LD4all Quest 16: Find your Symbol

note: due to the 2 weeks dataloss ( :cry: ) and the hardships we have endured while drifting in the ocean in our lifeboat - this Quest has been extended with a moon. Also because I don’t have any energy left to think and write up a new one, what with all the server moving and things)

LD4all Quest 16: Galactic Moon: Find your Symbol
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Find your Symbol
suggested by:Ysim

In this Quest you will go looking for your own personal symbol. It can be anything. There are many known symbols that people feel attracted to. Maybe your symbol is one that you have never seen before. After finding it in your lucid dream, bring it back to waking life by drawing, sculpting or painting it, or in any way that is suitable to express your symbol.

The symbol (logo) for LD4all has also come from a lucid dream.

Now in this Quest you will try to find your own personal symbol.
So to complete this Quest:* In your LD find your personal symbol.

  • In waking life: draw/paint/create the symbol from your dream.
  • Show your creation on the forum, either in your DJ, fruits of lucidity forum, or in this topic. Ofcourse you also have to write down your dream either in this topic or in your DJ.

Finding your Symbol
These are some suggestions to inspire you, pick one or find your own way :smile:* Turn on a monitor/tv/computer and expect your symbol to appear on the screen

  • Open a book and expect your symbol inside
  • Look in a mirror and ask your mirror self to give you your symbol.
  • Ask your spirit guide/angel/totem for your symbol.
  • Simply request to see your symbol. Just say it to the world around you:“may i please see my symbol”

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

  • Decide what you will do to find your symbol

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

If you decide to do this Quest please ponder the following:

Do you already have one or more symbols your feel a connection with?
If yes: which one(s)? What does the symbol mean for you? How did you find that symbol? Does it make you feel a certain way? Bring back memories?

What kind of symbol would the symbol you find in your dream be?
A simple one? An intrigate one? An existing one? A totally unique one?

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:


:peek: note: Galactic Moon is from februari 7 to march 6

This Quest has been extended to Solar moon which is march 7th until april 3 :content:

Nice Quest, I really like this one. Except that I already completed it in my first LD, so so long ago… I think I’ll do it again, just because its the cool :tongue:

Ahem…Forgeting something are we?

thanks for that ysim, i go on what is in the first post of (edit: I mean the Quest suggestion topic) this topic :shy: I gave you proper credit now :content:
Maybe you could put a link to your LD and the symbol too, as a warm-up for the Quest :smile:

Thanks Q

This is the dream (way back in level 1) :tongue: [community.ld4all.com/t/ysims-dream-archive/16547/13)

The symbol looked pretty much like this:

I’m still going to try it again now that it’s an official quest. :yes:

Cool. If I have LD tonight, I’ll for sure try to find it :content:

Playing a little Ultima back in the day, Ysim?

Alternately, the symbol looks like an Egyptian ankh. Perhaps your symbols deeper meaning lies there. Here is what the almighty Wikipedia has to say about the ankh:

“The ankh (pronunced /æŋk/ in English, symbol ☥) was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that stood for the word ʿnḫ, meaning life.”

Ankh sounds better more like it, but its got “my little touch” :yes:

I don’t really know what Ultima is though…

Heh, i already did this one some time ago.
I was wandering through some abandoned city full of rubble.
The sky was dark orange and was like on fire.
I don´t remember how i got to that place but felt somehow in peace with the moment, maybe even a bit exhilarated.
I think i was searching for somebody since the place was really deserted.
Then i found this plate of what seemed to be some kind of grey glass/rock in one of the streets.
There was a sybol engraved into it and underneath the surface there seemed to be something moving, like a flowing river or the reflections from waves on the sea.
I picked it up and looked at it.
Underneath the symbol was something written in really small letters wich i tried to decypher.
I don´t remeber what it read or if i even could read it.
Suddenly the plate began to glow and the patterns under the surface began to flow into my arm, creating some sort of ripple effect on my skin.
It felt very weird, like i held my arm into warm, sparkly water.
It felt like my arm was cleaned from within, a really great feeling.
But it didn´t stop there, the effect engulfed my whole body.
When it reached my head i sorta lost my vision and hearing but it was replaced by something beutiful, like an opera or a musical.
When i came back to my senses (dreamsenses???) i was lieing on a green hayfield blooming all around me.
My whole body felt energized and somehow better than before, even my mind was clearer and like there was something to remeber wich i couldn´t.
The plate was still in my right hand, but as i looked at it the symbol was gone and it crumbled to dust.
I then felt a warmth emenating from my chest and when i looked the symbol that was on the plate was now glowing on my chest in a color like the sky.
I think i wandered around some more before waking up, wondering what just happened.
When i woke up, i found out that i was covered in sweat and felt very hot, but also quite relaxed.

It was one of the dreams that have stayed with me eversince and always give me a new perspective if i think about them.
Usually i wouldn´t share it since its a very personal experience but since its you guys and it fits this months quest, why not?

I also drew the glyph that was first on the plate and later on my chest, although i am not quite satisfied with the result since it looked more 3Dimensional and alive, but i think thats the best i can get it.
I also used it as an avatar when i first joined here, but changed it to soemthing i use more regularly on the internet.

So this is it, hope you enjoyed reading my story of self discovery.

Pithlit - Were you reading any Robert Jordan prior to this dream? :smile:

Sounds similar to something Rand experienced, if you are familiar with what I am talking about.

Cool looking symbol! Reminds me of Q-bert (due to the cubes, I’m sure). Does anyone actually remember Q-bert??

no, i haven´t.
what kind of books does he writes?
Sounds like something i might be interested in :smile:


Robert Jordan writes the Wheel of Time series of fantasy books. Here is a Wikipedia excerpt:

“The Wheel of Time (abbreviated WoT or less commonly, tWoT) is a bestselling fantasy book series written by Robert Jordan. It is known for the extreme density of its plot, the intricate detail of its imaginary world, and complexity of relationships and interactions among characters. There are 11 books in the series so far. Books 8-11 have each reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, and most of the books have been on the list at one time or another. The series has spawned several games, and even a soundtrack.”

The premise for the series is to large to post here, so I’ll just link to the Wiki page:


This series is absolutely humongous, and very detailed, as is stated above.

At one point the main character is sent to an ancient abandoned city, on a quest to become what he is prophecied to be. When he returns, his forearms are marked with a symbol denoting who he is.

Sound familiar? :smile:

You should really read the books. They are huge, but well worth your time.


Here is a link to the Wiki on the Ultima series of video games:


The series focuses on virtues, and the Ankh relates to the virtue of spirituality. Perhaps this relates to your dream symbol as well :smile:

Yeah, it does!

Although i have hear of the series i have never read a single line of it.
I´ll try to find the original DJ where i have written the Dream down, there will probably some more details in there.
Could you do a search for that passage? (if its not to much work)
I would really like to compare the two :smile:

Will definitely try!

I think my symbol may be yin-yang or peace sign, i really like them :razz:

@ Pithlit

The part of the story that I described is actually chapters long, so I can’t post it all here, or even paraphrase it correctly, as it involves multiple characters.

The events take place in the the fourth book of the series, titled “The Shadow Rising”.

Here is a very inadequate summary from the books Wiki page:

“Rand uses a Portal Stone to transport Mat, Egwene, Moiraine, and the Aiel at the Stone of Tear from Tear to the Aiel Waste, where Taardad and Shaido Aiel are waiting for them. The Aiel Wise Ones have Moiraine, Aviendha, and Rand enter Rhuidean (this is the ancient city I spoke of), and allow Mat to go with Rand. All three enter ter’angreal (artifacts of ancient origin. These happened to be shaped like door frames, and took them somewhere else) in Rhuidean. When Moiraine comes out, she has some knowledge of the future. Rand comes out with dragon markings on both arms, proving him to be He Who Comes With the Dawn, the Car’a’carn, the Chief of Chiefs of all the Aiel. Mat goes into a doorway ter’angreal which leads him to the land of the Eelfinn. He comes out with full knowledge of the Old Tongue and armed with a spear called an ashandarei and a medallion ter’angreal that protects against saidar and saidin. This last was discovered when Halima Saranov tried channeling (magic is called channeling in this series) at Mat when he was in Salidar. Rand found Mat hanging from the Tree of Life after exiting the ter’angreal.”

I never had an LD with this symbol, but it is mine. I’ve had ever since I was seven.

This is my symbol.

Oh i soooooooooo wanna find out what my symbol is… Hmmm… why do i suspect it’ll probably be a pineapple? :tongue:

I had a lucid dream the other night, but I haven’t gotten around to typing it. Anyway, I had 2 firsts in the dream. 1, I levitated myself without jumping off a cliff, and 2, I stood in absolute darkness, without losing the dream.
While in the black void, I asked my SG for a symbol. He smiled, said “Of course. You’ve been searching for a while. Here’s the end of your quest.”
It looked exactly like last time.

except I saw it against a wood table background this time.

Dataloss killed my symbol :sad:

i found mine! :yay:
it was in my 3rd ld
there was a white door, and i told myself that my symbol would be somewhere behind it. when i opened the door, it continued to a hallway, and more doors and more hallways after that. very boring scenery, except that there was blood spilled and smeared everywhere(my dreams always have blood).
on every door, an X was painted on with blood. finally, the halls ended with one dead end wall. there was a large X on it, with a heart over it. i think thats my symbol. :uh:

YEY I made it in time :woot:
the night before the site broke down I had a dream were I used my laptop to search for “my symbol” and “Painocus’ symbol”.
What turned up was a blank image and this :eek: :