So close!

I’ve almost had two Lucid Dreams in my absence!

I totally gave up for a bit, thinking that my first LD would come when I wasn’t set on it. Well, a few nights ago, something happened that made me SO happy that I’m back on track. I was having a dream I was living with my best friend who lives in America. I lived in her basement, except it looked like and old video game store. And her and her dad were showing me old video games. After a while, I realized something. “Wait. I don’t live with her. We’re not even in the same country! Why is there raw meat hanging on the walls! This is a dream!” After that I remember attempting to take a step, but then woke up. It was 4:30 AM ;-;

The second time, it was focused on the same best friend. Her and her brother drove down from America for my birthday. Except it was like winter…in June. And she was different. Darker hair, much taller, and she wouldn’t speak to me. And her brother who was mentioned, well…I didn’t see him at all. My friend went into an bathroom which disappeared right after so I went into Costco looking for her. I remember taking my iPod Nano Chromatic out (Let’s just say I see that thing almost all day since I use it a lot…maybe every time I use it I could do an RC?) and tried to CALL her on my iPod. Then, I said, “Wait, this is a normal iPod. Not an iPhone. Normal iPods aren’t phones…this is a dream!” And I woke up AGAIN.

Is there any way I can try to maintain this? It’s bugging me…when I wake up I curse and I swear. Though maybe I shouldn’t do that.

Oh, another thing, I’ve been trying LD techniques. I go to bed around 9, 10, or 11, and set my alarm for 3 AM. Except, when my alarm wakes me up at 3 AM, I feel like…fully awake. But then I end up falling asleep in 1 minute. Should I go to bed earlier and set my alarm earlier?

(sowwy if this is in the wrong section :sad: )

For now, [How to prolong LD?)
and, or you can look in the “Prolonging dreams” guide by Sandra.

Also, [Gratefulness as a lucid factor) you really should be grateful if you got conscious, so that you will be geared torwards getting more.

And about the alarm clock, that happens to me too; resolve to get up (at least leave the pillow with your head :tongue:), then think about what you want to do. If you fall asleep that fast, moreover, you could get successful in WILD in few tries ^^

haha, Roxas! You DID get lucid, they weren’t almost LD’s :smile:

They ended very quickly though, which is normal for most people in their first LD’s. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of practice. I suggest next time you get lucid to make yourself calm and saying “I am calm” while taking some deep breaths. Since lucidity can really get us excited :tongue:

Congrats on your two LD’s and keep up the good work! :wink:

A reality check you could possibly do with your iPod, is to see if it can call people. :woo:

Also, in a dream when you realize your dreaming, don’t get over-excited. Try and maintain yourself, and hopefully next time you are on the verge of having an LD, you will stay with it! :wink:

Hope this helps! :shy:

Well dang, all weekend I’ve been doing some methods. I didn’t have any Lucid Dreams, but my dreams were EXTREMELY vivid. In fact, they were WAY too long to write, so I just put down a few key words. I remember them perfectly.

I take it this is a good sign?

I’m in sort of the same situation of Roxas. The Lucid Dreaming methods I’ve been trying make me have more vivid dreams, but not lucid ones :ack:
I’l admit due to my lack of experience in this I probably can’t say if its a ‘good’ sign, but it can’t really be a bad one.

Vivid dreams is a terribly good sign, as it means you are taking interest in your dreams. Now try to look for dreamsigns (they can be the smallest things, and having vivid dreams says you get to look to a lot of stuff, thus more chances to find one and find it again to RC), or apply a particular technique, and I’m sure you’ll get results soon ^^

Hey Roxas, I see you like Kingdom Hearts? :tongue:

That’s great! Two lucids and extremely vivid dreams definitely means your getting somewhere. Now, you just have to work at maintaining this progress and getting better. Good luck, and keep up the great work! :partying_face:


Ah, yes. Lately I’ve been doing a combination of looking at my hands before I sleep, telling myself that I will see them in my dream and realize it’s a dream. I did indeed see my hands in my dream, but sadly, I did not realize it was a dream. However, that dream as still EXTREMELY vivid. I was very happy when I woke up.

And yes, I DO like Kingdom Hearts :tongue:

Sadly, due to my immense amount of school work (My first year of High School…), I’ve totally lost track…I don’t remember any of my dreams, and if I do, they’re hardly vivid and short. I have tried to get back on track, and since I have holidays, I really want to give it 101% percent.

But I just can’t get back on track, guys. I’ve tried everything I do. What can I do?..

Hey Roxas :smile: indeed school can really get in the way of LD’ing :sad:

The first thing I’ll say is remember not to try too hard and not to get frustrated.

One thing that comes to mind now that you could try is, as you fall asleep, simply focus on the emotion, the feeling of getting lucid. Try to feel how increadibly fantastic it would be to get lucid and have the most amazing LD ever! :happy: I’ve gotten a few good LD’s this way (although I sometimes have some trouble getting to the right “happy place”)

Good luck

thanks. Getting somewhat closer.

So my friend gave me a few B12 pills. I’ve heard about B12 and B6.

How should I take these pills? And how many?..or should I not even try the B12 and go buy some B6? My mom is a little uncomfortable with this…she doesn’t believe the whole lucid dreaming thing.

Need answers quick before I go to bed tonight, because I need to give the bottle of B12 back to my friend tomorrow. (Its 7 PM here.)

I’m not sure about B12, but I asked my doctor once and he said you shouldn’t take more than 120 mg of B6 per day or you could get long term neurological problems :eh:

I take about 60mg :wink:

60MG…how many pills is that XD;;


EDIT: Never mind, I got it =D

noticed everytime u notice its a dream u wake up
suggestion : dont give it much importance, who cares if its a dream

try doing things to verify ur in a dream, and keep doin them , dont think that ur ld ,
just get involved … by interacting creating new things to do

will prolly extend ur time in ur ld

I think I’m getting there :smile:

I’m doing one of those programs you guys give downloads for. B12 didn’t help, and nor did B6 all that much…but every night before bed, I drink a glass of apple juice, eat some cheese, and eat a banana. Possibly throw one or two pills of B6 in.

My dreams are somewhat more vivid, and every morning when my mom wakes me up for school (I prefer this over my alarm because it scares the cruddddd out of meee), I lay there for a minute, then type my dream up (I write REALLY messy in the morning, so typing is somewhat easier for me)

Looking through the forum I’ve got a good idea of what to do tonight :razz: