The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVIII

:wave: hello BillyBush, welcome to LD4all :grin:

(it was no problem to move the post to the big topic :wink: )

/me spams the 30 years or over topic in her signature :smile:

I hope you enjoy being a member of this great forum :yay:

I can only recall having dealt with sleep paralysis twice in my life, with the most recent case only from a few weeks ago. It was just fortunate that already I knew about sleep paralysis by the time it happened to me, so I hope you have at least heard of it then. Otherwise, that would just be terrifiying!

The main reason why I wanted to welcome you was to comment on your username in realation to my own; it looks like we have another BB here. :wink:

Welcome everyone! Dracorey, Mysticaloctopus, WILDworld, tinker, BillyBush and everyone else I missed!

Wyvern runs :scared:

A bat addict? :tongue:

Introductions, where to begin. I am a Jeremy, I am approximately 6 feet in length… okay enough of my silliness.

I encountered lucid dreams a lot in my childhood years (if you care to know my link details that)… I stumbled upon this website at random looking for information on shared dream and came to the realization that I wasn’t crazy, that I was actually “awake” in my “dreams” when I was younger.

I have just started my exercises to remember my dreams, then I will see about getting back to lucidity.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for being a friendly forum to a lucidnewb! :content:

:welcome: and have a lot of fun in this forum! :yay:

Hello everyone, my name is Raz. I’ve known about lucid dreaming for a few years now. As a kid I was often aware of the fact that I was dreaming, and I’d try to wake myself from nightmares. Since learning about LDs I’ve tried to initiate them, but most of the LDs I’ve had, while fun, have been too short and somewhat disappointing. I find LDs very interesting and fun…hopefully by belonging to this forum and practicing I can improve and have LDs all the time! :smile:

Greetings Kin :cloud9: Got here via tortuga,i’ll be browsing for a while to see what’s going on.i’ve had a few LD’s but only in the context of my lifes path of finding out who i am and what i’m doing here - my personal mission.I started with the I-Ching and then got interested in all things Mayan …Anyway glad to be here with you all.Roger13*

:wave: Hey Raz! Welcome to the forum! :yay:

I trust you’ll find a lot of information and support on how to make your LDs more stable and long–lasting. :content:

Also, hi Roger! I think I saw you in SeaLife as well, have you joined both forums at once? :smile: Welcome to LD4all! I think you’ll like it here! :woot:

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I’ve read this site and drained its resouces into my brain many a time, and also browsed the forum a lot. I decided that “when the time was right”, I would join the forum, and last night I had my first lucid dream so I thought today would be a good time to join.


Welcome Lucas :smile:

Dont be afraid to post here xD

Welcome Lucas, grats on the lucid dream! I had my first one (in a long, long time) last night too so I share your excitement!

:wave: hello jeremyincognito, Raz, Roger13 and Lucas~21 :grin:

oo I took so long to welcome you jeremy, that you feel like an “old member” now :content: and congrats on your recent LD :yay:

They should improve in length as you experience more of them :boogie: and as Bruno said there is a lot of information on this forum that will help you :smile:

:wave: Roger13 … I have also seen you at SeaLife and even in the chatroom :eh: We have a lot of members that are active on both forums :yes:

Lucas~21 :thumbs: Congrats on your LD :yay: will you be posting it in our “My Big First LD Collection” in our dream diary forum?

/me thinks it’s time for a group hug :smile: :grouphug:

Group hugs yey! Wait… did I just get called old? :razz:

:content: Yay, hey peoples, just signed up for this site and am very interested in dreams etc.
I am still working at having a lucid dream but…no hope so far :happy:
Well, I hope we can all have awesome discussions!

Toodles :wink: ,


:wave: hello Marc :smile:
/me sees the UK location again and wonders if there has recently been something on the TV here about lucid dreaming that she hadn’t spotted :eek:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all, it’s a friendly community with lots of information to be found in the different forums :yay: and I hope you enjoy your time here

:welcome: Runthinker(shoot and live) :tongue: have a great time among us! :cheer:

hi, i’m Hk. I’ve just found out about lucid dreaming. It seems a great thing with limitless possibilites.
I’m Just confused about some things like:
how a LD can be more real the real life? (my normal dreams are just a blur)
How it is possible to achive a lucid dream?


:wave: hello hk-50 :smile:
I advise you to read the main site first to find out all the basics about lucid dreaming
and then use the yellow search button at the top of the forum to find threads about the things you want to know more about…
LDs can be more vivid and real because your senses can be heightened in them

This part is now locked th ontroductions continue in The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” - Part XXXIX :moogle: