The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIX

[color=darkblue]hi nerd42!

I’m yet to see waking life, I’ll have to see it.

Be sure to post your first LD. I had more LD’s once I joined here, probably because I was thinking of it more.

Good luck…[/color]

:yay: congrats on your LD success :yay: … the control will improve over time :smile:
:welcome: def, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I think the forum is superior to the chat, because you can talk to all the members who may be interested in a topic through your post … regardless of time zones etc :smile:
:peek: though chat is good too :boogie:

I have a ton of things I want to do while lucid!

Flying in outer space
shrinking to the size of an atom
having a conversation with my higher self
seeing how my life would’ve been had I made other decisions :content: improving RL skills
improving RL visualizing
crazy dream sex- hey, at least I admit it! :tongue:

and probably tons of other stuff, oh yeah and I haven’t even been to the dream forum yet so I would say let’s just keep making that list longer!

Avoid that. You probably will forget what to do in your first LD or not do anything at all. Instead, choose 1 or 2 things you want to do in your next LD. This is much better :smile:

Hi everyone :wave:

HI arcanarcana :wave:

  • a stampede of LD4all members run upto arcanarcana for a welcome to LD4all hug :grouphug: *

Hi moogle :grouphug:

Sup all? I’m 18 and have had a couple lucid dreams in my life. I wanted to learn more about this and found this site. I read most of the stuff on the site and got interested in OBEs. While trying to have an OBE, I had my first WILD (that was this morning) and that’s why I joined this forum. I will probably post my different LDs in different forums.

:wave: hello Shaded Samurai :smile: welcome to LD4all
I see you have already posted your first LD in our Big My First LD Collection :yay: I look forward to you starting a LD4all dream diary too :boogie:
I would love to have a WILD … all my LDs have been through MILD / WBTB / DILD

Hi everyone! :colgate:

:wave: hello Lily :smile:
I noticed your first post was in Huey’s poetry thread :yay: … you should check out his A Fractured Final Fantasy Fairy Tale too ( link ) it’s great :thumbs:

I hope you enjoy yourself being a member of the LD4all forum :grouphug:

Hi Their

My name is Lee, and I am quite new to Lucid Dreaming. I first started out with Astral Projection.

I havn’t had a Astral Projection experince yet though, I can only make it up to the vibration stage all though the vibrations seem to happen when I lye down on my bed anyway.

I’ve been trying Lucid Dreaming for 2 days now.

The thing that annoys me the most about this is when I close my eyes I will get images poping in but I can’t control them.

I enjoy listing to music, playing games, Paranoraml Investigating, etc…

I hope I enjoy may stay here…

If you got any questions please feel free to ask…


:welcome: hello Whitesnake welcome to LD4all :smile:
Did you call yourself after Whitesnake?

I’m sure you will :yes:
you will probably enjoy the beyond dreaming forum the most :smile:

Yes, I’m a fan of the band Whitesnake :happy:. which is why I got the name lol… I’ll be checking the beyond dreaming forum most often then :happy: cheers m8t.

Heya people,

Iwazaru here (Nickname = from Killer7,
(that guy who hangs from the ceiling
telling you you’re in a ‘tight spot’ lol)
Just joined up because I do have a lot
of questions since I never even knew I
was actually LD ing on many occasions.

Just reading some of your experiences made
me realise I have had some exact same ones!

Thanks for having me!
Will post soon!


:welcome: Iwazaru, I hope you have a good time here :yay: I am also a “retaker”, meaning I had LD’s before I knew what they were. Enjoy! :content:

Hey, my name’s Dennis, I’m a USC student and have been recording my dreams since May. I WILDed once accidentally, have sleep paralysis a lot, and have LDs on a semi-inconsistent basis and have problems with control. Stumbled upon this forum (quite literally, with stumbleupon) and thought it might be able to help me LD more consistently and with greater control. Nice meeting you all!

Welcome! I’m a newbie here myself, as well as to the world of Lucid Dreamers… the best method for you to get better would be to read up, ask questions and keep at it!

Try different types of techniques too, that’s what i’ll be doing! Though, my primary focus would be WILD because i’d like to have control in getting into a LD rather than just controlling one if it “happens to pop-up”. (yup, besides that training yourself to think you’re dreaming can be long-term more work, in my opinion."

Hey Dennis, welcome aboard! :smile: