LD4all Quest 14: Rhythmic Moon: The Spirit of Giving

Does anyone want to be my buddy in this quest?

I had an attempt last night, didn’t succeed in finding Nick, but i had an idea for a present. So I’m going to try again. I’ll post the dream later, when we both have completed the Quest.

I hope everyone has found a buddy, if you have asked for a buddy in the topic and have found one, please post in the topic too. (or edit your post where you asked for a buddy)

(likewise, if you are looking for a buddy,see who already posted in this topic looking for a buddy too)

Listen, I know I’m a skeptic, but I’ve noticed that recently the quests are moving more and more from lucid dreaming goals into the realm of so-called paranormality/psychic things. To me, this seems rather exclusionary towards the people like me who don’t believe in that kind of thing, and I think it ruins the point of the quests, because the likelihood of them being completed drops dramatically. (I would say it’s impossible, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.)

I liked the way the quests started off, but these recent ones pretty much rob me of any motivation to attempt them that I had at all. Can’t we return to the ones that focused on lucid targets rather than all this psychic business? That’s what Sealife quests are for.

I really want to try this Quest, but I think it would be very hard to do for me. I only have a few LD’s a month.
I think it would be very hard for me to find a buddy but anyone who would like to try to do the Quest with me is welcome ^^
My Buddy should be traveling all the way to Holland :tongue:
But in a dream that shouldn’t be a problem. ^^
If you’re interested please Pm me. I won’t bite I promise :tongue:

hey stormy,

I understand what you mean. If you haven’t noticed, i always try to balance the Quests, between the psychic (as you call it) things, and ‘normal’ things (is there a “normal” in lucid dreaming?) But really, it’s al lucid dreaming so if you believe in things or not, it’s always interesting to try and see what you will encounter :smile:

btw, if it isn’t in the Quest suggestion topic it isn’t likely to become a Quest, so there are other people who do like these kind of Quests.

eeh… looks around
Well maybe some people already read it somewhere else or already knew it but Bruno is my buddy this moon. :content:

Do KingOmar, Siiw and ian1 already have a buddy? Maybe you can go with each other or with Ansie if you want?

I am actually doing quest with KingOmar… but I have a lucid dreaming dry spell. Veery annying thing, missing obvious DS, and dreams are related to lucid dreams… but none is lucid :sad: I acutally met someone called Wyvron, and I realized how it’s simmilar to Wyvren… And I wanted to fly on gigant spoon… I also dreaming about living in DreamWorld, that turned out to be RL, so I said that next time when I’ll be dreaming I will have great control… But no throught that itt could be a dream… :sigh:

… which means that’s gonna be hard one, Maybe in end of week I’ll get good lucid dream.

Whoooo!! :yay: I gave Sam his present!!! :grin:
and no, it’s not a pineapple! :tongue:

:nuu: :ebil:

2007 wiil be the year of Giving
but it began at the end of october(22)

Congratulations :cool_laugh:

Hey! I will! =0) I’ve been looking for a buddy too. =0)

Thank you :smile: I will try to find you in my next LD.

I’m with Stormthunder. Quests should be fun stuff, nothing as complex as shared dreaming and other rare/real(?) stuff. This quest is fine except for the shared dream part. Just giving a gift to a DC to see the reaction would have sufficed.

Then again, this is the first really impossible quest I’ve seen here so far. It’s not half of the tasks or anything. Just don’t make it a habit, please.

For the record, a normal LD would be an old-fashioned, scientifically proven, LaBerge kind of dream. :nerd_face:

PS Good luck with the quest everyone!

It’s cool to see everybody’s enthousiasm, and congrats SD for finding sam already :smile:

huggkruka: well, you will give a gift to a DC of your buddy :wink: The intent of this one is not to have a real shared dream, although it would be cool ofcourse if it happens :smile: (by real shared dream i mean that you both are lucid and meet each other and exchange gifts)

If you prefer to, you could also give a gift to a random DC, or a DC of someone you know, or something like that, but I thought it would be more fun to do it like this. Because searching for a gift left to you is also a fun thing to do :smile: that’s why I brought in the buddy system.

I’ll add this to the Quest description as well.

The important thing of the Quests is to have fun, and you can mold it to your own way :smile:

btw: hardcore scientific Quests are called experiments and would fit better in the lab :wink: But rest assured, next moon we are having a ‘normal’ Quest. (Also feel free to post an old-fashioned, scientifically proven, LaBerge kind of Quest suggestion in the Quest suggestion topic, I’m curious what you would fit under that.)

So. Some days ago, I had a lucid dream and remembered I had to clear a quest, and I knew it had to do with Sandra, but I didn’t remember what I was supposed to do. :eh: So I decided to look for Sandra and ask her what I was supposed to do! :razz: But she didn’t remember either, so we decided to just fly around. :angel_fly: :bruno:

Yesterday I had a lucid dream and decided to get Sandra’s present. After buying a nice surprise box, I decided to try something cool to get to Sandra—and yelled “LD4all HQ!” But what happened is that a purple furry monster with big ears bursted in, decided to steal & destroy the shop (hmm I’ve been reading too much Star Knights again :lol:), and apparently I was the only lucid person in the establishment, so I had to sort that out… And ended up waking up before I got to Sandra! :cry:

Today, I finally managed to do it. :yay:

It was morning and I was in school. Ana Tomásia, the Maths teacher, was trying to explain to us an algorythm to solve complex number factoration. The class was (evidently) most boring, so I wished it were holidays already—and realized it were! :shock: I reached out for a gift box in my backpack and wished it. My hands found a purple box tied with a golden lace. I then left class and walked to the theatre, because I know Sandra also dreams about theatres a lot. I entered the building and walked into the seats. She wasn’t on stage, nor in the seats around me. I walked to the stage to see if she was hiding behind the curtains, calling for her name, when a voice replied from above me: Sandra was standing in front of the seats upstairs! :happy: I jumped and floated up, sustaining my position in front of her by placing my hand on one of those metal bars people put in high places in order to prevent other people from falling. Sandra was smiling, she made a joke I don’t remember, but which made me giggle too. She spoke a very clear, fluent Portuguese. I then gave her her gift and got a hug back, and a dankje, and after that I floated around the metal bar and walked with her out of the theatre for a coke and to introduce her to my friends.

I’m happy for you Bruno! :yay:

But you forgot to get a present back from here!

I know. :smile: I’m waiting for her to deliver it to me in her dream. Plus, now the tough part is clear—I’m a very lousy lucid dreamer, one who can get lucid very easily but who still doens’t mind losing lucidity. So most of my lucid dreams go off their original purpose very quickly (i.e. if I need to get a present to Sandra, the shop I’m in is attacked by a purple furry monster with big ears).

Now that the tough part is over, I can just wait and claim my present by incubation, which is way easier (at least to me). :cool:

congrats on completing the first part bruno! :happy: :yay:

i dreamt of presents in my nap i just took but it wasn’t one for me and i didn’t get lucid. For more, check my DJ :wink:

Mission complete!
Well, mostly.

I found the person I planed to give a gift, though I found 3 others with him, so I gave them all gifts.
I was looking for Wolb. I found him, Sandra, Ansie, and slinking_ferret.

WHAT! :shock: I have the hardest time finding Sandra and you just randomly stumble upon her! :rofl:

/me grumbles out of the room, shaking his fist in the air :lol: