LD4all Quest 51: Open the Gate!

LD4all Quest 51: january : Open the Gate!
Author: pasQuale

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Open the Gate!
We have entered 2010! (in the western count of time :wink: )
The Quest is related to entering the new. What lies ahead?

In your LD, find a gate. This is the gate marked 2010. Open the gate and see what lies behind. Optionally, enter through the gate to experience it. Bring back your results by a dream report.

This is not in any way to be meant as being precognitive or anything,(although it would be interesting if it turns out to be!). Maybe it is a picture of your hopes and wishes for the new year, and entering through the gate will strenghten your resolutions to accomplish your wishes. If you see something through the gate you don’t like, you could enter to change it for something you want it to become.

Have fun, and good luck!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid ( :tongue: )
  • Find a gate marked “2010” (or create one) (it doesn’t have to be marked 2010, as long as it is your intention for it being “the” gate to the new year.
  • Open the gate and see what lies behind
  • (optional) step through the gate to experience and/or change something
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

Tips/suggestions to find the gate

  • Expect it to be behind you. Turn around.
  • Expect it to be around the next corner. Turn the next corner.
  • Call outloud for the gate to appear.
  • Go to an already present door / gate-like something in your dreamscape and announce and intend this to be “the gate”. You may do this for example by drawing 2010 on it.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique

  • set your mind for this Quest
  • ponder about your hopes and wishes, or new years resolutions
  • decide how you will find the Gate

almost finished this quest. this night i got lucid on some kind of farm. i stabilized the dream and though about what i wanted to do. so i first played around with the sky a bit, and then looked back, thinking about that i want to see the gate to 2010. then i turned again and saw two huge barns. on the ones roof, in big letters was written “20010” (which is what i hate about 2010, i sometimes write it that way.) i somehow lost lucidity then and there was a cut, so i could see what lies behind the gate. hope i have better luck next time :smile:

Good try! Good luck next time!

Your post inspired me! Last night I had a ld and did the Quest (I’ll post in my dj soon) but i also had trouble writing 2010, I kept writing it as 20010 :lol: it’s your fault :tongue:

edit: clicky to read dream

:clap: nice done Q and congratulations :colgate:

How many Quests have you completed?

I think she completed every one of them…If I’m correct.

Well, since I came here.

Woohoo! :happy:

I did it!!

Heres what I did:

I started my dream on the top of some building, i dont really remember much else besides there was a room on top of the building (like a supply closet on the top of the building)
Anyway so i went lucid thanks to a nose RC, and I decided to try this quest on that door. I spawned a marker in my hand and wrote 2010 in big numbers on the door that was in front of me.

I opened the door. When I opened it, the only thing I can remember is hearing “You will have a new step brother” or something like that. Then I woke up.

I assume this means my mom is going to get married to her boyfriend who was a kid. who I don’t really like cause he’s an annoying spoiled 12 year old :meh:

oh well, mission accomplished! Interesting one at that too :smile:

I completed my first Quest!! :content:

Opening the Gate LD 1/25/10’

I’m at home walking to the kitchen, my brother is eating food at the table and then I hear a cling and my brother crying in pain…my brother was shot, by the evil witch that lived next door which was a FM, the witch’s bullet hit my brothers bowl which was bullet proof and it deflected and hit his mouth. The next day my brother and a few of his friends went to the witches door and shot at it a few times, my brother then opens the door and finds the witch dead on the ground, he got his revenge, but as he got closer to the witch , she got back up and turn into a demon my brother lifts up his hands and shoots a beam of white light at the witch’s face she then dissappeared. (that part reminds me of Dragon Ball Z )

[color=skyblue]I’m in my living room , not really sure how I got lucid, I think it was the fact that my brother had super powers I was so excited! My friend A was with me. (She is the one I got interested in LD) I ran up the stairs and said “We’re dreaming!” she replys, “I know, I’m talking to my twin.” After that she comes upstairs with me and we go to my little brothers room and think of what to do, I thought about the monthly quest. Since there weren’t any gates around we tried to teleport to one. We linked arms and shut our eyes thinking of where to go, I hesitated a bit, thinking I might wake up. I had the strangest feeling, I felt all fuzzy. When I opened my eyes we only teleported a meter away… so then we try a few more times with no success.

So I decided to do something else for a bit. I grab my A’s arm and we leap off the stair rails and went through the walls, I flew out my house , it was such a beautiful day, very sunny and no snow! A didn’t want to fly, so she walk as I soared like a bird I noticed I wore some weird baggy white clothes. I experimented with flapping my arms. The more I flapped the more higher I got. It was the most incredible flying adventure I ever had for now . I flew faster and faster , I was so happy ! A chased me, she had super speed. We go to the park and hang around playing on the monkey bars. A while later I wanted to try completing the quest again.

Somehow I was at home, I couldn’t find a gate. So I went to my front door, it was blurry (like how after you have a steamy shower the mirror gets all blurry) I drew on the door, first I wrote 20010 (this was because of reading Q’s dreams & I’m so use to writing two 0’s ) I tried to forget about Q’s dream hehe, then I crossed it out and tried again. This time I wrote 1023 …argg! Then I focused and wrote 2010 finally! I got more excited, I reached for the lock, to unlock the door but it was already unlocked. Then I opened the door. I step outside, the sky is all dark, the dark clouds swirl together creating even darker clouds, it was like a nightmare there were violent winds, and a few children dressed in rags sitting on the ground with no parents. I made a stick with a bunch of meat on it appear and handed it to the children, they were really happy, I sat near them and made a skillet appear and made food for them…they were really hungry, they kept asking for more. A then comes out the door and ask me what I was doing. She then joins me , I noticed the more happy the children got the more sunnier it was.[/color]

Hey Mem…you’re mom is dating a kid!? Maybe you mean “I assume this means my mom is going to get married to her boyfriend who has a kid.” :content: :content: Nice read, that was cool getting one prediction back about the new year. Hope that if it happens, it’s better than you expect!

I had good luck with this quest :smile: 1st LD since reading about it and I remembered to do it and had some pretty good results…I wasn’t sure at first if I thought I had completed it, so I suppose I’ll let you all judge. :help: :wink: In my dream journal (here: [community.ld4all.com/t/primatechs-dream-journal/31860/1) ) there is a longer version of dreams following a WBTB, but here is the part concerning the quest…I had been lucid, but the dream sort of shifted when I ran into someone, and this is what followed…

…Next part of the dream, shortly after the first, I’m on a bridge at another part of my campus, one with a low sidewall. Under the bridge is brown water with broken ice on top and I want to jump in, but resist for a second. For one of the first times in an LD, I think maybe it’s real life and maybe I shouldn’t do this. I overcome my doubts (!) and jump in, awkwardly and not at all fluidly, going slow over the side of it, but nearly head first. The water is shallow and I land sort of head first then pull up so I’m on my belly, swimming around a little. The water is really cold and at first I regretted jumping in but then it felt really good. I swam a little and I was thinking of one of my friends when I remembered the LD4all quest of walking through the 2010 gate. So I looked toward the bank of the river or creek that I was in and didn’t see one. I guess I was sitting down or in a swimming position, because I drew a door, then stood up and I hadn’t drawn the door tall enough. I sort of stepped through the door and thought ‘well, I don’t know if it was tall enough, so maybe it didn’t work,’ so I stepped back and drew another, saying something like ‘This is the door of 2010,’ then stepped through it. Come to think of it, there was something a little different about the drawn doors as opposed to the rest of the environment, even though I didn’t notice it so much consciously in the dream. The drawn doors had a sort of extra magic about them, more viscous and with a dulled, broad colors like a prism that ejected light in shades like maroon and navy blue. I didn’t notice anything happen exactly, except feeling like I stepped through the door, but maybe it could have been a better door. In hindsight though, something pretty profound happened after, so I suppose it was the door, or my belief in it, or both. One of my best friends and someone who if I needed advice from only one person, it might be him, was sitting on the bank, which was a hill, maybe with a white dog (or maybe he was the white dog? I don’t know if I saw them separate, but even if I did…). I asked him ‘how exactly do I love?’ Maybe I said ‘again’ at the end, but I’m not sure. And the darn thing is, I don’t remember his answer, but I do remember the way he said it, which it what I take to be his answer since I don’t remember the words. The way he said what he said invoked a feeling of openness about me combined with clarity and a little confidence. Then he walked off shortly after I think to meet some other people…

Almost made this one, just within my reach. Oh well, there is still time.





for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time :smile:

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile:

:hugs: Thanks Q!