Levels of Lucidity?

So I had my 4th Lucid Dream last night :woo:

But the only problem was I couldn’t seem to reach full lucidity. I was conscious that I was dreaming and the way I achieved lucidity was quite strange. I went to sleep in the dream and then I sort of “woke up” again instantly in the same dream except now I knew I was dreaming … Almost like my SC wanted m to know I was dreaming :content:

At first the quality of the dream was low, but it got better as I walked around. It was alright but it wasn’t that sort of crystal clear like real life, so I tried an RC thinking that this might give me that extra awareness and perhaps more vividness, but when I did this it seemed to almost wake me up? I lost most of my vision and began to think of my RL body and I think this was the main problem. I managed to get back my vision by focusing on what I could see and proceeded to have a very long dream, although not at the vividness and awareness I have experienced before.

I just want to know if there is anything I could have done to increase the vividness and awarness in the dream?

If anyone is interested in the actual specifics of the dream I guess I can post it :smile:

Hey Somnium Viator,

Congrats on your 4th LD! :happy:

One thing that works great(for me) is really interacting with my dreamenviroment. Touch thing, feel them, what do they look like, etc… Try to let your senses pull you into the dream.

For other advice, check out the following links from this site:
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Good luck!

Thanks :smile:

I will have to remember to interact more with the environment in my next LD. This one I was sort of going with flow and seeing where the dream took me. It must have been over half an hour :eek:

I remember reading about a “Lucid Pill” that some people would get out of their pocket by expecting it to be there, apparently it really helped with increasing vividness and overall dream quality, so there’s another thing I have to remember :content: