Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved - Part II

I have always had lucid dreams…started as a child to control nightmares…
I do not fly any more. I used to
My lucid dreams are more like going through huge haunted homes and actually looking through drawers…reading…and being in total awe over the detail! I have been able to have the extact same dream as my mother once (same night) that was weird. My clue to trigger my lucid dreams are when I realize I can’t find my shoes…then I know I am dreaming and take control
many times I can control ghosts to scare people in my dreams…but usually I snoop. I have to wonder if I am returning to a past life with these old victorian homes and usually I am looking for clues. I also have taught myself to remember addresses in my dreams to try to prove to my waking self these are real places (but I cannot prove this???)
any ideals why I dream about old haunted homes?
once it was an antique shop too… at times I stroll through old villages much like the ones in Harry Potter
I am not a teen into Harry potter either… I am 40 years old and can almost plan my lucid dreams. Like I said…I thought everyone dreamt like this

After you have a few or thousand LD you will be able to actually think in the dreams and do what you want. I completely control my dreams… like if I dream about a house I can think hmmmm… I want to walk over to the living room and look through a desk to see what is in it…on to see a clock on the wall and take it down to look at it closer

I’ve only had 3 LDs, and I have been able to do anything I wanted to do. Probably because I have the realization that, since the dream is mine, my brain creates it, and I control my brain, I can do anything, and I expect it to work. I will have to try some of things people mentioned on here though, here’s what I’ve done:

Manifest Objects
Force (I used the force to open a door as a flew out the room)
Fireballs (Plural, because I took out 50 guys each with their own personal fireball lol)

Want to try:

Changing (enlarging) different parts of the body
summonig fire on my hand (it looks very weak and transperant tough )
yep thats all I’ve done :sad:

Fly… That’s it so far

Wow, I can’t even fly…I can only control vehicles in the immediate vicinity. (e.g. made a 747-400 smash into an airport terminal because someone I particularly do not enjoy the company of was inside)

Well, lessee i could fly right off the bat. First thing i tried when i started achieving lucidity. One of the most liberating sensations in my life was when i first soared to the sky. I dreamed(wished) of doing that for years :smile:

What else? I have this sort of natural telekinesis, even in my low lucids or NDs i manipulate objects around me without much thought. This has encouraged me to try TK in real life. I’ll keep you guys posted if i achieve anything :razz:.

I’ve been able to perform massive manipulation of my environ, like transform its structure almost totally(although this is more instinctive than anything else). It’s not that big of a deal actually, most LDs are our own private little world, realise that and you can do anything. I haven’t tried to mess around with DCs, just seemed… immoral somehow. But i’ll try summoning some next time i Dream :razz:

What i want to do is control my lucid state a bit more. I have difficulty remaining lucid some times, and false awakenings trick me.

!hey wanna say my achievments in my Ld!!! hihihi :

There is the list (won’t say the dirty one!!) :

-Fly (normal)
-pic nic!
-Make a party on a roof of a sky scraper with food, music, swimming pool and all my buddy!!
-Being a super heroe!
-Create a perfume that makes all the guys looking after me :wink:
-kill mean people (really really really mean only!)
-try kind of close to see it the style fits me
-Being a actress in hollywood and create artificial effect!
-practicing my english with english DC (didn’t work, they were speaking a mix betwin my native language french and english!!)

Aaaaand…(dun, dun, dun,) a new updated list! I always forget stuff when I do this so I just quoted myself and am going to go from there;

Making a piano play random music for me, watching and listening to it, and then playing it in real life. (Not sure if it’s considered a power, just an awesome thing I can do, :grin: )
Purple lazerbeam things, laughs
Some sort of blue colored power, I’m not sure what it’s “made” of but it kills whatever it touches so I don’t like using it, (it came in handy for fighting these giant bees that were after me though,) :mirror:
Complete mastery of Spiderman’s powers,
Nuclear powers like Ted from “Heroes”, (I freakin’ LOVE that show,)
Healing of myself and others, (which is awesome for me because then I can get hurt all I want by fighting and not have to worry about waking up out of shock because I can heal myself instantly…and others because I HAVE to help DC’s, I feel terribly guilty if I don’t.)
Morphing into other things, (animals, people, whatever,)
Grant DC’s powers, My best friend knows about my LD’s and she loves hearing about dreams where I put her there and give her powers and the adventures we have, (one time we took over Wal-Mart and I blew up her brother’s car, :lol: ) If I find a particularly smart DC with real human qualities I’ll grant him/her powers to hang out with me and help me with whatever I’m doing.
Create portals to take me wherever I wish out of water,

Ummm, now I’m forgetting what else, most of the stuff I listed covers other, (what I consider branches,) powers, like with “Hydrokinesis”, that covers walking on water, creating and controling ice, things like that. I’ve been running out of ideas for powers to use, (I’ve done pretty much everything,) So I’ve been focusing on mastering select ones each LD. There are three powers that I can do with perfect mastery in every LD, and in most ND’s. Flying; all forms, wings, wingless, bird, (I don’t like being a bird, laughs) I’ve gotten over my fear of going too high and fast and I now fly at extremely fast speeds. (which is very useful if you’re being chased,) :fly:
Telekinesis; Mastered this, not much to say, it’s awesome though! :hurray:
Phasing; I can phase through anything with perfect mastery, extremely useful. :mirror:
The thing I’m working hardest on right now is controling fire, I’ve pretty much always sucked at it. laughs :lol: Does anyone have any ideas for new powers to try? :bounce:

My list:
-flying (Neo style)
-several kinds of magic/control several elements*
-walk through walls
-drop through floors/solid ground
-morph into animals
-cut through things by drawing a line (Okami-style)
-make the sun rise (Okami-style)
-draw stars in the sky
-alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist style)
-make things appear out of nowhere (usually a weapon)

*I can do the most with water/ice. Like encasing enemies in giant blocks of ice.

well ages ago I had an LD but I didn’t really know anything about LDs but it was in a nightmare and i realised it was a nightmare but i was still pretty scared and did what you said eairlier and closed my eyes hard and opend them but i stayed in the dream, and i stayed in for ages just hoping i could get out.

i can’t remember how i got out in the end

So far I have managed to achieve -
.Telekensis (I threw a dream character across the room)
.Flying (As high as the sky, I was rather afraid to go as high as the stars, It’s like the fish out of the water feeling)
.Walking through Walls (To go to diffrent places)
.Firing fireballs (though they kept on going out when i made one)

¤ Flying - Did it all the time in my first LD’s, pretty boring. Also tends to wake me up. Now I only use it when i need to.

¤ Mind Control - Works occasinally, I never seem to get total control though.

¤ Teleportation - Can get pretty useful

¤ Summoning DC’s

These are the ones I come to think of right now.
I don’t use too much lucid powers in my LD’s. I often just walk around trying to figure out something to do :razz: Trying out new powers very often wakes me up so I find it safer not to try anything hard right now. First I need to learn how to stabilize my LD’s completely.

My powers
-I can dodge bullets
-I can stop bullets
-I can fly
-I know Kung Fu

I love trying out new things in LD’s! They are fab!
Erm… let my try and remember! lol! :content:

  1. Flying… (well its obvious isnt it!)
  2. Breathing underwater
    3)Swimming underwater with super ease! (sigh, if only it t’was true!)
  3. Controlling animals/communicating with animals
  4. Be able to be unnoticed as if invisibubble!)
  5. Teleportation
  6. fast forward/rewind
    :cool: manipulation of DC’s (sorry…:sad: )
  7. Jumping very high
  8. SUPERHERO POWERS!! (yay :rofl: yay)
  9. I dont die! (how fab!)
  10. metamorphisis
  11. Oh yeah, and waking my self up without getting sleepygunk in my eyes! (oooh how that used to sting!)
    I cant remember any more! nooo!! I will try and improve my skills!! :devil:
    mwah ha ha ha ha!

My updated list:

  • jumping really high
  • flying (similar to the jumping, you just have to remember not to come down at the end :wink: )
  • falling slowly (not so much a power, really, as the inability to fall at a normal speed. I have a tendency to jump off tall buildings in LDs.)
  • going through solid objects, one of my favorites
  • meeting myself
  • telekinesis-ing stuff
  • calling dream characters (I still have trouble with this one, though)

Hmmm… I’m probably forgetting something, but there you go.

I moved this into an already existing topic about lucid dream powers. I hope you get some inspiration from it :sandra:

You guys have any super powers you can do while in an LD? I can fly but I go at about 1000 mph, I have no idea why, when I get scared I fall down to the earth.

Sometimes I can make structures somewhat morph. I’m sure you guys have seen the movie “Waking Life”, well I’m referring to the part where the guy speaks of “360 degree vision”, have you guys ever encountered something like that?

Please tell of anything else you can do, because I would like to try some things.

Heh, looks like my powers are kinda similar to yours, Dark Raven~

Well, a while ago I had a totally lucid dream where I had to keep movie or I’d wake up. I gained instant summoning powers and instant change mood as well as redo. Lol, I think that’s all I was missing :content:

Now letsee how many physical powers I can list without pulling out my dreambook (my DD):

pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, transmutation, levitation, reality shift, materialization, manifestation, precognition, telepathy (w/ DCs)

My “powerful” powers I achieved ^^ :

-Falling really fast down while trying to fly and not getting hurt :wink:
-Morphing into a dragon and really fly (that was really cool ^^ )
-Breaking a mirror while trying to go through ^^
-Making DCs dissapear

Yeah, I hope to get cooler powers :smile:

[Edit on 6/28]

Yipieh! Another lucid dream (two to be exact) and new powers :smile:

-Changing clothes
-Opening doors without the needed keys (Yeah, I know I could have tried to simply walk through the closed door ^^)
-Summon a little bit of light

well only had 2 lucid dreams and one power:

The Awesome Power Of Kamehameha :cool:

blew up a car with it :cool: