LD4all Quest 39: take your pick!

This is tough. I’m deciding between two:

—Improve a skill: I would like to try to improve my surfing. Three words: off the lip :cool: . Or maybe working on a longer tube riding time. Thats more than three words… Oh well :tongue:

—Visit my subconsious: I’ve tried this one once and it was like this futuristic office or something. Imagine the inside of a Halo Covenant ship and you can see the interior, and there were all these departments. It was really cool. I’d love to go back; maybe I can even arrange regular meetings with the head of operations :wink:

First of all, I had my first full-fledged lucid dream last night!! Secondly, I accidently managed to do this quest!

Full dream in my dream journal

I thought about the quest of the month but couldn’t remember, so I decided to meet my spirit guide, which is one of the quests! The original quest was to…

  1. Meet your spirit guide
  2. Ask him/her some questions
  3. Ask him/her for a gift

At first I didn’t think I did these things. However, when I went into the room and sat down, I got a bong hit! I also asked them what a dream bong hit was like! I didn’t get their name though…

If I didn’t earn my wings somehow then I am totally alright with it, because I had my first lucid dream, and that is wings enough for me!!

Just reading the exciting posts here and in all the above links, I have decided I want to give this a whirl before WG starts and those dreams invade and sabotage my attempts.

Plus, like someone else mentioned earlier, it’s been a long time since I’ve been lucid myself that I’d really like to try.

I am going to try:

granting a wish and/or spirit of giving.

I think those ought to be fun.

I almost became lucid last night,many odd things happening,i remembered a dream.That dryspell is over,i think.
But now i forgot that dream :tongue:
Whan in woke up i was like d’uh!

I almost completed this one today. Just suffered from ending too early.

Full journal entry

I did’nt transform fully so I’ll be trying this one again.

I wanna see how many I can do in one dream. :happy:

I did it! I entered a video game! :happy:

At least, entered a setting that was inspired by a setting in a video game… the Velvet Room, from Shin Megami Tensei / Persona. (Been incubating since December, and have wanted to earn wings that way since I saw the quest on the big list of quests-- but by then it was over :tongue:)

1/3 done! (fly)
Well technically two, but my memory of the second is broken so I’m not counting it just in case things led up to it but then trailed off.

This should take you right to it.

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 050#519050

2 more until I’m done!

Wow, I haven’t had a lucid dream in so long, like this past summer or even before that. =/ But seeing this quest and being able to choose what options I can do really makes me want to try again! :open_mouth: Even though I’ve only had a few LDs so far, I think it would be worth it if I were to be successful :slight_smile:

I think the ones I might try are: Unfold Your Wings and Fly, Look at the Sky, or Transform into an Animal ^^ Or maybe Make a Wish Come True O.o

I’m fauiling miserably!
I missed some dremsigns…
I always wake up and go back to sleep for a minute,when i’m in bed in the morning…I should have had a LD :sad:

Did the Mirror of Erised! Now onto transforming into an animal!

TheDogDays said:

That’s great. You should write it in a dream journal. I’d be really interested to read about it.

As of yet I have been unsuccessful…

Or write it here,succeeded quests must have a link or be written here, congratulation dogdays :thumbs:

After much thought, I decided I’ll try the enter a video game quest… the game I will try to enter will be The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, since I am confident I can perfectly recreate that game in my mind, and I’ve entered it in non LD’s before, so I think it would be the easiest one for me…

I almost chose the mirror quest, until I realized I had to bring something back from the other side, something I just wouldn’t be able to do (I wouldn’t be lucid long enough to explore it thoroughly)

You don’t need to bring something back from the other side to earn your wings; it’s a bonus option :content:

I had an LD last night and completed the 23rd Quest, the Resize Yourself one. :content: I’ve started a DJ, my first post is of that dream. Since I had my Mirror of Erised dream like a week ago, I’ll just write it here:

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in the middle of a chase dream, running out onto a patio of a house. My family was sitting around on chairs. I realized I was dreaming, and asked each of my family members, “Can you take me to the Mirror of Erised?” they each said no, except for my Aunt, who said “I think I can take you.”.(I’m not surprised it was my Aunt who knew where the Mirror was. She loves the Harry Potter books IRL! :smile:) My Aunt transformed into a large brown dog, and I hopped onto her back and she ran us through the yards of our neighborhood until we reached a wishing well in someone’s front yard. I approached the well and peered into the water, saying “Show me what I really want.”. A few objects rose to the water’s surface, but they didn’t make any sense. One was a figurine of a Native American girl. Another object was a flute. There were more but I can’t remember.

Does that count? Or does it need to be an actual mirror, depicting a scene?

I still would have a hard time finding whatever though, so I’m just sticking with the videogame quest… it seems extremely similar to Through The Mirror to me, but I don’t have to find something :tongue: Also as a note, I had a LD a while ago I didn’t put in my DJ yet, and I just touched the mirror before I woke up, (it was an abrupt awakening too, I could have been lucid for a few more minutes) so I am not exactly too fond of trying that again… It was before I decided to try this quest, and I didn’t even know the months quest was “Take Your Pick” and is the reason I’m trying it this month. (1: attempted to enter mirror 2: remembered the old Through the Mirror Quest 3: Checked quests 4: Picked Videogame quest )If I didn’t have it, I’d ignore the quest like I usually do…

Bottom line is the Video Game quest is easier for me. My favorite quest to read might as well have been transform into an animal, but I doubt anything fictitious (anything I’d want to be) would count. And I just know Majora’s Mask… it’s the thing I dream about more than anything else, so if I can’t enter it in an LD… then I’d probably have some courage problems for a while :lol:

So I should have checked on January first, I might have gotten it done… but just leave me with the Video game quest. My mind is set on it, and it WON’T be changed. :razz:

Woohoo!, I decided to try to swim with dolphins and It worked! :happy:
I was at a tennis court, (Which is next to my house in Real Life)
And I pinched my nose, And, It came to me like this, “This is a dream!”,
I looked behind and I saw a HUGE swimming pool, I swam and I thought “What about making some animals?”,
And I expected to see a dolphin jumping from the water (The Pool transformed to an Ocean), The Dolphin was talking, And I could understand what he said, He said someone like “So Long, And thanks for all the fish!”,
I guess It’s because I watched The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy before I fell asleep.

:clap: ofcourse it counts! It’s your mirror of erised :yes: who am I to tell you that it should be a real mirror? congratulations :grin: But as always, you, the dreamer decides if you want to earn your wings for this one :smile:

oO~Kal-El~Oo, congratulations! :happy:

Masonc1, good luck entering the video game!

A note to all dreamers
PLEASE edit your dream (the one you wrote in this topic, not in your DJ) to state CLEARLY if you want to earn your wings for your Quest completion. There are so many that have completed the Quest this month. It will make it easier for me to reward the wings to everyone :happy:

:peek: I have already a half wing ready for :moogle: :content:

I flew!

I was having an ordinary dream, hanging out in a hotel with my dad for some reason. Suddenly I was floating up in the air, and I could see myself. Then I realized I was dreaming, flapped my arms like a chicken and flew down the hallway.