LD4all Quest 21: Magnetic Moon: The Mirror of Erised

LD4all Quest 21: Magnetic Moon: The Mirror of Erised
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

The Mirror of Erised
suggested by Magnus and Vi

Since the final Harry Potter book is out, I thought it would be a nice occasion for this Quest :wink:

The Mirror of Erised is a mirror featured in the first HP book. On it is inscribed, erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi — which, when reversed and correctly spaced, reads I show not your face but your heart’s desire.
This mirror shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.

To complete this Quest* Find the mirror of desire

  • Look in it
  • (optional) step through it to experience the scene you saw inside :smile:
  • Post your dream (in this topic and/or in your DJ). If the thing you saw in the mirror is too personal you can leave it out, but you have to have a written record of having completed this Quest :content:

optional extra’s: do any harry potterish stuff you like in your dream, like magic and such :wizard:

How to find the mirror* You could go to Hogwards ofcourse :wink:

  • Summoning might work ( accio mirror :wink: )
  • Open a door and expect the mirror behind it
  • Expect the mirror to be behind you. Turn around

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

  • Ponder on how you will find the mirror.
  • Ponder on your hearts desire

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Have fun, and happy exploring! :happy:

:wizard: :dream:

:peek: note: magnetic moon is from 26 july until 22 august :content:

also: tomorrow, 25th july is Day Out of Time, so that means you have one day extra to do this Quest, or still do the subconscious one :smile: Tell you what, you may do any Quest you like on DOOT :grin:

/me will definitely be doing this one :tongue:

Especially since I just saw the latest movie and got the last book :tongue:

I think this will be really fun, especially going to Hogwarts. I think I’ll have to do a little exploring, after I finish the quest :tongue:

wow, this is a cool one!

i should try this one!

Neat, this is a very nice one! :happy:
I’ll definitely try to complete this quest next lucid dream I get.


Nice quest :content: . I tried this night and you can read about it in my DJ URL here .

Brilliant! I actually had already planned to attempt to go through a mirror in my next lucid dream already… But I’m a big fan of the Potter series and love this idea! Can’t wait to try it!

Nice quest :smile:

I have read all books except the last one.
Yesterday I saw the new movie.
I will wait with reading the the last book untill it is translated in Dutch. I have read all books in dutch so reading the last one in English may be a bit confusing :tongue: ( I believe that the book came out later in Holland then in other countries? I heard Magnus talking about reading the book before we where allowed to sell it in Holland :tongue:)

I also wanted to go through a mirror ^^
So this is going to be a nice quest :grin:

I have actually wanted to do this in a LD :razz: Putting this on top of my “To do in a lucid dream” list :happy:

I know what’s the meaning of things a Mirror showed me in my LD. Read here

I just did this quest, and i Succeeded.

However, what i saw was of a personal nature, so i can’t tell you.

I did the quest too ^^
You can soon read it in my dream diary.
The link is in my signature.

I saw myself in the mirror :eek:
I’m not sure what it means yet.
Perhaps everything is worthless to me if I don’t exist?
Or does it mean something else?

I will try this tonight!

Probably gonna be really personal though.

this is a really great quest! Nice one pasQuale!

good luck :smile:

:peek: it’s mag’s idea though, and vi’s, i only write the ideas in a complete Quest :smile:

I hope I (When I) succeed having another lucid dream I’ll try this one :happy: It would be the first Ld4All quest I do :happy:

i really am looking fowared to doing this one.i want to have a hogwarts dream anyway so this will be more of a side quest.

I just found out about it, and did it last night, well actually early morning.

I was dreaming, and knew it was a dream. I knew I wanted to do the quest, so, I was already walking down the hall, I opened the door, and there it was. In it was a robot with reed eyes. I knew I would have to battle him to see the answer. So I stepped through. And we fought. He was winning, but it was MY dream. So I thought, it doesn’t really matter what happens, I win. And next thing I knew, I had won. I looked into the mirror, (what I saw was personal), and stepped through it. And as I did that, finishing my quest, I woke up, and while still being tired, I went back to sleep, with ND.

Edit: Wait a minute, I wasn’t walking down a hall to begin with. I was in my backyard, and with me was Gandalf, Frodo, and a Black Rider (who was a 12 year old girl that I didn’t recognize). First I told them this was a dream, they didn’t believe me, so I ignored them, and walked into my house, which became the hall.

This is a good one! Im new here and have not yet succeeded in purposefuly having a lucid dream, but i will keep trying! I will definitely try to do this! I hope works–Good luck to me!!—and u guys 2!

see ya! :woo:

This sounds like a good quest to do since I am an avid Harry Potter fan…it also seems like a good chance to actually find out what your deepest desire is, 'cos most of the time, people want loads of stuff, lol

I’ll try this when I have a LD, if I remember and will post any results if I succeed :smile:

I really look forward to do this quest… Now all I need is to get lucid!!! :razz: