How can I increase lucidity?

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well… now i had my first 2 lucid dreams. the first one was very short, just some seconds. i tried to built a big building, concentrated on it, but it seems like that was too much for the beginning and i woke up. my second lasted about 1-2 minutes and i could fly, and control how fast i fly

but my problem is that my lucidity is too weak, i want it to become clearer. the lucidity in my dreams is higher than in a normal dream but still not as high as in reality.
how can i increase my lucidity even more?

by the way… both dreams were caused by MILD.

thank you for your responses :grin:

Pull your hair or do something else which stimulates your senses like putting your hand in cold water or rubbing them togther
also i heard shouting "Incriease lucidity " or “increase clarity” or "more real please " could help…
hope i was of some help to you

  • Sakoda :ld4all:

i will try the hair thing, thanks :wink:
and for the others… i’m not asking for methods to stay lucid (i’m a beginner, i want to concentrate on beingt clearly lucid at all), but for methods to increase lucidity, just to stress it and if somebody confounds them :smile:

Actually, staying lucid and increasing lucidity is connected with each other. You’re right the things sakoda mentioned you can use to stay lucid, but also to increase lucidity. Since if you’re trying to stay lucid, you’re in a way also increasing your lucidity.

If you do things like rubbing your hands, you’re trying to increase your touch. And if you feel it better than before, you increased your lucidity. It’s not just to stay lucid, but also to increase it.

And like sakoda said you could also try to scream “increase lucidity!”. Believe your lucidity will increase and it will be better. :content:

wow, i’m honoured that a global mod answered one of my threads xD
thanks for your help sakoda and Sandra i will try these things and sorry for not starting this thread in the adventures section… :sadyes:

:grrr: Why must it be so hard, i not one to get fustrated but i am starting to get mad. :nuu: Do any of you know an easy way to become lucid? What do you think is the best technique? How do you keep your mind long enough to get through SP? Also what do next you do when in SP? :sigh: are any of you fustrated with this? Do you have any tips? Im really eagar to have my next lucid dream so i appreaciate the help. :grin:

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Are you using the WILD technique?
I have found that MILD combined with WBTB (or not) is a lot easier than WILD when you are starting out. It does take some time though, you will get more.

Yeah im using WILD, I have seen all the techniqes and i think this one is the best. I have tried MILD once didnt work for squat, I dont think MILD is a good tech for me. yeah i guess i should be more patient :grin: But still it would be nice to actually have another lucid dream, like NOW. With WILD im doing pretty good with only problems are that i keep falling asleep, and im havnt some trouble wiht the sleep paralysis phaze

Keep at it. If you’re frustrated then it wont work so great. When I started out I thought WILD was the technique for me but it is quite a complicated procedure. And BTW trying to get a WILD when you first go to sleep is damn nigh impossible. Use it in combination with WBTB.

If your tired of doing WILD you can always FILD it’s soooo simple and easy!

check out this thread, maybe this technique fitts perfectly for you :grin:
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for me, the method described in this thread is really easy to perform ^^
even if i’m not very experienced with WILD i think it’s a method for the advanced ones.

I’ve had the same problem too, and things like spinning around or rubbing my hands didn’t really work well because I was worrying too much about waking up.

But lately I decided to change the way I think when it happens. Instead of focussing on NOT waking up, I focus on staying in the dream. Most of the time I try to visualize the last thing I’ve seen in my fading dream (like the green grass or things like that) and visualize I will be there again.
That works alot better and even though my surroundings change instead of staying the same, I’m still in my dream. :cool:

So for me, the method doesn’t really matter that much. It’s the thought I focus on. I figure it’s like the sentence: don’t think of a red elephant :tongue:

i tried the hair- and the hand-rubbing-technique from thursday to friday and at least the hand-rubbing technique worked pretty well, but only as long as i rubbed them :meh:
the hair technique was… well… you know… xD

Its hard because your not SUPPOST to try and realise/try to enter your dreams :razz:

one thing that works for me is intent. This is a key thing with dreaming full stop. For example, if you think to your self “oh crap i hope a zombie doesn’t come out of that bush over there” you’ve just unintentionally put out an intent, and 9 times out of 10, a zombie will jump out of that bush. People often talk about expectations, if you expect a lucid dream to fade it will fade, because you once again, thought about it and that placed out the intention for it to happen even though it was unintended.

So if you want more lucidity, intend it to happen, or rather will it to happen. You don’t necessarily need to use vocal commands or do anything special other than think about the dream becoming more vivid and clearer and projecting that thought into an intention and just using your mind to will it to happen. When i do this, everything instantly becomes sharper, more colourful, more realistic, and i have more conscious awareness.

But this works with everything, afterall, a dream is all inside your own mind, so it makes sense to use your mind to do things instead of your dream body. By thinking about what you want to happen, and trying to project that out from your mind with intent and will, you can do anything from flying, manifesting, teleporting… anything.

Something else that i’ve found is the more powers you try to use, the more conscious awareness you will gain. So don’t just stick to flying, try going through walls (aka. lentation), building forcefields, throwing fireballs, etc. If the power isn’t working the first few times you try it, move onto trying out a different power.

Hope this helps, give it a shot i’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results :wink:

Trying MILD once is like trying calculus once. It takes practice. I’d try MILD for at least a few months before giving up on it. Lucid dreaming is a long learning process that takes patience. Dreams have much to teach us, be patient and do your WILD or MILD or FILD every night with discipline and the lucid dreams will come when they come.

if your trying WILD, do it in the morning, in fact do in in conjunction with the WBTB technique. This way your body is already tired and wanting to continue sleeping, so it will be easier to keep your mind awake.

Perhaps also do a search for lucid dreaming mp3’s, tibetan dream yoga and also lucid living. I’ll just give you a quick run-down on what these all are…the mp3’s are hypnotic/subliminal audio files, tibetan dream yoga is where you pretend your dreaming, lucid living is where you increase your awareness by being more in the moment.

There are many other things you could do, are you performing RC’s? keeping a DJ? eating banana’s? :tongue:

thanks for the acvice everybody! :smile: hopefully things will get easier now. I think im making progress, yesterday i combined WILD with MILD,a bit of visualzation and some serieous determination as well as concentration, and even made a vow to lucid dream from that night on, And i did it! I entered a lucid dream! unfortunatly all my efforts got me was a lucid dream only lasted about 2 minutes. :meh: I woke up straight afterward (just like my first long lucid dream which was 20 minutes) I probably should have done the hand rubbing, or the spinning technique. The only good thing thing is, is that I seem to wake up when my lucid dreams end, so i can try again. (no luck yesterday though)
Do you guys have any advice on pro longing lucidity? You know besides the hand and spin techs, and saying “maximize lucidity”? Cause I seem to loose my grip every time.
And thanks again for the advice everybody!

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almost everytime time i become lucid i immediatly scream “Increase Lucidity!!!” as loud as possible…it’s really amazing, i can feel the earth shaking and rumbling around me as i shout it. one time in particular a small group of people had gathered nearby as bellowed tis line and the begain clapping for me and saying “way to go” (somewhat like the appaulse you would hear on a golf course) as if they were congratulating me on becoming lucid
people are right when they say it works…