The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIX

This is Part XXXIX of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

Hello everyone, i’m quite new here but I looked up about lucid dreaming a while back after a friend told me about it, so I wanted to check it out… though I doubt he could even have a lucid dream himself, but that’s besides the point!

The point is, i’m new here… AND i’d just like to get myself settled into these forums as i’ll use them to post any experiences I may have, if any, from attempting to become a Lucid Dreamer.

Hopefully this whole process won’t be too difficult… I tried recording my dreams originally, and stated to myself “I’m going to sleep now, and i’m going to dream, and when I wake up i’ll remember my dream” --I believe that was found on this website somewhere… anyway I only did that for about a week, and now it’s months later. I’m going to start it again tonight, and hopefully i’ll remember when I wake up to record the dream as best as possible.

Let me just state that, for me I doubt i’ve ever had a Lucid Dream… from what I hear a Lucid Dream would feel completely like reality… and when I wake up I generally know I was just dreaming. Typically for me when I am dreaming it’s very difficult to “picture” anything clearly. I hope through this i’ll be able to see things crystal clear as if it were reality, rather than waking only to find I was dreaming in a half-fashion.

My goal for now … my first Lucid Dream!

–I will just add that, when I started this the first time around, which lasted for about a week with no avail… I found myself scared, almost spooked from the idea of waking up in a dream… I guess that’s just part of the thrill of it all. That kind of made me stop the first time around + i’m lazy :tongue:

:wave: hello NeoMarine, welcome to LD4all :grin:
from the posts I have read here, the dreamers who usually have less vivid dreams seem to have the big jump in clearness etc when they become lucid.
I hope you get your first LD soon, so you can experience it for yourself :yay:

Hi everybody! :content:

My name is Moritz, i’m from Germany.
I’m interested in LD for a while and was in german boards, but now i wanted to join LD4all, i think it’s the biggest board for lucid dreams available this time.
I dreamed lucid in my childhood, and sometimes prelucid.
cya, moritz

:welcome: xilver, welcome to LD4all :grin:

I hope you decide to post some of your LDs in our dream diary forum :smile: … we have a sticky “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum for the first LD you had (or remember)

I look forward to reading your posts :wiske:

Hello LD, Mike here.

I’ve been interested in dreaming since I saw Waking Life (No original points, I know) and had my first dream. It was pretty incredible and I can’t wait to get back into it.

Thanks for having me!

:wave: hello Mike
I hope you enjoy your time here :smile:
you may like browsing out lucidity centrestage forum … it has topics on Waking Life, Vanilla sky etc :boogie:

I just found this site, and its the best Lucid Dream site I’ve seen. Previously I had one Lucid Dream a couple years ago. After visiting this site yesterday, Last Night I had Two Lucid Dreams! I’m very excited about this site, and look forward to meeting everybody here and sharing our experiences and techniques.

:yay: welcome!

:welcome: torichards9585, welcome to LD4all :grin:
and more importantly…
:cheer: congrats on your 2 recent LDs :yay:

I hope you decide to post your 3 LDs in our dream diary forum :happy:

Hello everyone. I’m 18 and have yet to have a lucid dream. I’ve been trying for about three or four months I think. I have had four dreams about becoming lucid and one failed reality check though :tongue: .

:welcome: hello Seishi
you could still do better than me I didn’t get my first LD until after my mid-twenties :wink:
dreams about becoming lucid are a good sign :smile:
it means LDs and the idea of LDing is in your mind :happy:

I hope you get a lot of help to get your first LD from our forum :content:

Hello everyone,

My name is Will, and I was looking at colorblindness, REM, hallucinations, and other things on Wikipedia, and came upon Lucid Dreaming. It sounded really neat, and I remeber a half-lucid dream that I had when I was really little. Anyway, at the bottom of the page there was a link that went here. I looked around a bit, and love reading other people’s dreams, so now I’m joining! I really hope that I’ll have a Lucid Dream sometime soon, and I’m constantly asking myself “Am I dreaming?” during the day (which is kinda fun).

Glad to be here!

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all Will.

I hope you will start a Dream Journal yourself too. Like you said, I love reading other people’s dreams.
Good luck with your quest to lucidity :content:

Hi everyone!

I’m 23, and I’m a computer engineering student. I’ve learned about Lucid Dreaming recently, though I’ve had a few in the past. There heve been times in recent years when I’ve had a nightmare, and then realized that no, things can’t be that horrible, and so I realize that I’m in a dream.

Once, a few months ago, it occurred to me in a dream that I could use dreaming as a training area to learn and practice new gymnastics moves. Now I realize that that must have been a lucid dream, and that perhaps I was on to something.

I’m not a gymnast (they tell me I’m too old!), but I do martial arts, and I do hope some day to try sparring in a dream; maybe it will be good practice!

In any case, I’m very curious about LD’s and am very eager to learn what I can!

Hello all, I’m Marcus, 21 years old and currently studying computer science (I’m not the only one as it seems :content:). I saw the film Waking Life 2 years ago and really liked it. Not because of the lucid dreaming stuff but just because the things said in certain dialogs struck me as quite true and also alot of stuff seemed familiar in some way. Just recently I saw A Scanner Darkly (also Richard Linklater). I thought it was quite nice and looked him up on Wikipedia. There I followed the link to Waking Life and there I followed the link to Lucid Dreaming etcetera etcetera :wink:

I now know I’ve had quite some lucid dreams when I was younger, I just never thought anything special of them at the time. I quite vividly remember a dream in which I was practising flying and even remember a certain technique I developed. I always had quite vivid dreams but never cared to write any of them down, which I obviuosly do now :wink:

Well that’s about it, i’ll let you know when I have my “first” LD :smile:

Hey im Jason, i’m 14 and i’ve never had a lucid dream before, but im learning and i’ll let you know when i have my first one :happy:

:welcome: hello wnvoss, Controller, nerd42 and Flip12 :grin:

We are glad to have you here too :yay: … I’m currently enjoying reading your dj :smile:

that’s a good idea, LDs can be used for practicing RL things. You may like to read this quest [size=167]Martial Arts at the Lucid Dojo[/size]

we do have a topic called “what is the 1st dream you remember?” in the stuff of dreams forum :smile: you may like to post the earliest dream that you recall
/me makes note to self … I really must watch Waking Life!

:thumbs: /me sends you good luck vibes and hopes you experience lucidity really soon :content:

Hey, I’m Sinjun and I’m 21. I came across this site after looking for more info on LD’s. I have dabbled in it before a couple years ago and came across it again, not sure why I stopped, but I started again- it’s my 2nd week and I"ve already had 2 !!! Many more to come I hope!

:wave: hello Sinjun :smile:

:yay: Are you going to try some of our lucid quests in the lucid adventure forum? Or have you got a personal list of things to do when lucid?
I hope you decide to share some of your dreams with us in our dream diary forum :smile:

hi im will ive been on the chat for a while, but finally decided to get an account on the forums

i got into LDs about 3 months ago when i heard about them from a friend
Ive had 6 (yay!) but ive had poor control