The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVIII

This is Part XXXVIII of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

Hi Everyone

I’m a new member to the website. I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for years now. I had a spontaneous lucid dream when I was a teenager and thought I had been to some secret magical world, until I fell upon info about lucid dreaming on the web a few years back and was able to realize that what I had experienced back then was actually a lucid dream.

I bought Stephen Le Barge’s book (about 4 years ago) and have recently (in the last two weeks) been trying my best to recall my dreams and do reality tests during the day.

I’m really looking forward to my first lucid dream, I can’t wait!! I know this is something that I was meant to master, meant to experience.

I really hope that I can get some ideas and advice from some of the other members. It will also be nice to be able to talk to people about this subject without them thinking that you’re crazy!


I think the place that you might want to introduce yourself in is the BIG “Hi, I’m new here” topic, instead of making your own. :tongue:

Welcome aboard, microwave. :wave: (That was just he first thing I thought of when I read your name). :gni:

Hi everyone,
I’m 18 and I first heard about lucid dreaming about 6 months ago on TV. It really intrigued me and I remember the lady saying that many poeple have their first LD the night they first hear about it. Naturally, I expected the same, but no luck. Then, a few days later I had my first LD (and my only one since). Needles to say, I got hooked and started remembering my dreams every night. This summer I’ve been really neglecting my dreams, but now, with a little more time on my hands, I’m determined to start enjoying my dreams :content:
Anyway, I believe this forum could help me, but I dont know how much time I’ll have to participate in it…

Greeting from Croatia :twirl:

:wave: hello ncrowne and imwhoim01 :grin: welcome to LD4all :yay:

if you can remember this first LD it would be great if you could post it into our sticky “My First LD Collection” topic which is near the top of the dream diary forum :content:
I’m very curious about your user name … we have a why your user name in the gathering forum * hint hint * :tongue:

that’s how I found out too … but I had had one LD previously without knowing it had a special name. :eh:

/me waves the UK flag back

hi eveyone!
ha, im Murtaza wow wat a cool website iv learned loads. im from london UK but goto uni in cardiff, wales, anyone from there gimmie a shout!I bumped into this while trying to get myself to become an early riser on google a couple months ago lol. u kno what us students are like!

iv had one LD and flew it was beautiful and so real, unfortunately i was woken by my girlfriend haha, darn, but i was so happy i felt great. lets hope i can get back, so nice to be involved in this community.


:wave: hello Murtaza welcome to LD4all :grin:

There are a lot of UK members here, though I can’t remember the usernames of anyone located in Wales … but I know we have some :content:

I hope you decide to post your previous LD in our sticky “My First LD Collection” which is located near the top of the dream diary forum :happy:

Hello everyone

Im Shamandream and live in Newport (South Wales), Ive been trying to lucid dream for about a year now and have had about three experiences! All were realy vivd and felt completely real, but everytime I tried to do something (like fly) the dream would try and hold me back and my control would disapear!

I have just finished my course in Fine Art where I have been playing with sound frequencies to induce astral projection. Didnt quite get it to work tho, although it did bring on some crazy hallucinations!

Cant wait to meet u guys and get some help in becomming lucid in my dreams

:welcome: hello shamandream :boogie: it seems like we are having a welsh invasion now :smile:

you may like to start a dream journal here to record your LD experiences so far :yay: I would love to read them

A friendly Hello to everybody here!
I just registered and decided to introduce myself in “First Steps to Lucidity” simply because I wasn’t sure where else to do this…
Now I know :shy: :grin:
I live in Northern Germany and apart from learning lucid dreaming some of my other interests include Zen and Yoga (yeah, go figure!)
I would consider myself a beginner - the keyword here is “would” because I already attempted to learn lucid dreaming and succeeded at least three times (dreams where about one or two minutes in lucid mode before I woke up)…but as I’m a human being I got too lazy, too greedy, whatever at times. Before I knew it I didn’t even record my dreams anymore.
At the moment I’ve got lots of spare time on my hands and therefore this could be THE opportunity to really learn LDing - thus I’m going to be looking forward to this community for support (like-minded people etc.) :smile:

Happy Dreaming Everybody!
I’ll see you on the other side…


For most of my life I haven’t known there was such thing as lucid dreaming. 2 years ago I read an article on it and read up more to learn the techniques and now I’ve had LD’s a few times. This was fun and I am motivated to further my skills. This forum looks cool and I hope it will help me.


:welcome: hello SeanSugar and eqspl0rer :grin:

:yes: being a member of LD4all, you have access to lots of information, first hand experiences and advice from other members :boogie:
you also have others who know the excitement of having a LD that you can share your successes with :yay:

I hope you both have fun here :smile:

hello, i’m new here. i’m 21 and from the uk (another one). i’ve never really had lucid dreams much in the past before, but i hope to be able to have some in the future. i used to get sleep paralysis a lot a few years back when i had a bit of a strange sleep pattern, but haven’t really had that (not that i would really want to) for a fair while.

greetings to all. i used to be a painter in my high school and college years. my works weren’t very interesting, but at least i created, and i can call myself an artist. i had many interesting dreams back then, most of them i recorded, and once i even had a wonderfull lucid dream.
then i graduated and went to work, and 12 years later my creativity is at an all-time low and my dreams are few and far between. i couldn’t call myself an artist anymore without feeling sarcastic. i keep thinking of my creativity as a fat, lazy hobbit that sleeps all the time in his burrow. if i ever get to have a lucid dream, i’m going to find that lazy fool, shake him awake and have a nice, long chat with him. anyway, hope i can get some replies and advice because i really need them. again, hello to all!

Welcome Aradesh and falkor :hugs:

A sleep paralysis can also be used to get into a lucid dream. I haven’t done it myself, but there is probably a tread about it somewhere. Just use the search button up there and you can will find it :content:

falkor, I hope that after and/or before you shook yourself awake we will see some art of you in the Garden of Creation. Check around on the forum and ask questions when you have them. I’m sure people will answer them, if they know the answers. It would also be nice if you start a DJ. :content:

:wave: hello Aradesh and falkor :grin:

:smile: the UK invasion

falkor … while you are waiting for your dreams to inspire you, we have a garden of creation forum where you can share any new artistic work you do … just scan it (or do it directly into the computer) then get it hosted at a free hosting site like imageshack :thumbs:
we also have fruits of creation for anything created from dreams

I’m a newbie! My name is Dr. Tobias Funke, and I did my fellowship In psycholinguistics at MIT, and this is ‘I’m a bad, bad man’, from ‘Annie get your Gun’.

Wait a minute…
Seriously though, I’m Caleb! Nice to meet you!

heya!! im luke :happy: my mate stue introduced me to this forum and i really liked the sound of it - i have been having lucid dreams my whole life, or at least had loads of experiences where iv realised iv been dreaming and been able to do whatever i want :smile: oh well, hope 2 write down lots of interesting dreams and read loads too :wink: bai!

Thanks for the welcome, guys! garden of creation, huh? wow, such a beautiful name…yes when i do get my inspiration, i’ll make sure to show you my works! :content:

Hey Brick (although I’ve talked to you already :smile:) and Lucas—welcome to LD4all! :yay:

And also belated welcome Falkor! :woot:

:wave: hello Brick and lucasjoe :grin:

:eh: /me wonders if we know stue … what is his username?
/me starts a group hug :grouphug: so Brick will know the world doesn’t hate him :wink: (you may like to do a link to your dj in your signature :wiske: )