@Sealife: Martial Arts at the Lucid Dojo

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Galactic Moon: Martial Arts at the Lucid Dojo

Author/s: Pantalimon
Last Edit: Galactic Moon, Dali 1. Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun. Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

Each moon, the Sea Life and First Earth Dreaming School forums run a fun mutual dreaming adventure or research project to learn more about our world, and the evolutionary path before ourselves, and our planet. During the Galactic Moon, we’ll be tackling Martial Arts at the Lucid Dojo

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Martial Arts at the Lucid Dojo
[color=darkblue][b]Nick asked me to write this project based around the Lucid Dojo located in the Lucid Crossroads. I’m a martial artist myself and thought that a place where I could train whilst lucid would be a fantastic resource.

Visit the Lucid Dojo Homepage

Whilst martial arts might be seen by many as a very violent way of keeping your body fit it has always been closely intertwined with spiritual searching. In fact the great grandfather of most eastern systems is Bodiharma an Indian Buddhist monk who traveled from India to China. He used his martial art to project himself on the long journey through lawless country side, he went onto found the famous Shaolin monasteries where the Shaolin monks still train in kung fu today.

The highest object of this project is to reach the Lucid Dojo and learn some martial moves from whoever you find there. Keep in mind the question what is the relation of your physical self and your mind/self/spirit.

Secondary objects are to notice your body and the way it moves whilst you are lucid. Pay attention to the movement of your arms and legs, make slow graceful movements and compare them to quick powerful motions.

Become aware of your physical form in the dream/LD, most of us focus on what we see but I want you to look down at your body, not in a mirror but look at your limbs from the feet upwards. Use your hands to get a sense of feedback from your body, does this heighten the lucid dream, does your body seem the same as your waking form, what are you wearing?

If you reach the Lucid Crossroads, report back what you find there, I’m in the middle of rebuilding it at the moment so it would be interesting to see what you find there.

Good luck bows[/color][/b]


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