The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 41

Thank you, tonight will be my 4th try… maybe I’ll throw in a WBTB attempt =P Lets see how this turns out.

:wave: hello bvbrandon
I hope you regain your old average and even exceed it :ok:
also remember you are more likely to get good results with WILD when using it with WBTB :wink:

/me sends good luck vibes to bvbrandon and FireKirby :thumbs:

'Ello there. I’ve been lurking these boards for a while (read: four days) and decided to sign up since there are some boards guests can’t read. I’ve had 2 LDs, one last night and the other the night before last night…wouldn’t really consider that one a LD since I woke up immediately when I realized it was a dream. T_T

But hello there. Hope to post here a lot more in the future.

Hi everyone, i am from croatia!

i havent had my lucid dream yet but am trying, i know i will do it some day and you are all very helpfull!!!

hope to chat with you all!

Ai, WILD and WBTB failed… but I did get a short LD o_o’ Plus ability at dream recall and dream vividness when way up. Making some progress, thank you LD4all :happy:

Welcome Drudge, :cool:
I know what you mean about raining like a shower. That’s how it been today here too and the wind… pooh. I hope you will get to love this place as much as I do.

Hello brock`,
I hope you’ll stay longer than last time :content:

:welcome: bvbrandon,
Good luck with your Lucid Quest.

Welcome The Lurker,
I hope you will post more, even though your name is The Lurker. Well you can always change your name if you do post more than expected. You could read this topic; it gives tips about how to stay in a dream. For example rubbing your hands, so you won’t wake up like you did the first time.

Welcome to LD4all chip9munk,
LD4all is full of helpfull members and topics that can help you to have your first Lucid Dream. Look around, and ask if you have any questions. :content:

Good to see you had a short LD FireKirby. :boogie: I’m sure you’ll improve more after some more time.

Hey, My names Grant, 16 years old (17 in 3 weeks), after watching waking life several times and discussing it with many friends the subject of Lucid Dreaming came up and I was instantly fascinated. So Ive been doing some research and joined this site in the hopes of having my first initiated LD.
I can remeber having 1 fairly vividly when I was younger where I gained control, and I can rember a few others from when I was younger where I knew I was dreaming but I just let the dream do its own thing. Now I hope to Master the skill.

:wave: hello The Lurker, chip9munk and Wadadli :grouphug: welcome to LD4all forum
The Lurker, I see you have posted your first 2 LDs already :smile: and they were good LDs too :wiske:

good luck chip9munk :thumbs: I know you will get an LD too :yes:

Wadadli, there is a topic all about the Waking Life film in the lucidity centrestage forum :peek:
since you have had LDs when you were younger, you should soon get into it again :smile:

hi… I’m new… :cool_laugh:

:rofl: you weren’t that quiet in chat :smile:
:wave: hello again :hugs:
/me sends some positive thinking aviron’s way :content:
… and don’t forget to post that first LD and your prelucid dreams in a dream diary topic in our dream diary forum :boogie:

Hello. I’m new. I never realized that there was so much to lucid dreams. I hope to start having more lucid dreams. I’ve only had 2.

:wave: hello krispykreme (that sounds like a chocolate :smile: )welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I had read your post in the My First LD Collection topic earlier today :happy:
Funnily enough, I never flew in a dream until I had Lucid dreams :eh:

Hey, my name’s Anna and I’m new here. I’m very interested in the concept of lucid dreams and I hope that being here will help me achieve it!

:wave: hello dolce, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

The more reading about LDing you do, the more knowledge you will discover. :yay: There are lots of informative topics on the forum. If you are wondering what tech you should use … you should read the choosing your techique topic in the quest forum :smile:

Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

BTW how did you come to hear about lucid dreaming?

Hello of course from the title you can tell that I am new to all of this, in a way. I have Lucid Dreamed before, but at the time I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t really think much of it lol. But, I am kinda new at the whole thing and trying to get Lucid Dreaming and relizing it’s a dream and all that good stuff.So if anyone has any suggestions on what I could do to get lucid I would really apperiate it.

Blessed Be,)O(

What on earth makes you think anyone here could have suggestions on what to do to become lucid? What an absurd idea! :eek: :roll:


Just kidding, of course. Welcome! :smile:

Just take a look around, there are topics on nearly everything related to lucid dreaming you can imagine. There is also a guide on the site.

Welcome to LD4ALL avatar.alex!

MILD WBTB and WILD of course! Read around the forum and you will find a lot of useful tips.

Hi! My name is Crow and I’m fairly new to Lucidity. As a kid I had a few (Including a very long one where I wandered the city for a day and had psychokinetic powers.)
The first time I had a ‘Real’ Lucid dream was also the first time I tried the WILD technique.
As you see in my signature: I aim for omnipotency.

That’s kinda vague, but it sounds pretty sweet! I like WILDing too. I’ve had two that way out of… like, four. It’s funny cause they were pretty much accidents. But ya, keep it up.

:wave: hello avatar.alex and Crow :smile:
avatar.alex, as others have mentioned there is lots of advice and information on the forum. The biggest piece of advice is to use WBTB with whatever method you use … experiment with the time spent awake (some get results with even just brief moments awake).
good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

Crow, I think just exploring in LDs is great and you had psychokinetic powers too :eh:
You should post in the “My First LD Collection” sticky topic in the dream diary forum with more details :content: or/and start a dream diary in there if you wish to share your dreams :smile:
Why do you judge the other LDs as not as real? Were they too short in length or very vague and low level?