude DCs).
  2. Flight/super-speed --when I fly I can adjust the speed but I like to go incredibly fast when I travel.
  3. Gravity defying acrobatics --think ‘crouching tiger hidden dragon’ wirework (in my last dream I was fighting someone and I jumped about 15 ft. and landed on a single fencepost).
  4. Color warping --I have learned to make all the colors in my dream glow like neon (happened by accident in my first LD).
  5. Time freeze --obviously comes in handy.
  6. Object creation --tricky but I can make objects appear if I concentrate very hard, the easiest things to create are handheld objects, like a ball or weapons.
  7. Wake up --Probably the coolest ability, it helps me escape the most intense nightmares that I can’t control. All I have to do is squeeze my eyes shut as hard as I can in the dreamworld and I ‘feel’ my real eyes clenching, then I just open them.

When it comes to the last ability that I mentioned, I have to say that there is no weirder feeling than that experienced when you feel your real eyes clenching. My dreamself feels so tiny and usually I can feel my real eyelids in the sky (a difficult concept to grasp, but it seems like the dream is inside of my body), when I open my real eyes I am temporarily blinded for a second or two until the dream ends.

This led to one of the most bizzare experiences I’ve ever had…I was dreaming and I had a nightmare so I just decided to open my eyes but after I opened them I was still dreaming! I could lift my arm and feel my fingers but I was still asleep. My body then did this crazy spasm and I “jumped” probably half a foot off the matress, waking me up… Weird huh?

  1. flying (even in space above the Earth)
  2. teleporting
  3. riding a pegasus (tonight! :happy: ) I had to fight it and it became my friend. And I remember its name. :smile:
  4. turning into an animal, a monster or another people (a raven, a wolf, a wild goose, a girl, a baby, a skeksis from Dark Crystal, the Death)
  5. telekinesis (with sometimes big objects, like… errr… humans :gni: )
  6. magic (casting spells for making people fly, sending fireballs, laser beams, switching magical lights on by snapping fingers, petrifying monsters)
  7. making things appear, invoking people
  8. transforming a DC into another DC
  9. breathing under water
  10. walking through walls
  11. climbing walls like Spiderman
  12. being invisible
  13. talking with animals
  14. finding a previous dream place again
  15. being a super kung-fu master
  16. reversing gravity
  17. and of course slight modifications like reality checks (stretching fingers)

well all i can do so far is: very well
2.telekinesis with almost any object
3.super strength (punching through walls ect.)
4.super speed
5.time control
6.DC control
7.make anything apear
thats about it…

Ooooh, fun topic…

Flying properly, (it took me a long time to master this, for the longest time I had to do that lame swim thing,)
Waterbending,(ok, hydrokinesis,) I use it ALL the time…
Pyrokinesis, (I don’t use it very much because it’s hard to control,)
Telekinesis, (I have to practise this one constantly or else it’s hard to keep control of it,)
Making things appear out of nowhere,
Changing the clothes of myself and others,
Changing my appearance, (it can be as simple as changing my eye or hair color or turning myself into a cartoon.)
Color changing,
Ghost powers, (invisibility, phasing though walls, stuff like that,)
Wake up at will, (I didn’t know this was a power but I can do it whenever I want, I don’t really use it though because I kind of like frightening dreams, they’re exciting, I’d rather stay and battle it out,)
I know I’ve done more then this but it’s all I can think of right now… :cool_laugh:

  1. fly properly
  2. turn into animals - eagle- and make sounds like eagle
  3. teleport
  4. magic - telekinesis, making and throwing fireballs, remote riping of bad DC heads
  5. turning DC into something else
  6. high speed moving
  7. acrobatics and fighting with strange weapons, martial arts-
  8. time travel
  9. passing through walls
  10. change from LD to OBE

I’ve only had 5 short lucid dreams so far, but in them I’ve been able to:

Walk through windows
Jump really high
Turn a monster into a dog
Kind of walk on water - I only just made it to the other side, pretty wet.